A Report issued by a project at Princeton University called the U.S. Crisis Monitor made mainstream media headlines with the finding that, as CNN put promoted it, About 93% of racial justice protests in the US have been peaceful, a new report finds.

That 93% figure was trumpeted as disproving the assertion that there have been widespread Black Lives Matter riots. In fact, it proves the opposite.

If almost 1 in 10 protests is a riot, that’s an astounding percentage considering that it takes just one riot to devastate a neighborhood and destroy businesses for years to come. The Report provides no comparison to other protest movements as to the violence frequency, but can you recall a movement that had so much violence over so long a period of time in so many places?

The Report (pdf.) clearly is written by people supporting the BLM movement.  The entire purpose of the report is to downplay the violence and to absolve those committing the violence of connection to the political movement. But in so doing, the Report proves the opposite of what was intented.

Byron York pointed out on Twitter that the Report reveals almost 570 violent demonstrations in 220 locations:

Princeton University group studies 3 months of Black Lives Matter protests. Intent is to show they are ‘overwhelmingly peaceful.’ But report reveals nearly 570 violent demonstrations–riots–in nearly 220 locations spread all across country.

Here is a map from the Report on the locations of violence:


So rather than proving how peaceful the protests have been, the report shows how widespread the violence has been.


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