I wrote about DC boarding up ahead of Tuesday’s election, and Mary wrote about other Democrat-run cities following suit.  The widespread destruction by Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and affiliated Democrat groups has been going on since the George Floyd protests devolved into urban crime sprees of vandalism, burning, looting, and murder.

Here’s a sampling of what these Biden-supporting groups have wrought (via Twitchy) [Strong Language Warning]:

Even in light of the destruction of their cities, Democrats continued to pursue an agenda of abolishing / defunding the police.  Crime, predictably, escalated, but Democrats soldiered on undaunted.  Their media cohorts repeatedly and falsely claiming the violent riots were “mostly peaceful protests.”

After months of lying to the American people about the nature of BLM, the existence of Antifa, and the widespread destruction these groups and others have wrought in Democrat-run cities, we shouldn’t be surprised that they are lying again.  This time, they are claiming that President Trump is responsible for Democrat-run cities boarding up ahead of the election.

The implications are ridiculous. One is that Trump supporters, should he lose, will magically appear in these Democrat hellholes and start looting and committing arson.  This, despite the fact, that not one Trump supporter has engaged in anything of the kind.  It wasn’t Trump supporters destroying Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, and it clearly wasn’t Trump supporters during the Obama-Biden administration raining destruction during the Baltimore and Ferguson riots.  Leftists riot and topple statues, not Trump supporters.

The other implication is that Trump is responsible for the upcoming riots should he win reelection because his winning will “trigger” the violent leftwing mobs.  Or something.

The media wants Americans to be afraid of Trump and his supporters, though, so they are busily spinning their webs of lies and casting them wide.


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