This fall, a young man in Buffalo, New York reported his car had been vandalized with racist and homophobic graffiti, as well as apparently pro-Trump messages.

Now authorities are saying the man vandalized his own vehicle.

Here’s a photo of the car:

WGRZ News reported:

Owner of SUV spray-painted with racist and homophobic graffiti facing insurance fraud charges

The owner of a BMW that was spray-painted with racist and homophobic graffiti in October is now facing insurance fraud charges.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn announced Tuesday that, Clifton Eutsey, 18, allegedly spray-painted messages of hate on his own car in North Buffalo.

Swastikas, the N-word, KKK and profanity against Black Lives Matter were spray-painted all over the car, a BMW X5. The police report also stated that sugar was poured into the gas tank.

The incident happened on Saranac Avenue in North Buffalo.

Eutsey has been charged with:

– Insurance Fraud in the Third Degree, a Class “D” felony
– Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the Second Degree, a Class “A” misdemeanor
– Falsifying Business Records in the Second Degree, a Class “A” misdemeanor
– Falsely Reporting an Incident in the Third Degree, a Class “A” misdemeanor

There was also a message of support for President Donald Trump that was also spray-painted on the car, 2 On Your Side reached out to the Erie County GOP for a response when the incident occurred.

Here’s a short video report from WKBW in Buffalo:

Why do things like this keep happening?

Jim Treacher of PJ Media offers a possible explanation:

Buffalo, NY: Yet Another Hate-Crime Hoax

Why do people keep committing hate-crime hoaxes? Why do waiters keep writing racist notes to themselves on restaurant receipts? Why do homeowners keep spray-painting swastikas on their own property? Why would you risk your reputation, and maybe even your career, just to make yourself look like a victim? Because it works. Because victimhood is currency, and with a hate hoax you can really make bank.

Just ask Jussie Smollett. Sure, that dummy got caught, but not before every prominent liberal you can name stood up for him. Most of Hollywood and DC lined up to smooch his posterior and condemn evil Trump voters, like the ones he claimed were his attackers. Just before Smollett was nabbed, he was even interviewed by an utterly credulous Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. All the libs believed him because they wanted to believe him. They were grateful that he confirmed their prejudices. It feels good to be right, and he proved them right.


Featured image via YouTube.


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