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Black Lives Matter Rioters Ransack Rochester, NY

Black Lives Matter Rioters Ransack Rochester, NY

Officers involved in the incident involving the death of Daniel Prude last March have been suspended, yet rioting continues

Rochester, NY is the latest hub of antia/ BLM rioting as obnoxious swarms of antifa and BLM activists disturbed the peace, climbed on people’s homes, vandalized businesses, assaulted people, including police officers, committed arson, and generally engaged in free-form lawlessness.

Back in March, a black man, Daniel Prude, was reportedly on PCP and running around naked in the streets, and as police attempted to control him with a “spit mask” and hold, he stopped breathing.  He was revived but died seven days later after be taken off of life support.

The rioting hordes learned of the tragic incident on Wednesday when the video was released, and although Rochester mayor Lovely Warren (D) announced the suspension of the officers involved, the mobs took to the streets to assault, harass, annoy, and frighten innocent people, apparently intending to win them over.

Watch the report:

Fox News reports:

Protesters marched in Rochester, N.Y., on Thursday night, as many appeared unswayed by the city’s mayor’s recent decision to suspend seven police officers involved in the suffocation death of Daniel Prude.

Prude, 41, a Black man, died when he was taken off life support March 30. Just seven days earlier, a “spit hood” was put over his head during an encounter with Rochester police to prevent him from spitting — after he ran naked in the street. He was held down by police for roughly two minutes until he stopped breathing.

A medical examiner ruled his death as “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint.” Delirium and acute intoxication by phencyclidine, or PCP, were listed as contributing factors.

The rioting continued Friday night, as well, because suspending the officers while the incident is investigated is not “justice.” Or something.

The New York Post reports:

Two Rochester cops were injured and eight people arrested early Friday after a protest by over 200 demonstrators demanding justice for Daniel Prude — who suffocated while in police custody — descended into chaos, including arson, vandalism and looting, according to a report.

The eight protesters — men and women ranging in age from 24 to 60 — were charged with disorderly conduct, a violation, police Capt. Michael Callari said, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

Two of them also were charged with resisting arrest, a misdemeanor, and one was charged with harassment, he added.

The large crowd descended on the Public Safety Building, where some of the people pelted police officers with rocks and bottles, the news outlet reported. The injured cops were treated at a local hospital and released.

Of course, at least one Democrat appeaser on the city council complained that police didn’t engage in “respectful deescalation.”

The New York Post continues:

The police action drew criticism from at least one city council member as “unnecessarily aggressive,” according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

“It’s clear that City Council’s request for a respectful, de-escalated interaction with protesters went unheeded,” Mitch Gruber said in a text message to a reporter.

“RPD initiated unnecessarily aggressive behavior toward peaceful protesters,” he added. “By morning I expect to hear from the mayor and chief as to why our requests weren’t met and how they will appropriately address continued, sustained peaceful protest.”

The city council asked Warren in a letter Thursday that police “meet these protests with respect and to de-escalate tension. We do not need any militaristic outfitting and use of pepper balls at this incredibly sensitive time for our community.”

Here’s what the police had to deal with on the city’s streets:

“Fiery, but mostly peaceful”:

Apparently, these deluded rioters and the Democrats who enable them think that this is the way to win hearts and minds and affect change.  It’s not, of course, all it does is aggravate and anger the people they need on their side, namely their fellow citizens among the general public.

The longer these riots continue, the less anyone cares what these rioters want or why; people just want the violence, bullying, and lawlessness stopped in its tracks.


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MoeHowardwasright | September 5, 2020 at 10:40 am

The same tactic is used over and over. “peaceful protest” starts during daylight giving cover for the “riot squad” that appears as the sun goes down. The police force needs to realize this and go after the violent arm of blm immediately. Declare it a riot as soon as they appear. Or better yet, shut them down as they get off the buses. The only way it stops is to be aggressive at the point of confrontation.

And Democrats think they can turn this behavior off as soon as they win.

I’m 20 miles west of Rochester. Time to invest in a couple of shotguns so I’m ready for when BLM rolls out the real party in November.

This is what the NFL and other major sports leagues are supporting. This year’s NFL games will be 60 minutes of football sandwiched between three hours of lectures on white racism.

So he basically dies because he overdosed on PCP. It is pass time that antifa learns the meaning of “a whiff of grapeshot”.

    beagleEar in reply to gbm. | September 5, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    OD on PCP AND did a bio-attack on the cops AND spoke of taking their gun. Yeah, they should have just ate his infective spit and waited to get shot with their own gun.

    When the antifa-blm types did their own policing in CHAZ, they didn’t make arrests. They just opened fire on anything they didn’t like (such as a car from outside the zone) and then said to one of their victims “aren’t you dead yet?”. They don’t want better police, they intend to be the police. Except there will be zero due process, procedures or citizen rights in their regime.

    rabidfox in reply to gbm. | September 5, 2020 at 2:43 pm

    It isn’t about black people being shot by cops – that’s just the excuse. What it is really about is destroying America as a republic.

Murder of Trump supporter was planned with numerous participants. The guy killed by the feds was just the trigger man:

Imagine the outrage IF death certificates for these fools were stamped “Drug Overdose” regardless of other factors – in the same way death certificates have been stamped “Covid 19” since last March? Absent drugs and the psychotic behavior therefrom would the fools be dead?

The family lawyer lied to me. He said when we watch the body cam video we would see a murder. I didn’t see a murder. I saw a drug abuser’s death by misadventure.

Why would they suspend the officers? There was already an investigation that cleared them.

You can see from the video they did nothing wrong. They put a spit mask on him because he was spitting. You don’t know what diseases he has. I’ve been spit on before in the jail where I work. You have to go to the hospital and get blood drawn so they can check you for any problems. They also get a court order and draw the blood of the inmate.

At the same time this incident happened right at the height of the Covid-19 craziness where they were just starting to say everyone should wear masks. This guy was telling them he had Covid-19.

So of course they would put a spit mask on a guy whose naked and high on drugs whose acting out in the street.

Spit masks, I’ve used them, are designed to allow you to breathe when they are on your head.

This guy killed himself by taking too much drugs at once.

Just a data point…

Over 10 min at about 19:00 waiting to pick up my pizza in one of the city’s woke-est residential neighborhoods… saw three elements maneuvering…

– Car patrolling. Same car went by 3x after I noticed it. Back n forth. Roomy 4 door sedan w lightly tinted windows; 2 guys in front w/ heads on a swivel.

– Large white van, unmarked, packed w kids in blac-block gear (as much as I coild see – masks, bandannas, hats, shirts) taunting n threatening gestures at people as they went by. One saw me lookin, locked n held eyes, threw up two gestures, one derisive, one a threat. Let’s not pretend this is anything but a well-understood language.

– 20-ish guy rode by toward downtown. Head to toe blac-block, stompin boots riding a kid’s bike, w/ a 4-foot plexiglass shield slung on his back.

There might have been more. Shield pulled my attention, the rest of bike-guy’s assembly read as something’s up. I noticed the others after.

Obviously organized n orchestrated. That wasn’t a “protest”, it was a riot. That didn’t get out of hand; they went in there with intent.

Another data point…

Friday articles on police custody event in D & C (the local paper), actually useful.

Someone local did actual, original journalism on this. Of course all useful content immediately ignored. And the useless Mayor’s useless congribution was useless. Then caved *after* the “story” got traction outside.

Final data point…

At least a couple useful facts n 3 reasonable candidate improvements touched on in the local article. Of course ignored and drowned out by the aganda-mongers who want the issue, not a solution (or even some improvement.)

– Police bodycams, n more broadly public operations records mostly did their job. We have lead-up records – this guy had ongoing problems, the video, 911 call timing n transcripts, custody records.

– There’s a review process.

Potential changes…

– Training n policy for handling folks in custody looks loose.

– Response time for transport seems slow.

– Tangle of review rules satisfies noone. Is that the best we can do, or is will something else work better.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 5, 2020 at 3:14 pm


Portland Shooter Stalked Trump Supporters After Spotting Them, Unsealed Arrest Warrant Says

I’d like to put every single person accusing the cops of abuse in a locked room with a drug influenced psychotic for 5 minutes and see if they come out with the same opinion. Hell – make it 2 or even 1. Video does no justice to looking into the eyes of someone who has lost all reason.

    BierceAmbrose in reply to labrat. | September 5, 2020 at 7:10 pm

    Good point.

    Like the video of that gentleman from Buffalo succeeding in getting himslef knocked down, even filmed from a distance it reads differently if you’ve been in a similar situation.

New incident in Roc update…

A kid died last night; I heard about 04:00 he crashed motorbike into obelisk thing in mini-plaza in Roc’s wokeist neighborhood.

Passing gathering there, I went over to offer condolences:

“I’m sorry, excuse me. I just heard that somebody died?”

“That was my son. My son died.”

That man was standing strong; I fell apart. (Stroke symptom: typical n unlikely to ever improve.)

No crime tape, no barrier cones. Maybe “just” misadventure, but, bikes don’t much blast through that neighborhood at all, let alone killing speed. God, I hope nobody does anything horrible to make it worse for him n them.

There were kids on bikes tearin up n down through street. Dirt bikes, not street legal. Some w/ helmets, some w/o. Some w/ backpacks. Obvious, visible lookout / comm folks at half-block spacing.

Until I heard about the kid, I thought it was Goblins forming up again, this time targeting that neighborhood. (I was right last night.)

There’s local chatter now that they’re headed somewhere. Mourning and even a message from the mourners is simply their prerogative. I don’t suspect them; I suspect the operatives who will hijack the dead kid, the mourning, and the message.

So, now, my holiday project is inventory n restock my bug-out bag. My thoughts are on how I’m gonna survive this, not that father, family, n community. Now, those Goblin jackholes have taken this from me, too.

Absolutely disgusting.

We’re gonna have to fight this fight ourselves folks.

The mayors, governors and DA’s aren’t … the D’s won’t … the R’s haven’t hardly tried … the police are outnumbered and hamstringed by leadership.

It’s up to us now.

“Mostly peaceful” Roc update, evening of 6th Sept…

As of dinnertime, larger gathering at site of fatal motor bike crash 2 nights ago in Roc-wokeistan. Along with motorbikes claiming street again, foot crowd double size of prior exerting control over intersection, n foot traffic other side of street. ?Dirt? bike club, n club colors in evidence.

20-somethings on bikes tearing around street include 2 from prior night: same guys, same bikes, same gear.

Per locals: Deceased seen on security tape zoomin down road, no traffic, no pursuit, no rain. Deceased “affiliated” with bike club. Last night’s events “went sideways”, w bike’s escalating behavior on street thru night.

Per local woke-net(*): Tonight’s mourning group more wound up just now from presser by our idiot mayor. (I said “idiot”, not them. – ed.) Police chased people last night including into a church, including injuries. Tonight “Church Elders” intend to be “up front.” (Of what not specified. – ed.) “Reports” of armed militia coming in.(**)

My take is the jackholes got what they wanted more than once:

– Some excited, expendable kid got killed, giving them an issue. That’s what they bait true believers in for.

– Grief and mourning are getting hijacked by layers of agenda-mongers. This, too, is what they do.

– They’re gonna go goblin, n use the mourning for P R cover. “Just grieving.” Well, yeah, except for the folks who aren’t in the bike club, n didn’t know the kid, running people down to club them from bikes at speed.(***)

There’s no police anywhere near the plaza. None around last dinnertime, either. I don’t know what happened between gathering I saw last night, n whatever developed after.

I will believe attributed-source videos n observed facts. My improbable friend says someone’s in the hospital, I believe that much. Police “did” it, well maybe. The spectacular gaps in the tale omitting how her friend got injured, or why police engagaed are their own tell.

There’s way too much spin to accept anything at face value.

My take is “Church Elders” up front might keep goblins n thugs from hijacking a rememberance. If church elders are cover for violent to hide behind, shame on them all. (There’s nothing holy about being a sucker.) If that’s the plan, doubly so. That a scheme like that reflects the design of other “actions” embedded in “protests” just tells you its a tactic, used deliberately.

There’s a lot of info ops, disinformation n spin. In one clip from last night our “Princeton Peaceful” protesters were menacing any non-aligned with cameras, shouting “No cameras. No cops, no crimes.”

So what’s captured n promoted is curated. We only see video of cops using force because other people’s behavior isn’t captured on video. “No cops; no crimes.” does suggest that the “Princeton Peaceful” “Protesters” anticipated doing things that might be called “crimes.” Probably not by Princeton, though.

(*) I’m improbable friends w/ a self-consciously woke, peripherally dialed-in local millennial.

(**) This I do not believe. I know the rurals round here. If they showed up armed, lookin for trouble, we’d be out of mortuary space.

(***) They’re not doin that for real … yet.