“I have always harbored an exaggerated view of my self-importance. To put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god.”

– Billionaire Hedge Fund Operator George Soros, from his own book, “The Alchemy of Finance”


The man who broke the Bank of England, Democratic mega-donor George Soros, uses his wealth and influence in United States elections. Now Soros has moved his concentration to District Attorney races across the country.

Backed by millions in funding from billionaire Soros, the American Civil Liberties Union announced in April 2017 a campaign to target, remove, and replace pro-law enforcement, anti-illegal immigration district attorneys around the country. Described by the ACLU as “major drivers of mass incarceration, lacking accountability and transparency, and posing obstacles to criminal justice reform,” the ACLU received a $50 million grant from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations in 2014 to turn DA races, according to McClatchy News Bureau.

The Soros-funded California Justice and Public Safety PAC is invested heavily in the district attorney’s races in Sacramento, Alameda County, and San Diego. Newspapers describe Soros’ campaign funding as “part of a broader effort by the billionaire’s political organization to help progressive candidates running for district attorney across the nation.”

Soros spent $1 million against Bexar County Texas DA Nico LaHood who opposes sanctuary cities, The Daily Caller reported. Soros’ super PAC, Texas Justice & Public Safety, churned out attack ads against LaHood, accusing him of being racist.

“Soros has the routine down,” the Daily Signal reported. “He uses powerhouse Democratic law firm Perkins Coie to set up a super PAC named some variant of ‘Justice & Public Safety.’ The super PAC will surface late in a DA race, using the kind of capital typically reserved for a national political race to fund a series of attack ads benefitting Soros’ preferred candidate, who wins almost every time.” (Perkins Coie is the law firm that compiled the dubious Trump-Russia dossier.)

Philadelphia Justice and Safety, another of Soros’ super PACs, spent $1.6 million in Soros’ money pushing the progressive candidate in 2017.

Pushing “progressive” candidates who won’t seek death sentences, will ignore low-level drug crimes, and won’t imprison people who can’t make bail, is the platform Soros relies on the ACLU to identify. “The hedge-fund tycoon has spent about $10 million since 2015 to back progressive candidates for prosecutor in places as diverse as Chicago, Orlando, Houston, and Shreveport, La., through a network of affiliated super PACs, according to campaign-finance reports,” the Philly Inquirer reported.

Soros’ Florida PAC dropped $1.4 million for television ads in the final weeks of the campaign for progressive candidate Aramis Ayala, ensuring the ouster of the incumbent state attorney for Orange and Osceola Counties. When she took office Ayala immediately announced a moratorium on seeking the death penalty.

Soros was responsible for the defeat of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, spending a cool $2 million to oust the hard-nosed lawman, who fought illegal immigration.

Incumbents report that Soros’ massive infusion of campaign funds is smothering, and allows the progressive challengers to exponentially out-purchase radio and television advertisements, and flood the airwaves with last minute campaign messaging.

“Billionaire Social Activist George Soros has brought his war against law enforcement to San Diego and he’s spending more than $1 million to support anti-law enforcement candidate Genevieve Jones-Wright for District Attorney,” the threattosandiego.com website states, created by incumbent DA Summer Stephan. The website associates Soros with Antifa groups and anti-law enforcement groups – and is not a stretch in California.

At a recent news conference, “D.A. Stephan and supporters stood with community members and crime victims as they talked about the incumbent district attorney’s track record as victim’s advocate,” the San Diego UT reported. “Some held signs expressing opposition to Soros. One such sign said ‘Outside money doesn’t buy justice.’ Another said, ‘$oro$.’”

In my home town, a PAC controlled by Soros is funding the campaign of a leftist, anti-law enforcement deputy district attorney running to unseat Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. Schubert’s challenger, Noah Phillips blames the fatal police shooting of career criminal Stephon Clark last March as evidence that Schubert, along with the rest of Sacramento County law enforcement, is racially biased.  Phillips has raised $750,000, thanks in large part to Soros, who paid for the political ads now running on TV.

One such commercial says, “We need to end racial profiling and police misconduct. And right now the system is broken.”

D.A. Anne Marie Schubert created a statewide law enforcement task force in 2016, which recently arrested the notorious “Golden State Killer,” also known in Sacramento as the “East Area Rapist.” And Schubert has a lengthy history of being tough on crime, wherever it takes her, which in Sacramento, CA, makes her a racist according to the Soros-funded left.

Why is George Soros Buying Democrat Politicians and DAs?

Soros has made personal campaign contributions to numerous Democrat politicians including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Charlie Rangel, Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore and many more. Additionally, in 2007 and 2008 Soros funded Green For All and the Ella Baker Center, from Soros’ main organization, the Open Society Institute. Van Jones who describes himself as a Communist, led  the leader these groups at that time.

According to a recent Association of Mature American Citizens articleWhy is George Soros Buying District Attorneys?, “Over the last few years, progressive billionaire George Soros has dumped millions of dollars into district attorney races around the country. Soros has used his considerable finances and political clout to challenge district attorneys that do not fit into his progressive ideological agenda including:”

2015, Scott Colom and Robert Shuler Smith, $400,000

2016, Andrew Warren, Hillsborough County, Fla.

2016, Kim Foxx, Cook County, Ill.

2016, Kim Ogg, Harris County, Texas $600,000

2016, Aramis Ayala, Orlando, Fla., $1.4 million

2017, Larry Krasner Philadelphia, Pa., $1.45 million

2018, Joe Gonzales Bexar County, Texas, $958,000

Should George Soros be determining the outcomes of District Attorneys races around the country? Why is George Soros Buying District Attorneys? And before we vote, we must ask ourselves why the American Civil Liberties Union is investing large resources and utilizing its organizational skills in local district attorney races this year.



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