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Calls Begin for Kamala Harris to Have a ‘More Important Job’ Than ‘Just the Vice President’

Calls Begin for Kamala Harris to Have a ‘More Important Job’ Than ‘Just the Vice President’

“Harris is too smart and energetic to be just the vice president, a position with few official responsibilities. I’d love to see President-elect Joe Biden give her a more important job,” wrote NYT columnist Thomas Friedman.

Long before Joe Biden became the Democratic presidential nominee, reports circulated that the then-77-year-old former VP signaled he’d only commit to serving one term if elected. This came after months of Democrats and media figures raised the issue of his age and cognitive health after a series of gaffes and flubs made during the primaries.

Even after he officially secured the nomination, the questions about Biden’s mental fitness to lead persisted. At one point when he was point-blank asked about it by a reporter in early August 2020. Days later, he announced Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate.

Along with his choice of Harris came the inevitable speculation from Republicans that Biden, who was still made several incoherent statements from the comfort of his basement, would be a mere figurehead if elected. At the same time, Harris would effectively take the reins and officially take them in the event Biden was already making plans to step down after the election.

Such speculation was further fueled by reports from pro-Biden news outlets like CNN, who suggested the reason Biden chose Harris was to have someone ready to step up “if and when” he “decides to step aside.”

A month later, both Harris and Biden each talked within a day of each other about a “Harris administration.” Harris corrected herself, but Biden did not. Some suggested they’d been caught accidentally saying the quiet part out loud.

Now here we are, a month and a half after Election Day. Literally, just one day after the Electoral College voted to make the victory “official” for Biden and Harris, there are already calls from liberal circles to give Harris a “more important” job than “just the vice president.”

New York Times left-wing columnist Thomas Friedman suggested this in his Tuesday column titled  “Kamala Harris Deserves a More Important Job”:

Harris is too smart and energetic to be just the vice president, a position with few official responsibilities. I’d love to see President-elect Joe Biden give her a more important job: his de facto secretary of rural development, in charge of closing the opportunity gap, the connectivity gap, the learning gap, the start-up gap — and the anger and alienation gap — between rural America and the rest of the country.

Friedman went on to argue that Harris was the answer to helping the Democratic party “bridge Silicon Valley and the rural valleys of America”:

Kamala Harris is a natural for that task. Who better to bridge Silicon Valley and the rural valleys of America?


Harris will soon be the first woman, the first Black and the first Indian-American vice president, which certainly resonates with a lot of urban voters. However, if she could make herself the person in the Biden cabinet who always shows up FIRST to listen in rural America and the FIRST to appreciate its concerns and the FIRST to make sure its concerns are addressed, she and the Democrats could make themselves competitive in a lot more rural counties.

In addition to Friedman’s column, there has been a month’s worth of fawning “news” reports about Harris. One of the more notable examples being a segment where anchor Jake Tapper and his colleagues Dana Bash and Abby Phillip gushed over the thought of Harris becoming the first woman of color VP. They were so giddy over the prospect that they all but kicked Biden out of the Oval Office before he even got a chance to get started:

Most recently, there was the state-run TV-like “interview” of Harris done by Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts. She fangirled over Harris so much that she neglected to press her on her pre-election campaign to undermine the public’s confidence in the coronavirus vaccine after she told her it was important to make sure Americans knew the vaccine was safe.

Watch, via MRC-TV:

Assuming the rumored challenges to Congress’ official certification of the Electoral College vote go nowhere on Jan. 6th, the American people can look forward to ongoing media-driven campaigns to promote Harris as the most amazingly effective vice president in American history, all to help pave the path to her eventual run for president, assuming Biden stays in office for the next four years.

To be fair, they’d do this for any Democratic vice president. But Harris being a woman of color, presents them with the unique opportunity to push her supposed bonafides while at the same time attempting to nuke all Republican criticisms of her because it’s “racist.”

But after eight years of “racism” accusations being leveled at them during the Obama administration and then four more under President Trump, Republicans are very familiar with such shutuppery tactics and are likely to be well-prepared to respond accordingly under a Biden-Harris administration.

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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The election was stolen we need to take our country back or lose it.

    This. Of course leftists are corrupt hypocrites. Always have been – always will be. The question now is what can be done? How many people are willing to do it? How many people will shriek from the sidelines?

    We can walk and chew gum at the same time. Have you written your Congresscritters, both State and Federal? We get no remedy for fraud — ever — unless a whole, big bunch of us make our wishes known, mostly politely.

      Brave Sir Robbin in reply to Valerie. | December 17, 2020 at 6:24 pm

      I’ve been told Kamal has a lot going for her. For instance, it has been said she performs well in all positions, and encounters with her supervisors normally conclude with a happy ending. And when called to the carpet, she always pleases. She also likes it when her bosses go hard on her, and drive her from behind to reach ever greater climaxes of personal achievement to the mutual satisfaction of bother herself and her mentors.

    We lost our country. We can’t take it back – it’s ungovernable as it is.

    Our only way out is a separate way.

    radtraveller in reply to 2smartforlibs. | December 17, 2020 at 11:23 pm

    The 14th Amendment, arguably granting citizenship to anyone but freed slaves, does not grant status as “natural born Citizen” as required under the Constitution to become President, in fact, the 14th Amendment is silent on the subject.
    Harris’s parents were not immigrants at the time of her birth. The parent’s status at the time of her birth is controlling.
    Neither was a US Citizen when Harris was born.
    If you want to posit that Harris’s citizenship obtains from her parents subsequent, later, immigration, then Harris would be a naturalized citizen, thus still not a natural born citizen.
    Both of her parents were foreign nationals resident in the US on administrative student visas when she was born.

    “Natural born Citizen” is defined only in the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1790 by the First Congress of the US.

    “Children of Citizens” is the standard for “natural born” under this act passed by the First Congress to ever sit and has never been changed.

    No one is saying Harris is not a citizen.
    Harris is not, however, eligible to be President and thus fails eligibility as Vice President also.

    It is up to the Congress to object to a person not meeting the eligibility requirements of the US Constitution for President and Vice President.
    To change the requirements of Presidential eligibility requires a Constitutional Amendment.
    To change the way in which persons born to non-US citizens are deemed “natural born” requires an act of Congress to do so, which also must be done prior to a person not eligible being elevated to the office.

    Protect and defend the Constitution.

    rickmcinnis in reply to 2smartforlibs. | December 18, 2020 at 11:16 am

    Maybe Tommy is thinking Joe could ask Kommie to help Pete and Kristen find girlfriends?

    My brother speculated that Pete met Kristen in the airport restroom.

    Smart has never been something that came to mind when listening to either Kommie or Tommy.

    I bet China is taking good care of the both of them.

Didn’t they say something similar about Hilary, that being VP wasn’t big enough role for her, that she should hold out for a bigger role, like president of the senate (sic)?

Horizontal Harris couldn’t get anywhere near the Presidential nomination, yet is so gifted and smart that she should be MORE than veep?
These people are nuts!

Sleepy Joe was only ever supposed to be a figurehead for the election. Harris is the new heir apparent to the Democrat Presidency. Once he is inaugurated, his days are numbered, in the office.

While the original plan may have been to have him step down for health reasons, and it still may well be, it is equally likely that the Hunter Biden scandal, studiously hidden from the public during the election, may provide the necessary cover for Joe to step down to save the country from the distraction of the scandal.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Mac45. | December 17, 2020 at 5:27 pm

    That is why the Democrat Party’s Media Industrial Complex is now confronting Joe about that and reporting on that.

    But Kamala is neck deep in that same scandal too – just wait and see.

    Rick the Curmudgeon in reply to Mac45. | December 18, 2020 at 11:01 am

    “…to save the country from the distraction of the scandal.”

    More likely, “go away quietly before all the really rank stuff is exposed.”

Experienced, needing no OTBJ training, she could be awarded the job & title of Servicer-in-Chief.

The danger democrats face with Harris is she may go hog wild once she gets in power and and blow off her handlers. She’s good at blowing.

Giving the vice president a job to do is a reasonable idea. It’s recently become the custom. Algore was the first modern VP, then Cheney, and Pence. Biden either didn’t want a real job or wasn’t capable of doing one, but he got little jobs. So it’s not unreasonable of Friedman to propose that Harris get a real job too.

Nor is it unreasonable for him to propose someone to be the “ambassador” to rural America. After all, it’s pretty much a foreign country to the incoming administration.

But what on earth makes him suppose Harris is capable of doing it? “Kamala Harris is a natural for that task. Who better to bridge Silicon Valley and the rural valleys of America?” Huh? How is she even slightly a “natural” for this job? Who would be better? Almost anyone! Sure, if she took on this job and did it well it would do wonders for her reputation; but she’d be very unlikely to do it well. Friedman might as well propose that she be an astronaut, on the grounds that if she did it well she’d look good. Yes, she would, but it’s far more likely that she’d fall flat on her face — at least metaphorically, though the microgravity would prevent her from doing so physically as well.

    You’re missing the point. Cheney did the job of Executive Vice President because he was competent and worked well with W. Dan Quayle didn’t, because he really wasn’t. Kamala makes Dan Quayle look good in the job.

    So they’re going to take Kamala and put her in ‘charge’ of several high-profile things, and by that I mean they’ll take people who really know what they are doing and put them in charge with strict orders to stay shut up. Kamala will be brought out to make speeches, and will attend only press briefings with more plants than a greenhouse. The press won’t mind a bit, and will write glowing praise-filled hymns to her brilliance, and if they can’t think of anything to say, the DNC will write them for the press.

    The country will be governed for the next four years by the most venal gang of weasels that can fit into the cabinet. Watch the appointments.

      Milhouse in reply to georgfelis. | December 17, 2020 at 4:13 pm

      No, I’m not missing anything. You seem incapable of reading.

      And Quayle didn’t fail at anything, he was never given a job to do. It never occurred to Bush to give him one. The modern custom of giving the VP a job started with Algore.

      One problem with the whole “give the VP a job” thing is that while it keeps the VP happy and productive, it blurs the idea that he is not a member of the executive branch and doesn’t work for the president. If you remember the Biden/Palin debate, Biden, who clearly had never read the constitution, had no idea that the VP is an Article 1 position, not Article 2.

        True, I’m horrible with reading comprehension. Backtracking a little here. Quayle *did* have a job chairing the National Space Council, which was not a line-of-command executive office position (I’m not a gov-geek enough to recognize Article 1 and 2 right offhand) I know they’re not proposing making her head of an agency, but more like Chair of the Meaningless Inner City Poverty Task Force Working Group (which will be so much fun when the minutes of their meetings are subpoenaed, or the papers.)

        Far as I remember from grade school, the only real job of the VP is to chair the Senate in case of ties and wait for the President to keel over. Everything else is glitter. And the Dems will waste no time getting as much glitter on their upcoming glitter-less VP as soon as possible.

          Milhouse in reply to georgfelis. | December 18, 2020 at 1:33 am

          National Space Council is a nothing job, a busy-work position. Algore and Cheney had real, serious policy-making jobs. So does Pence.

          And yes, the only job that comes with the position of VP is to be president of the senate. That’s why until about the mid-20th century the VP’s salary was paid out of Congress’s budget. And why Palin, whose picture of what being VP would be like was based on reading the constitution, said she planned to concentrate on that. Biden, who’s probably never read the thing, and whose picture of what the job entailed was based on actually knowing and observing a bunch of VPs and seeing what they did with their time, had no idea what she was talking about. Because in practice VPs rarely attend the senate unless their casting vote is needed.

          The point here, though, is that VPs for well over a century have chafed at not having a real job to do, so very recently it became customary for the president to give them one. So Friedman is not being unreasonable in suggesting that Biden follow that new custom and give Harris a real, significant job. But the job he proposes, while it would be very useful to a Biden administration, is one for which Harris would be just about the least qualified person available. I’m not sure what real job she could do, but this is definitely not it.

        txvet2 in reply to Milhouse. | December 17, 2020 at 4:58 pm

        That line was blurred long before Biden when they started running as a partisan team. There are likely not more than a relative handful of people in the country who don’t look at the VP as a member of the administration.

    stevewhitemd in reply to Milhouse. | December 17, 2020 at 6:54 pm

    You and I have many disagreements Milhouse, but when you get it right you nail it.

    Who on earth thinks that a VP Harris will accomplish anything? She was a lousy California AG, an indifferent US Senator, and a terrible presidential candidate. She didn’t make it to the New Hampshire primary. Her own party recognized that she couldn’t do the job of president. So why would anyone think that she can manage some important responsibility?

    The are plenty of Democrats hoping to push Mr. Biden out of the way at the first opportunity so as to have a ‘President Harris’. As best as I can tell, the only reason to do that would be so that the people behind the throne would manipulate a stooge for a queen.

Oh, please, give her something to do! Put her out front and center, so Americans can get a good, long look.

Saw a help wanted sign at Wendys. That would be something honest for her to do for a change.

They’re going to string Biden along for 2 years so they can fraud her to victory for 2 terms AFTER this one.

Meanwhile King RINO Mitch von Papen just gave his acceptance speech for Senate Minority Leader threatening the Republicans that they better not DARE question the election.

July 1 is my pool pick so get your own.
By then Sundowner’s scrambled eggs answers will be his end.
Imagine those conversations between national leaders. He will be a walk over

    WestRock in reply to Skip. | December 18, 2020 at 8:00 am

    I will see your July 1 and raise you … April 1st. April Fools Day. A fitting transition point for President Dumb => President Dumber. And it comes on a Friday, news dump day.

Isn’t there an airbase in Thule that desperately needs good women?

Prosecutor in Chief.

Boy, she and her worshippers sure are impatient! Just leave ole’ Joe alone for a few weeks. By Easter she will surely have ascended to the Big Desk. Isn’t that fast enough?

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to GL. | December 17, 2020 at 5:21 pm

    Of course that is why ALL the MSM-Democrat Party Complex is now reporting months late on Pedo Hunter Biden and his corrupt Millions in Bribe money.

    How much of a cut of that did Kamala take?

    She surely did don’t you think?

    Or Jill Biden isn’t a failed English major*.

    *Mrs. Biden until recently taught English composition at NoVa, a small community college in Northern Virginia.

    To justify addressing her as “Dr.” would require a generous view of what constitutes an “academic,” and judging by the writing skills evinced by her students

    (“She very bad teacher and it is hard to pass class. I RECOMMEND NOT TAKE THIS PROFESSOR”), they emerged from her tutelage lacking mastery of even very basic grammar.

    As for the contents of the dissertation, which she cobbled together from a few secondary sources and some vapid interviews and questionnaires she sent around at the campus where she worked before her husband became vice president, Delaware Technical Community College, I’ll go over them in detail in my next column….

The VP has always been “a heartbeat away from the presidency”, Now it’s “one neuron away from the presidency”.

Harris is Joan d’Arc… Marie Curie.. Florance Nightengale… Betsy.. oh I forgot that one…. Molly Pitcher… Hillary …oops ..missed that one also.

If it wasn’t the murder of the Republic, this is the stuff of Mel Brooks.

Harris was kept under wraps during the runup to the election for the most part. As much as anything I think it was because she wasn’t ready for prime time on the big stage and she can easily upstage a doddering Biden.

Pence balances Trump without upstaging him (ok, nobody can ever upstage Trump), Gore never upstaged Clinton, and Biden was handpicked because he could be a bridge between the White House and Congress while at the same time always making Obama look like a super hero compared to the goofy Biden.

The Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld trio were different, but the 9/11 era was a different time too. Nobody ever thought that Chaney was presidential, so he was never a threat to W.

Well, with the strip clubs in San Diego open, there’s something Willie’s blow-up doll is qualified for.

Oversoul Of Dusk | December 17, 2020 at 5:48 pm

The title she wants is “Der Führer”, but she’ll settle for “Die Führerin”.

The same players in MSM who have supported the Dem.’s getting Joe Biden over the finish line now have their walking orders to start laying down the ground work to do P.R. to upgrade the incompetent V.P. Harris which would enable the party to promote her transition to Biden’s office by starting her “grooming” in the face of the public for, not if, but when it comes to past.

How about Senator? Trump can handle the Presidency for another 4 years.

And Joe can keep the office of president elect.

I have no doubt she plans Jan 21 2023 to be her inauguration day as President.

Hmmm…how about US Senator from California

If I rolled my eyes any harder, they’d go all the way around.

Put her back in her old job, screwing Willie Brown. At least it’s something she’s qualified to do.

Willie Brown admits it: Kamala Harris slept her way to the top:

Lol – has Camel Toe even resigned her Senate seat yet?

    Technically she doesn’t have to. She could stay in the senate while also being vice president, because the vice presidency is not an “office under the united states”. But that would just be stupid, so of course she will resign some time before Jan 20, thus allowing Newsom to appoint someone to replace her.

      Rick the Curmudgeon in reply to Milhouse. | December 18, 2020 at 11:08 am

      So she would get two votes then; one as Senator from California, and in case of a tie, one as Vice-President?

        I don’t know, but I imagine she could only have one vote; that alone is a reason why it would be stupid of her to keep her seat, and why no senator becoming vice president has ever done so. Especially with the senate so close.

    It would be interesting if she did — and then the election contests do force it into the House and Trump wins it. I wonder if Newsom would nominate her to fill the position she’d just vacated?

What can be more important/appropriate than Bimbo in waiting? Clearly, a position she was destined to fill.

The only gap Kamalatoe ever closed successfully was between her thighs.

On full display is the contempt liberals have for rural Americans, considering rural America the “sick man” of the United States requiring education and culture that can only be provided to them by the metropolitan elite. The elite is as likely to build re-education camps for them as they are to do anything that’s actually beneficial.

Serious question: does Home Depot now carry a line of kamals harris kneepads? It’ll sell as well as obama toilet paper

Stage prompter — it’s very important, and it’s exactly what Joe Biden needs!

Another of her firsts was “first to drop out of the Democratic primary” because even the Democrats didn’t like her,

A first we’re still waiting for is Thomas Friedman being right about something.

I’llwager that within six months she will have a more important job…President.

She’s already busy planning to oust Joe Biden and rule the US on behalf of her owners.

I believe in merit: she should do what she is best at, i.e. what brought her to the top in politics. The remaining question is then: who should she sleep with?

From what I hear, all those important “jobs” got her where she is today.

“Harris is too smart and energetic…”

Harris’ being “smart” is debatable, at best, but I’m sure Willie Brown will swear on a stack of bibles that she’s “energetic.”

Kamala Harris is not leadership material. Neither is she an ideologue. She is whatever her political masters want her to be, the same as Joe Biden. Obama, while not a leader, was an ideologue who gleefully went along with what the Establishment wanted. Donald Trump is a leader and seemingly has no masters. And, as Biden is failing, mentally, Harris can be plugged into his Presidency and no one will even notice the difference, as the leadership will not have changed in the least.

Too smart and too energetic? She went to a second rate university–not that there is anything wrong with that–Howard University is at least as good as the University of Delaware–then on to a somewhat second rate law school–Hastings–Slow Joe went to a third rate law school. And, like Hillary Clinton, she flunked the bar exam the first time she took it. And then she was so smart that she couldn’t get traction in the primaries and dropped out before the first primary vote. In that regard–not getting traction in the primaries she’s a lot like Biden–who tried and failed many times to get elected. Now that Biden has been selected, she may actually be smarter than Biden. But what the heck, that’s a low bar.

And once again Thomas Friedman reminds us that he’s a vapid, intellectually challenged, out of touch leftist lunatic. This woman could not even garner a single delegate and dropped out of the race before Iowa even took place. But sure she’s super popular and really smart…in the mind of Thomas Friedman. One wonders with all her (faux) popularity how come none of these leftists openly supported her in the primaries.

First Ho?

If she wants more excitement than VP, why did she accept the nomination?

She might be useful as a concubine for liaison purposes.

“That little girl” was chosen by Obama to be the selected President of the United States. She drew less than 5% support among Democrats during the primaries, which tells you everything you need to know! Obama got his ally Clyburn to “charge up” the Biden vote in the SC primary to push Beijing Biden into a lead going into Super Tuesday. The Obama ground forces took that “win” as a mandate to his organizers on the ground and sold it not as a Biden presidency but as a Harris presidency. He knew the stress of the election would likely be enough to send old BB back to his basement to blather away at the four walls, secure in the fact that he had been “elected” president.
I understand the love of a father for a son. That love absolutely can blind you to their actions. I also understand the love of a president who wanted to be king for power. Sure Obama has sloughed that off in Alinsky style and attributed it to Trump. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Obama palace is on Kalorama, the location of his subversive headquarters being run by none other than Valerie Jarrett. No doubt the computer systems in that place will rival the NSA site (or at least the connections to the NSA site could be revealed). Obama is rarely there–when is the last time you heard of his being anywhere near the place with his purchase of the multimillion dollar Mass. Mansion? Why the need for super-security there? It is a store front pure and simple. It would be interesting to investigate UNDER the Kalorama house to see the tunnels and where they go. Obama is so afraid of Donald J. Trump that 4 years of abject fear has driven him to his ally Harris. Wonder what it is about Obama that makes his infatuated with cackling females?

Water board rider at Gitmo. Then promoted to ISIS Feminist Outreach Ambassador behind enemy lines.