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#NY22: Delayed Time Stamps on Ballots Stored In Jail Cell May Impact Election Outcome

#NY22: Delayed Time Stamps on Ballots Stored In Jail Cell May Impact Election Outcome

Sticky notes make a return!

New York’s 22nd Congressional District will begin the next session without a representative because the election is still a mess.

First, it was sticky notes. Now, it’s about time stamps on ballots stored in a jail cell.

You cannot make up this stuff!


Here’s some catch-up information before I get to the juicy part.

WBNG12 News reporter Ricky Sayer tweeted on Monday night:

Also on Monday, Republican challenger Claudia Tenney expanded her lead from 12 to 19 votes “after three counties reported corrected vote totals.”

Time Stamps on Ballots in Jail Cells

Guys. This is insane. It took a month, yes a month, for one ballot to make it to Chenango County from the Bronx Board of Elections. One. Month.

Justice DelConte found affidavit ballots from Madison County timestamped November 4th.

The election took place on November 3rd.

(All the quotes are in tweets I embedded below the text)

Madison County Board of Election Commissioner Mary Egger told the justice that “they hold the ballots overnight in a prison cell.” They then timestamp the ballots the next day.

Egger swore to Justice DelConte that they received the ballots on time.

But Justice DelConte told Egger “there are votes where a voter says a vote was timestamped the day before they turned it in.”

Justice DelConte asked Egger, “Are you telling me your timestamps don’t mean what they say?”

Egger admitted, “For the most part yes.”

Then Egger said “for the most part affidavit ballots are stamped on the day they come in.”

So they got them on November 4? What is going on?!?!?!

Sticky notes make a return, too!



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The way they’re going, this seat will still be vacant for the 2022 election.

    As well it should. The citizens of that district relied on unreliable personnel and systems. Those who were supposed to be reliable have admitted to serial misrepresentations and lack or reliability for willful failure to even observe state law in respect of ballots.

    Sticky notes are stupid notes. May those who have caused compliance failure bear the cost and burden of their dereliction.

    And the judge? Take a lesson from Roy Bean!

    zennyfan in reply to txvet2. | December 22, 2020 at 8:35 pm

    It won’t be vacant — the House will seat the Democrat.

      Edward in reply to zennyfan. | December 23, 2020 at 9:26 am

      Sad, but more likely true than not. Pelousy needs all the Socialist/Communist Party members she can lie, cheat and steal into a seat in the House.

    artichoke in reply to txvet2. | December 23, 2020 at 8:59 pm

    It would have taken less time to overcome the Republican’s 12 vote lead. Now with 19 votes it could take a long time. They’ll have to get Egger to go back to the first version of her testimony that they were all received on Nov. 3 and not the second version, that they weren’t all received on Nov. 3.

It’s been 7 weeks since the election – and this is just now coming to light? I think Webster’s Dictionary has a new illustration for inept.

Once again government proves that elections need to be removed from their purview.

    caseoftheblues in reply to stablesort. | December 23, 2020 at 12:19 am

    The most recent presidential election was funded and run by Zuckerberg and resulted in the worst cheating and fraud ever perpetrated on the US so I’m going to have to disagree with you there

This debacle of an election ON ALL LEVELS (federal, state, local, ballot initiatives), has enough flaws in it to immediately invalidate the entire election, schedule a redo with new rules–voter ID required, proof of residency, proof of citizenship, paper ballots, reasons given for REQUESTING an absentee ballot (complete with proof of identity and witness signatures on the ballot itself), the establishment of drive up ballot return (to check picture ID and verify signature of those who don’t want to go inside to vote) complete with a signed receipt for the ballot (those who vote in person have to sign a form)==all designed to eliminate or curtail voting by those who are ineligible (the dead, illegals, multiple voters).
This election has made us the butt of the world’s jokes. How many times have we gone to the UN (another joke but for another day) and demanded observers in order to have free and fair elections in other countries only to deliver this sham in the USA? Enough already.
Also, why wasn’t Section 230 included in any of the massive spending bill? Same for the MSM. Why don’t they have to follow Federal Election laws? They are just arms of the parties so they should have to abide by federal laws too. There used to be an equal time expectation for media. If they gave 10 minutes to Candidate A then Candidate B was to also get 10 minutes. Now it is all praise to Candidate A for 10 minutes and all condemnation to Candidate B for the remainder of the news program and that is equity? Morons!!

I’m curious what they think the purpose of a time stamp is. If it’s stamped the day after its received, or sometimes stamped when its received, or maybe stamped a month after its received, what’s the point? It’s meaningless.

I guarantee you, if it was some hoop that a normal citizen had to jump through…say to get a building permit or a variance or something like that…that timestamp would be taken seriously:

“sorry, your permit application was timestamped 18 seconds after the expiration of the application period, you’re going to have to start the entire year long process over again”.

    94Corvette in reply to Sailorcurt. | December 23, 2020 at 9:28 am

    Very true, especially in legal matters. If you don’t file a suit or response in the allotted time, you forfeit your case.

    artichoke in reply to Sailorcurt. | December 23, 2020 at 9:02 pm

    We can’t hold prisoners responsible for having proper timestamps on their ballots because in prison they can’t demand to see stuff. Probably so.

    But this is just more chaos caused by having prisoners vote. One of the reasons they couldn’t vote before. Like the chaos of mail-in voting. Cause enough chaos, call all the ambiguous cases for the Dems, and if you still don’t win, cause more chaos in the counting, rinse and repeat.

There are two glaring problems being highlighted here. Both illustrate glaring misfeasance.

The first is that the officials do not understand the timestamp requirement. They view it as a technical issue, rather than a substantive one. They read the law ass requiring a timestamp so one is applied. In their minds this constitutes adherence to the law. In fact, the requirement for affixing a timestamp is to document when the ballot was received. But, this is lost on these people.

The second thing is, there is literally NO oversight on the activities of these officials. They do whatever strikes their fancy and for 99% of the time, no one bothers to take a look at what they are doing. Then, when a controversy crops up, we have a situation such as this.

In comparison, let’s take a look at another government function, arrest and prosecution for a crime. A LEO makes an arrest for shoplifting. He presents a charging document along with a written report, witness affidavits and property receipts along with any other evidence of the criminal act. This is all reviewed by his supervisor. It is likely reviewed by a member of the detective or investigations bureau. It is reviewed by the prosecutor’s office. This is all before it ever gets presented to a court of law. If the arresting officer has made a mistake or left something out, he is usually disciplined in some manner. If the technical composition of the case does not meet requirements for prosecution, the charges are generally dismissed. So, that rookie LEO, making $25,000-$30,000 a year, understands why these requirements are necessary and makes every effort to meet them. And, it is all due to oversight.

    artichoke in reply to Mac45. | December 23, 2020 at 9:04 pm

    They probably understand the function of timestamps just fine and wouldn’t be caught dead applying a stamp for the wrong date. But if we believe the timestamps, the Dem loses!! So we find yet another scapegoat, someone to throw under the bus, in this case we say that those silly workers in the prison didn’t know about how to do timestamps.

When you rely upon “public servants” to count votes, you get what the union wants.

Pennsylvania’s Own Election Data Ported Straight From The Government Site Allegedly Found 191,725 Ballot Records Were Edited Or Fixed AFTER Election Day

As laid out in the Texas lawsuit, Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballot anomalies at 118,426 affected ballots. The anomalies from this December 16th data shows include:

161,774 records have alterations
128,969 were Returned Dates changes.
13,450 ballots have been deleted since Nov 3rd.
10,415 Return Date with no Mail Date
5,052 Applications Returned after Ballot Mailed
1,034 Applications Approved after Application Returned
Totaling: 191,725 mail-in ballots affected by alterations, illegality, or anomalies.

In Pennsylvania’s response to the Texas lawsuit, they did not address the mail-in ballot anomalies.

Think of what it means for Trump’s coattails that in a county where a major percentage of the voters are prisoners, the Republican even came close to winning and appears to have won.

Here’s a theory: they saw the Dem was losing big on Nov. 3. So that night they went to the prison and “persuaded” some convicts to vote and vote the right way. But they forgot to backdate the timestamp.

Backdating ballots by affidavit? Ballots held outside of official election offices?There’s no vector of fraud to see here.

vbmoneyspender | December 24, 2020 at 1:13 pm

The judge or counsel for the Republican candidate needs to ask Ms. Egger how she distinguishes between ballots that were received on November 3rd but incorrectly timestamped for the November 4th and ballots that were received late on November 4th or even later? Do late ballots in any way get marked as late ballots? And does Ms. Egger have any examples of ballots that were received late and marked as such? I’m betting if Ms. Egger is asked these questions she’ll testify that her county has never received a late ballot in any election she’s been involved in so there’s no need to make any special provisions for them.