It didn’t take long for Louisville to erupt after the grand jury only indicted one officer in the Breonna Taylor case. He wasn’t even indicted in her death.

Riots and protests started almost right after the indictment came out. Someone caught a U-Haul carrying signs and supplies.

The police confirmed two officers have been shot.

Police Shot

Rioters have shot at police.

Riots in Other Cities

Previous Reporting

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer issued a curfew for tonight before the attorney general announced the indictment.

People also boarded-up businesses and federal buildings in anticipation of possible violence.

WAVE3News reported that protesters planned non-violent demonstrations across the city:

“This tells us that they want to cage us in [and] actually direct us in the direction they want us to go so they can harm us,” protester Kejohn Jennings said.

Protests in Louisville have continued for 118 days straight in the name of Breonna Taylor. While many have been non-violent, the first few nights resulted in shootings, fires, and damage to local businesses.

“All we want… make a decision whether it’s good or bad, but they boarding up like they ready for war,” Rosie Henderson said.

Henderson has protested at Jefferson Square Park since the unrest began in May and she hopes things will remain peaceful no matter the grand jury’s decision.

“If we don’t control the narrative then they win, as soon as we not peaceful and we start tearing up then they win,” she said. “All we can do is pray no one gets hurt.”

I believe that a lot of people do not want violence or destruction, but rioters always infiltrate:


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