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As Four Alleged Arson Suspects are Arrested for Wildfires, Media Fans the Flames of Climate Change

As Four Alleged Arson Suspects are Arrested for Wildfires, Media Fans the Flames of Climate Change

CA Gov. Newsom’s messaging smoked by links to arrests and Trump plans “forest management” lecture for the state’s chief executive.

This weekend, I noted that several blazes among all the wildfires burning in the Western US were being investigated as potential arson cases.

Now it is reported that four separate arrests have happened in conjunction with conflagrations in Oregon, California, and Washington.

Four have been arrested on suspicion of arson in West Coast areas already under seige from major destructive and deadly blazes, according to reports.

As wildfires continue to rage across three states, police investigated separate incidents near existing wildfires. Two men in Washington state, one man in Oregon and one woman in California are facing charges, according to the Daily Wire.

The latest reports suggest that at least 20 people have died in California, eight in Oregon and one in Washington state as firefighters struggle to contain already deadly fires.

I moved to California in 1985. At that time, the logging industry was being targeted as “evil” by environmentalists. Rules and regulations were quickly made to supplicate the worshipers of “old-growth forests.” Politicians rushed to do something because of “science.”

Meanwhile, more and more people moved into the state and began populating previously uninhabited areas that were a fire risk. Additionally, California’s politicians raked in new tax revenue…spending it on themselves and unions, and not the water resources necessary to help potentially address this issue.

Furthermore, Governor Gavin Newsom accused the state’s electric provider of “corporate greed” for not taking fire safety precautions after a historic blaze. However, the firms in question have been struggling to meet green energy demands, and the state’s increasing energy needs cannot be satisfied with the available and reliable nuclear and natural gas options.

Now, despite the consequences of having populations living next to heavily overgrown woodlands and forests, California politicians and the media have joined forces to push the environmental theology du jour.

Governor Gavin Newsom got the messaging stated with a theatrically produced segment on NBC, with smoke in the background for extra drama.

The deadly wildfires sweeping through US West Coast states show that the debate around climate change is “over”, California Governor Gavin Newsom says.

“Just come to the state of California. Observe it with your own eyes,” he told reporters from a charred mountainside.

Most perplexing, media is rushing to link the freak snowfalls in the Rockies this week with the wildfires to push the “climate change” narrative.

Right on the heels of arguably the West Coast’s most intense heat wave in modern history comes the most ferocious flare-up of catastrophic wildfires in recent memory. Meanwhile, just a few hundred miles east, a 60-degree temperature drop over just 18 hours in Wyoming and Colorado was accompanied by an extremely rare late-summer dumping of up to 2 feet of snow.

It’s not coincidence, it’s climate change.

However, this message is now being met with a considerable push-back.

There are many references to arsons.

One suspect was caught in the act:

There were several references regarding California’s lack of sensible forest management, aside from “loggers are evil.”

Some Californians called Newsom on the complete lack of infrastructure priorities, as evidenced by the trouble associated with the Oroville Dam.

Newsom will be getting a visit from President Donald Trump, who will likely underscore all of the above concerns.

On the eve of a visit to California as wildfires continue to rage across the state, Donald Trump doubled down on his claim that bad “forest management” is to blame for the recent devastation there.

…“I’m all over the place. I’m going to California from here, going over to see some of our great people that are doing such a great job with these monster fires that they have,” he said at a roundtable with Latino voters in Nevada on Sunday.

Here’s hoping that in 2022, Californians choose a governor who prefers real science (such as those behind infrastructure and land management) instead of politicized science.


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The blame for these massive fires lies squarely with the Governors who have done nothing to encourage proper forest management. I’m going to repeat my earlier comments on why these fires are so intense.

These governors (CA, OR, WA) continue to use climate change as an excuse for their own failure to manage their forests properly. They act like the dry climate has caught them by surprise. Where have they been for the last decade? They should have seen the trends and prepared accordingly.

Every forester knows that all forests will burn periodically. It’s part of the natural cycle. You can blame a small fire on someone’s gender reveal or whatever, but the fact that it grows into a catastrophic fire is the fault of the government and its lack of proper forestry. So the climate is changing? Deal with it, and don’t act like it took you by surprise.

Our overgrown western forests need to be thinned and the brush removed. The normal way to do that is to sell off the timber to be thinned, and require the logging company to remove and burn the brush and the slash. That’s done at no cost to taxpayers. But the tree-huggers have eliminated the western lumber industry, so the trees and the brush have continued to accumulate. When that dense mass burns during the dry season, there is no stopping it.

Once the forests are thinned and the heavy brush removed, the forests should be burned every 3-5 years during the wet season. That removes the growing weeds and brush and actually promotes the growth of the trees by killing bark insects. But the environmentalists have made it nearly impossible for foresters to accomplish controlled burns. They ban a controlled burn because it might hurt air quality, but later that results in a conflagration that blankets large areas in dangerous amounts of smoke.

Similarly, if a controlled burn gets away and burns one house, that will shut down the burning program. But if you neglect the controlled burning program, you get uncontrollable wildfires that destroy thousands of houses.

Whether we are seeing climate change or not, these huge wildfires show that our western forests are being mismanaged. We need changes in the laws and in the people who administer the forests to allow for thinning and regular prescribed burns during the wet season so that the fires that occur during the dry season can be more easily controlled.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to OldProf2. | September 14, 2020 at 5:12 pm

    The first nations (native Americans) did “burns” routinely for the benefit of the environment.

    Why do the DIMS like Gruesome Hate the Environment?

    CorkyAgain in reply to OldProf2. | September 14, 2020 at 5:45 pm

    I’ve lived in western WA for 40 years and can tell you that it’s ALWAYS hot and dry in Aug-Sep.

    People who think of Seattle as constantly rainy are often surprised by this annual drought and the resulting fire hazard.

    Some of Gov. Inslee’s supporters might be newcomers to the area and not know any better, but he and his staffers who have lived here a decade or more have no excuse.

Apparently climate change even turns otherwise decent law-abiding people into mad arsonists.

Maybe implement the death penalty for arsonists? I’m ok with that, how about you guys?

    If someone dies as a result of the arson – then no problem.

    “An eye for an eye” for a punishment. And I would be willing to allow death by fire so the person knows what they did to their victims.

Remember that these politicians – and a distressing number of scientists – make real science subordinate to political expediency. Global warming/climate change cultism is promoted because it provides a justification for the sweeping powers these totalitarians crave.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 14, 2020 at 5:24 pm

Here’s some Hope Leslie.

Go especially to 8 minutes 30 seconds into the interview, although all of it is good.

President Trump sits down with Judge Jeanine in exclusive interview

Give a new meaning to gaslighting

“If” there is any man-made climate change in California, it’s the result of incompetent democrat policy. gavin newsome, jerry brown et al have overseen the modern day equivalent of the Dust Bowl. I’ve commented here before about massive wind farms. Extracting energy out of the environment in the form of wind could have severe, detrimental environmental consequences. My argument as stated before was I don’t believe there were any accurate predictive models, studies or simulations done to reliably say wind farms are a net benefit or detriment. Models, studies and simulations are also subject to fuquery, so I’m hardly ever surprised when things I’m told are good turn out to be disasters.

He has one of the most punchable faces I’ve ever seen.
Stupid as they come, even by California standards.

Michael Jarrod Bakkela is profiled at heavy dot com

I would say- not a Trump supporter. In fact, seems to have a lot in common with the three Democrats shot in Kenosha by Kyle Rittenhouse.

I live in OK and there are some fire issues. Check out the Pioneer Women’s post about fire…

I remember watching the local stations showing fires in the area. The explosion of the cedar trees was very impressive. I made sure that there were no cedar trees close to my house and warned my neighbors when trees were close to their houses.

I can’t imagine living in an area where I could not clear trees to reduce fire threat.

In order for global warming to be responsible for the current bad fire season there would actually have to have been a significant amount of global warming.

Climate alarm yas been based on ever more extreme PREDICTIONS of warming but all of these predictions have been radically wrong. The predicted warming has not materialized in any significant degree.

There HAS been a significant amount of warming over the last 320 years (about 1 degree centigrade) but pretty much all of that was natural, which in the dogma of green religion means it is all to the good. Natural is good, human is bad, and there has been very little warming which could even possibly be attributable to human release of CO2.

Even among the CO2 alarmists there is a consensus that humans did not start producing enough CO2 to significantly affect climate until about 1950, so what has happened since 1950?

Temperatures dropped for the next 25?years, giving rise to rabid leftist alarmism about capitalism causing global cooling. Temperatures then rebounded over the next 25 years, from the late 70s to the turn of the 21st century.

Next came 15 years of “the pause,” where global temperature remained roughly flat except for some El Nino driven wobbles, before a slightly higher temperature seemed to become established in the last few years.

And that’s it: the couple tenths of a degree higher temps in the last few years are the only net increase over the last 70 years.

The satellite temperature record era, starting in the late 1970s, has our best data. You can view it on Roy Spencer’s website here:

Temperatures in the early-mid 2000s (after the post 1950 dip and recovery) were about the same as during the warm spurt in the 1930s and 40s (corresponding to +.1C or +.2C in the satellite record).

CO2 alarmists made numerous unjustified and undocumented adjustments in the ground-based instrumental records like HadCruT4 to make it look like the 2000s were warmer than the 30s-40s (see Climate-gate) but the original records say otherwise.

Now the satellites are putting global temperature at +.4C to +.5C, putting present temperatures 2 or 3 tenths above the 1930s-40s.

Most of that is probably natural but set that aside. Even if this small bit of warming were entirely human-caused it is still only a small bit of warming. It is absurd to call this a significant climate change, and and attempt to attribute weather events to it is radically unscientific.

“The debate about climate change is over.”

There never was a debate about climate change. Now tell us what you really mean.

“Here’s hoping that in 2022, Californians choose a governor who prefers real science”

To do that, they’d have to search somewhere off the Pelosi/Newsom/Brown/Feinstein inbreeding chart, and so far they’ve shown no interest in doing so.