The Democrat/Media/Big Tech axis has decided that it is safe—now that the election is over—to inform the American people about the shady Ukrainian and ChiCom connections and influence-peddling scandal surrounding Hunter Biden and implicating ‘the big guy,’ then Vice President and now Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The current rollout of the months-old story, first broken by the New York Post, is a study in gaslighting.  Just look at this story. They gasp. It’s huge. Why oh why, they seemingly gloat, did it go “largely unnoticed“?

The answer, of course, is that a coordinated effort was instantly launched to discredit, distract from, and suppress the Post scoop and to demonize, belittle, ridicule, ban, bully, and silence anyone who wrote about it, up to and including the Post itself whose Twitter account was locked in retaliation for their breaking a story that didn’t favor the Democrat candidate for president.

The New York Post is vindicated, as are all among the right, center-right, and conservatives who valiantly attempted to inform American voters of the unethical dealings—linked to Hunter Biden—between prominent Democrats, including Kamala Harris, and the Chinese, among other unsavory foreign ‘partnerships.’

The reason for the bombshell’s suppression is crystal clear, as Professor Jacobson notes, “It would have seriously hurt Joe Biden’s campaign enough to make a difference in key swing states.”

Fox News reports:

Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson told Fox News that mainstream media appears to have “snuffed out the Hunter Biden scandal” in order to help the former vice president’s election chances.

”It would have seriously hurt Joe Biden’s campaign enough to make a difference in key swing states,” Jacobson said. “Now that the election is over, and the media mission appears to be accomplished, there are no such constraints. Rather than regretting this journalistic malfeasance, the perpetrators likely are quite proud of themselves.”

Conservative strategist Chris Barron agrees that CNN and MSNBC essentially helped Biden win the election.

“Hunter Biden’s business dealings would have cost Joe Biden any shot at the White House, which is exactly why outlets like CNN and MSNBC refused to cover the issue before the election,” Barron told Fox News.

The Democrat/Media/Big Tech suppression collusion was reportedly effective in that Biden would not have won (legitimately or otherwise) swing states still embroiled in election-related legal challenges.

“We took a survey after the elections, on the night of the elections, and asked Democrats if they knew about the Hunter Biden story. A full 36% of Democrats knew nothing about the Hunter Biden story,” [Media Research Center Founder and President Brent] Bozell said. “Further, 4.6% of Democrats said they would not have voted for Joe Biden had they known this story. We then took that 4.6% and we spread it across the electoral landscape.”

“Guess what? Had they known this story, Joe Biden would not have carried Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and the Trump lead would have been definitive in North Carolina. Meaning what? Meaning that Donald Trump would have won 289 electoral votes and would be the re-elect president of the United States. “

A large swath of American voters, those who still rely on major news outlets and social media for information, are the losers here.  Too many of them will be surprised to hear belatedly about this story because they still think that the legacy media is unbiased, that it actually reports important election-related news as it breaks regardless of partisan considerations.

Perhaps this example of journalistic and Big Tech malfeasance in purposefully suppressing Biden family influence-peddling prior to a presidential election will open a few more eyes and minds to the role these activist industries play in propping up, covering for, and advocating for the Democratic Party.

It’s probably too much to hope that they will also wonder if they’ve been told the truth about the 2020 Presidential Election irregularities.


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