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California Gov. Newsom decries “corporate greed” as state braces for blackouts and wildfires

California Gov. Newsom decries “corporate greed” as state braces for blackouts and wildfires

“it’s about dog-eat-dog capitalism meeting climate change, it’s about corporate greed meeting climate change”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) issued an emergency proclamation for Sonoma and Los Angeles counties in the wake of two major wildfires fires that have destroyed structures, incinerated prized vineyard, threatened homes, and caused the evacuation of thousands of residents.

According to an Associated Press update on Friday evening, howling winds that have fueled the destructive fires were beginning to die down. But the respite was not expected to be a long one. Residents in the northern part of the state were girding for another round of power outages aimed at preventing what are expected to be the strongest gusts in years from sparking still more blazes this weekend, AP wrote.

Meanwhile, the state utility that has been criticized for imposing blackouts in order to prevent such wildfires says a transmission line that it didn’t shut off may have been the source of a blaze that was raging out of control in the Golden State.

The Kincade Fire in Sonoma County has hit wine country.

Cal Fire officials said that there were 600 structures currently threatened by the Kincade Fire. So far the fire has destroyed 49 structures including 21 homes, winery buildings and vineyards in California’s picturesque wine country.

Officials said the current evacuations were holding at 2,000 residents. Cal Fire and the Sonoma County Sheriff reported first responders having some tense moments with some evacuated residents and asked for locals to remain patient as the danger in the evacuated areas continues.

The Tick Fire is burning near Santa Clarita, just north of Los Angeles. At least six structures have been destroyed and another 15,000 more are threatened in the fire, which has burned 4,300 acres and is roughly 5% contained.

Despite the fact that poor land management practices and green energy mandates that are forcing energy firms to redirect funds from infrastructure maintenance, Newsom decided to blame “corporate greed” for the precautionary outages being implemented.

“I must confess, it is infuriating beyond words,” Newsom said, accusing the utilities of neglecting their infrastructure and leaving the state vulnerable to fires sparked by outmoded power lines.

His statements echoed those he made two weeks earlier, when PG&E shut off power to nearly a million customers.

“It’s more than just climate change, and it is climate change, but it’s more than that,” Newsom said. “As it relates to PG&E, it’s about dog-eat-dog capitalism meeting climate change, it’s about corporate greed meeting climate change, it’s about decades of mismanagement.”

I would argue that last part is right but qualify that it’s about decades of political mismanagement.

This hot take is not playing as well as Newsom might have expected.

Meanwhile, closer to San Diego, I am keeping an eye on a brush fire in Ramona that blazed into a fast-moving wildfire. I am hoping it will be contained quickly.


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“corporate greed”

Wrong. Obviously, government greed, and malfeasance is a bigger immediate threat in California.

2smartforlibs | October 26, 2019 at 4:22 pm

Liberal greed would be closer to the truth. If not liebrla ignorance.

Last year, power company wanted to shut down for awhile due to dangerous high winds and overgrown dry brush and trees due to land mismanagement..
They caved to public outcry . Result was billions in fire damage, lives lost.

Now PGE playing it safe, and ahole out making lying speeches to the low information populace.

Newsom is getting panicky. Grey Davis was recalled because Californians didn’t like rolling blackouts. They were annoying to residents because their ice cream melted – and costly to businesses. But those rolling blackouts didn’t burn tens of thousands of homes and kill people.

Let me tell you – wildfire smoke is really debilitating. Lots of us have been inhaling wildfire smoke for 6 frak’n years now. I wore particle masks for weeks and still lost my voice for eight days from whatever was in the CAMP fire smoke. Eh, I’m not looking for sympathy. Stuff happens. That’s life.

Here’s how some of this breaks down.

Back in the late 80’s and into the 90’s we had environmentalist-lawyers like Robert F. Kennedy Jr and his money grifting Environmental Defense Fund suing local, state and federal agencies. They demanded that these agencies set aside Wilderness areas throughout California. These areas disallow things like timber harvesting and brush removal in both the valley, coastal mountains and Sierra/Cascade ranges. For example – no one is allowed to grade fire breaks. Of course the environmentalist left loved this stuff – Dianne Feinstein/Sierra Club (desert protection act.) A lot of this applies to USFS/BLM Federal forests/high desert.

And then we have state parks. Two years ago some of the Napa fires ripped through these state parks. This is responsibility of California and its agencies.

The USFS labels national forest lands differently – some forests allow lots of activity like small timer hard rock and dredge mining, riding quads and dirt bikes. I’ve personally hacked miles of single track motorcycle trail through teh Plumas National Forest. I even got consent to do it via the USFS in Oroville, California. Tahoe national forest would never allow such a thing – they’d arrest me.

I just don’t have the time nor energy to list all the different things involved in fire suppression and why some of the wildfires are the fault of California, PG&E, USFS and why some of these fires would have happened no matter the precautions made – versus straight up mendacity flowing from the environmentalist faction of the political left.

I heard CA politician interviewed on KABC radio Thursday stating that these fires put more carbon into the atmosphere than what would be emitted were every car in the state to run all day, every day for a year. I don’t know if he meant all of the fires combined or each major fire separately. Helps add perspective to the climate change idiocy.

    dystopia in reply to Pasadena Phil. | October 26, 2019 at 5:20 pm

    Climate Change is merely the tasty sugar coating on the arsenic being fed California peasant and self righteous bourgeoisie classes. The agenda here is to turn California and then the United States into an impotent third world like cesspool. It is so much easier to take down the United States from within than through armed confrontation. Especially when you have the likes of Gavin Newsome willing to cooperate for micro-pennies of what armed conflict would cost.

    I generally follow news of fires north of Sacramento since I just don’t have time to track all of our fires.

    I forget the official CalFire label but the NorCal clear lake fire two or three years ago was massive. That fire alone had to generate ten times the amount of pollution generated by ALL industry in California for as decade.

      MajorWood in reply to Tiki. | October 26, 2019 at 6:32 pm

      The gorge fire a few years ago had ash raining down into Portland like it was winter. I tell people to go stand on the rim of St Helens and then ask themselves just how much in control we really are. Only the truly arrogant (and ignorant) aren’t humbled by that experience.

        murkyv in reply to MajorWood. | October 26, 2019 at 6:36 pm

        I’ve long said that it takes both ignorance and arrogance to believe than man has changed, or can change the weather (or climate)

The Friendly Grizzly | October 26, 2019 at 4:44 pm

I’m a native Angelino although I moved away long ago. I was back for a visit recently. Crowded. Dirty. Horrendous traffic. Prices on the roof.

Even if I had a ton of money, I could never return.

I’m pretty sure greed can be held in check by a suitable donation to the state Democrats. It’s probably in their constitition somewhere.

More like thick as a brick Liberals meeting fire season.

Miss Leslie, stay safe.

The neglect of traditional electricity generation and distribution is a result of CA leftists like Newsome FORCING public utilities to spend BILLIONS on worthless green garbage, massive wind and solar installations that do not reduce baseload generation requirements by a single megawatt but just make traditional plants uneconomic because they only run part time, with the whole mess–uneconomic wind and solar and uneconomic baseload–all subsidized by beleaguered ratepayers.

NONE of this is capitalism (economic liberty). It is ALL imposed by the communists in Sacramento.

Green religion imposed on electric utilities destabilizes the grid, causing a large increase in spikes as baseload generation ramps up and down trying to compensate for rapid swings in wind and solar as weather changes. Those spikes can cause fires!

Seriously CA? Forcing your utilities to try to compensate for GUSTS OF WIND (which “gust” on every scale), then blaming capitalism for the inevitable fires that result?

How long does it take to turn into Venezuela? It only took Venezuela 20 years and CA is already several years into its one-party communist rule.

    >”Seriously CA? Forcing your utilities to try to compensate for GUSTS OF WIND (which “gust” on every scale), then blaming capitalism for the inevitable fires that result?”<

    This is why I really don't blame PG&E for sparking the CAMP fire. Wind shear down the Feather River canyon is infamous. The wind was whipping down the canyon – probably 70/80MPH and possibly higher in micro locations due to canyon wall topography.

    Scroll left on the topo and note Concow Reservoir. Note all the differing administrative forest areas. Some are Plumas USFS, some are owned by Georgia/Louisiana Pacific and some are private landholdings.

    >>>Note all the differing administrative forest areas. Some are PLUMAS USFS, some are LASSEN USFS, some are owned by Georgia/Louisiana Pacific and some are private landholdings.

    We’re talking about a pretty small sub-region all broken up into ridiculous patches because competing USFS agencies won’t cede an inch of forest to their USFS neighbor. Some of these plots of land are less than 100 acres. In this case Plumas needs to cede to Lassen – because the feather river is the generally accepted dividing line between the Cascade mountain range and the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

    Nothing is ever as simple as we wish it to be.

This guy needs to be recalled ASAP.

    CDR D in reply to CKYoung. | October 26, 2019 at 5:46 pm

    He does, for sure, but in retrospect, when Davis was recalled things went from bad to worse. We got the phony Republican Ahnold, then Moonbeam, and now this Ass-Clown. Not sure if it can get any worse, but we do have shitbirds like Schifferbrains and Eric Snotwell who might try to move up.

Was it VDH’s iron law of governors that The more they talk about climate change, or other abstract problems far from their area of responsibility, the worse they are at the job they were hired to do?

While the fires are not necessarily something that can be prevented, it seems to me that there is significant issues with proper forestry services going on that these fires rage out of control and it is a repeating problem in California. Why hasn’t the Government, namely the one this turd is head of, done work to help prevent these massive fires? Do they have proper fire breaks? Do they have culling of old and dying trees performed as forestry services well know need to be done to prevent fires from happening to a degree?
While it’s hard to feel sorry for Californians for their choice in elections and the consequences it imposes on the State, I draw the line at serious health issues that arise from their poor choices, and deaths caused by poor government management of their lands and resources. With the taxes the state takes in, there is no excuse for what is happening there, other than the governor and their elected officials are failing them.

When there’s less & less rain & temperatures just get hotter & hotter, no woodland management can help – everything will just burn up. California’s turning to tinder. Can’t be helped. Pity!

Newsome is feeling the heat.

Lucifer Morningstar | October 26, 2019 at 6:27 pm

Well, I think it’s now time that PG&E just said screw it and told Gov. Newsome to f**k off and then pull the big red switch labeled “Do Not Pull this Switch” and walk away from it all. Can’t see how PG&E would be any worse off if they did that.

Welcome to the Motel California 6 where we can’t keep the lights on for ya.

Divine Irony – they build windmills to provide power while slaughtering birds, but have to shut off the power because – wind.

Greed is a sin! Socialist greed practiced by Demoncrats is a crime against humanity! Obammy, Biden, the Clinton’s, Pewlousey. and RINOs (a.k.a., zombie Demoncrats like McConnell, are the best examples of Demoncrat greed.

You sued them to the brink of insolvency.
Now, you ask them to expose themselves to more risk.

Climate change hoax, multiplied by government incompetence.
Bunch of Leftist fools/tools trying to make something work that can’t.

It’s about not maintaining your forests and ending up with a fuel load so high, any spark can result in a massive fire… dumbass.

Socialism is the religion of greed and envy. Capitalism if far more moral as a system. Note I am not saying capitalists are more moral than socialists. I believe capitalists are more moral than socialists but it’s a fool’s errand to even try to make the point.

What I am saying is that capitalism forces anyone who wants to make money and live well to think about other people and what they want. If I open a restaurant (and I’ve been involved in a lot of restaurants because I inherited the “Mangia! Mangia! You a too skeeny. Eat eat.” impulse from my Italian grandmothers” so you don’t go hungry in Casa de Arminius; or thirsty) my restaurant has to be in a location where people want to be, my staff has to be the kind of people other people like, the décor has to be pleasing to other people, and they, not me, have to like my food.

If I do my job right I get certificates from my fellow human beings. They are called dollar bills. As economist Walter William says, I as a business owner can hold up these certificates as proof I provided a good or service so pleasing to other people that they engaged in a willing transaction.

Milton Friedman made what I thought was an obvious point when he said that only in free markets can you achieve cooperation without coercion.

On the other hand all centrally directed economies require dictatorship. All “Democratic Socialism” is amounts to two wolves voting how to divide up one sheep. It’s a simple concept, no? Political self-government requires economic freedom. Self-government and economic command-and-control, rule-by-decree can’t not exist together. Because when the authoritarians are put in charge of the economy they encourage the mob to think only of themselves and what they want at the expense of those who put in the hard work of producing wealth. Socialism is selfish, and unlike capitalists who know they can only make money if they cater to other people’s wants and needs (again, they can be lousy people but in free markets that is what they must do) socialists can simply vote to screw other people for their own benefit.


The stockholders no longer own a viable company. In a bankruptcy they get nothing and the debtors own the assets but as long as the government is making the critical decisions there are no assets with value. Many pension funds hold stock and company bonds that are of little or no value due to government mandates on the company. Declaring bankruptcy is just recognition of the truth. The state will be stuck
with running the company and the responsibility for all mistakes plus all the workers pensions.

Gavin just wants to emulate Ayn Rand’s “Looters” with an Anti-Dog Eat Dog Rule.

Newsom is such a lying swine. He rivals clinton and pelosi.

wonder if Newsome is related to Cuomo

It really isn’t PG&E’s fault the State has failed to manage its forests.

Ravin’ Nuisance looking to out-Moonbeam his predecessor.

That boy just ain’t right. I wonder if he is using tequila for hair tonic or if he really is meaningfully stupid.

The progressive fascists have forced PH&E to focus on “green energy” instead of taking care of customers and their business. Furthermore, they killed off most of the lumber industry so the forests aren’t managed to reduce the risk of fires.

You can move here to Texas but I have asked my state rep and senator to require new voters to meet a requirement.

To vote, you have to have at least 100 head of cattle.

Under mine own rules, I can’t vote.

I’m cool with that.

Still looking for a nice riding long horn.

My name is Jim. Most people call me…


Which is to throw off the Norwegian for storm.

There is a reason why us old fashioned Californios left the state. Judge by the wind. Anyone wot talks of the Santa Ana winds is a new comer. They are the satana winds, not santa ana, or diablo winds. Satanic and/or devilish.

Now PG&E wants you to believe that what has happened since ancient times is new and because we burn fossil fuels.

I am leaving many question unanswered on purpose.

More like democrat greed! These people are SICK!!!!!