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Princeton Report: Several Hundred Violent Black Lives Matter Demonstrations in 220 Locations In Past Three Months

Princeton Report: Several Hundred Violent Black Lives Matter Demonstrations in 220 Locations In Past Three Months

The much ballyhooed finding that 93% of BLM protests were peaceful actually proves how widespread the violence was considering it takes just one riot to devastate a neighborhood.

A Report issued by a project at Princeton University called the U.S. Crisis Monitor made mainstream media headlines with the finding that, as CNN put promoted it, About 93% of racial justice protests in the US have been peaceful, a new report finds.

That 93% figure was trumpeted as disproving the assertion that there have been widespread Black Lives Matter riots. In fact, it proves the opposite.

If almost 1 in 10 protests is a riot, that’s an astounding percentage considering that it takes just one riot to devastate a neighborhood and destroy businesses for years to come. The Report provides no comparison to other protest movements as to the violence frequency, but can you recall a movement that had so much violence over so long a period of time in so many places?

The Report (pdf.) clearly is written by people supporting the BLM movement.  The entire purpose of the report is to downplay the violence and to absolve those committing the violence of connection to the political movement. But in so doing, the Report proves the opposite of what was intented.

Byron York pointed out on Twitter that the Report reveals almost 570 violent demonstrations in 220 locations:

Princeton University group studies 3 months of Black Lives Matter protests. Intent is to show they are ‘overwhelmingly peaceful.’ But report reveals nearly 570 violent demonstrations–riots–in nearly 220 locations spread all across country.

Here is a map from the Report on the locations of violence:

So rather than proving how peaceful the protests have been, the report shows how widespread the violence has been.


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Bottom line what’s this costing Soros? Is that a way we can RICO him or better yet BREAK his org.

Colonel Travis | September 5, 2020 at 7:52 pm

570 violent demonstrations in 3 months = about 6 per day every single day all over America.

Maybe if we just submit to our Marxist betters, all the bad stuff will stop and we can live in that Utopia they’ve been looking for by murdering untold millions since the 1840s.

What counts as “violent?

If this past week’s events in Roc don’t count as “violent”, I call BS.

Ring the bell Portland

A gamed report? Say it isn’t so. Or, as Dilbert’s PHB said:

“No metric bas ever beaten me.”

What’s missing from all of them is a statement of a purpose that nearly everyone could agree to.

Something like elimination of jim crow laws.

Abolition of police doesn’t work.

Let’s see … mob, all wee-wee’d up carrying BLM insignia, flag poles n shields. Looks like assault right there.

At what point does waving a stick w a B L M flaf on it becoke “brandishing?” Asking for the civilization next door.

I know the wind vets pretty intense in Roc, but 2″ 5′ wooden “flagpole” seem a bit much.

For a flagpole.

Given the recorded, publicized, repeated, consistent assaults under “Antifa” and “B L M” insignia, I’d say any group assembling under their colors constitutes assault on its face.

I seem to have heard this before.

Oh yes, now I remember.

The same dud stable which produced “97% of climate scientists believe in climate change.”

Some, Select Black Lives Matter is an incorporated movement in the diversity racket of the social industrial complex and Progressive Church under the Twilight faith and Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic quasi-religion (“ethics”).

While this post is correct as it stands, I wonder about the definition of “peaceful” they’re using, because the same report that says only 7% of demonstrations have been violent also says that authorities intervened in 9% of them. Now the authorities don’t interfere with any peaceful demonstrations. They just don’t. They barely interfere with a lot of violent ones, as the record of Portland for the last few years shows. So if they’re interfering in 9% of demonstrations, to me that says at least 18% are violent.

The fact that there are a lot of genuinely peaceful demonstrations shouldn’t surprise anyone. A lot of normal decent people have been stirred to action by the media propaganda, they believe the police nationwide are gunning for black people, and they’re naturally upset about it. I would be too, if I believed that, and so would probably 90% of commenters here. We’d all be out demonstrating.

The only demonstrations I’ve personally witnessed have been perfectly peaceful. 20-30 white people standing on a sidewalk, silently holding signs. I had no trouble walking past them, they didn’t engage me, so I didn’t tell them what I thought of the cause they were supporting. But there was violence not two miles from me, in an area I walk through regularly. And no amount of peaceful demonstrations can make those violent ones any less significant. Even if there were so many peaceful ones that the violent ones were only 1% of the total, they’d be no less violent for that.

    Well put and your point may be the message behind “broken windows” policing. If you tolerate any lawbreaking you get more of it and more serious crimes as well – as NY City appears to have to learn all over again.

    Reverett in reply to Milhouse. | September 6, 2020 at 7:53 am

    I was so excited for the information age, but all i got was this disinformation age tee-shirt.

      drednicolson in reply to Reverett. | September 6, 2020 at 8:54 am

      The sum of all human knowledge acquired to date can fit in the palm of our hands. And what do a lot of us use it for? Taking selfies, usually.

    You are describing every single Tea Party protest ever held.

    BierceAmbrose in reply to Milhouse. | September 6, 2020 at 5:49 pm

    Yeah, as I said above from the other direction: “What counts as ‘violent’?”

    Twitter videos showing clips of “actions” look the opposite of “peaceful” to me. The general behavior is called “menacing” — definitions in law vary.
    – Assault. Destruction of property.
    – That’s before you get to surrounding, and threatening the guy riding through on his bike.-
    – Or driving off other folks passing through or already there.
    – Or charging up and menacing people recording with their phones: “Not cops, don’t be recording no crimes.” (In case anyone was unclear that these are propaganda ops, n orchestrated.)
    – That’s before advancing on the police station throwing deadly weapons.

    That didn’t stop one of our People’s Revolutionary Commensul — sorry City Council — from spewing a pile of “peaceful” bilge in a public “inquiery” letter to the police n the mayor. The actual questions too three sentences.

    That didn’t stop a suburban school Vice Principal from delivering a screaming, vulgarity-filled rant at how the police attacked them when they were just singing. There was a good deal more than singing in the background while he ranted. (Background belies what you’re saying is a cliche now.)

    If every night of this round, and both nights of the prior round don’t count as violent, their numbers are crap. Or rather, “Only” 7% of events are “Princeton Violent” — so egregiously violent n well-recorded that even Princeton can’t explain them away.

    DaveGinOly in reply to Milhouse. | September 7, 2020 at 2:31 pm

    I have to wonder what size of “protest” makes the count. Three people wearing BLM t-shirts standing on a corner of a busy intersection? And if there are three more at each of two other intersections in the city, does that count as three “peaceful protests”? There are just too many ways this count can be intentionally skewed.

The only incumbent I will be voting for in November is Trump. Every other candidate on my ballot is a communist. It’s been that way ever since the Bush/Rove destruction of the CA RSC during the recall election that produced Arnold.

CA was a red state when I moved here in 1989. Since then, the GOP has done the same thing everywhere. It was the Bush Family International Crime Syndicate that got the NWO kick-started in earnest, not CA voters.

BTW, I won’t be surprised if TX turns blue very soon either. Now there’s a state that is bogged down in denial. Just keep blaming CA transplants while electing the same old RINOs that keep the TX border the most open of open borders and surrendering your sanctuary cities to the commies. I see the same denial happening in AZ too. All of those tech jobs your politicians are attracting from CA come at a price. And CA remains the only border state with an effective border wall.

I propose that every time you see “Black lives matter” written, whoever sees it should paint a large “O” in front of “lives” to transform it into “Black Olives Matter.”

    Okay, this is hilarious.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Cleetus. | September 6, 2020 at 7:23 pm

    I still prefer calling it Black Liars Matter, because their whole existence from day one has been built on a rotten foundation of lies. Both Thugvon and Michael Brown received lawful justice. The vast majority of the cases they push received justice.

    It is bad enough that we are paying for welfare and jail for these people, adding all this shit on top of that leaves me with damn nearly no sympathy.

      BLM itself insists on keeping the focus on the deaths of black men (mostly) at the hand of police. Yet Trayvon Martin consistently shows up on the litany of “victims.” Why is that? I’m willing to risk money that there are people who believe Martin was killed by a cop. (Same goes for Ahmaud Arbery.)

I wonder what percentage of KKK meetings were nonviolent? I’ll bet it was more than 93%.

“Princeton Violent” — it’s only violent if the right (wrong) people do the deed; or the wrong (right) people get hurt.

Now I understand why we haven’t yet seen a riot here in Pasadena. It’s been three weeks after the officer involved shooting. Normally it happens within hours.

The “troops” are probably spread out too thin. Long before they run out of trannies, soyboys and trust baby lesbians who do most of the looting, the professional ranks of extremely violent Antifa and BLM “troops” have already been exhausted.

We’ve been a prime target for terrorists since 9/11/01 so we are somewhat hardened and prepared for this.

Info / update on “Princeton Peaceful.”

Well, last night two suburban-located friends spontaneously offered me extraction if I needed it.

No push-back, not a single peep when I commented: “Well, I guess my holiday weekend project is recon, finding exfil routes n rendezvous points with concealment.”

I’m on foot, not young, n post-stroke, so if an active Goblin wave comes to where I live, I won’t have time to improvise, or margin to make a mistake. I’m also a white male of a certain age, or as we’re called these days, a “preferred target.” (We’ve been the source of all evil, and everything wrong with this country (and the world) for a while.) I hear, but cannot confirm, that they pay double for scalps like mine.

In interesting serendipity, a friend who lives in the city that spawned Biden — most of them are sorry for having done that to us — was likewise concerned. She was chewing on what to do as she lives in a ’70s development cul de sac, with the main drag 2 streets over, and one way in or out.

She thinks very suburban. So, if she can’t get in and out in her car, obeying all traffic laws, she can’t get in or out. Being a former semi-feral child with the wrong friends, I explained how to find ways in and out on foot.

Over the last 3 months she’s acquired a bug-out bag (fortunately she’s travelled for work, so there was something to build on), huncker down supplies, and a gun. She’s overhauled her (pedal) bike, n is working on her fitness n strength.

I’m not suggesting any of this, nor pointing out anything to be nervous about. She brings it up, as conclusions from other sources. I just suggest there are mitigations. It’s easier to run when you’re fit. Easier to get out when you know where you’re going. Easier to be OK for a few days’ craziness with basic supplies on hand, like for work trip. The gun was entirely her idea. Surprised me.

    BierceAmbrose in reply to BierceAmbrose. | September 7, 2020 at 10:59 pm

    “… recon, finding exfil routes n rendezvous points with concealment.”

    For the record, since this is the interwebz, n everything is fodder for the least generous interpretation… I don’t talk with that. That’s me being sardonic talkin with friends. I forgot, quoting myself IRL, that I was ont he interwebz, where hordes of trolls without lives live only to force-fit convenient fake misunderstandings on words because they have no lives.

    Gonna find some ways out of here, n spots I can get picked up, spread around, so whatever direction goblins come from, if they come, I have an out.