I’ve been off the grid for the last three days. Intentionally so. I was very busy attending a Cinderella birthday party (5 out of 5 stars, would do again).

When I popped open my laptop last night to prepare the blog for the morning I found that the Democrats and political media world had concocted what has to be THE lamest Trump attack yet — attacking the… postal service?

I get that it’s 2020, the year that will live in infamy so pretty much everything is fair game, there are no limits, and we’re stuck in a year that’s lasted a century, but this seems a stretch even for current circumstances.

This morning, I came across this gem:

But outside of Twitter and the media bubble, is anyone buying this garbage? I mean, really?

Twitter and Facebook are not even close to being representative of real life or the opinions of regular folk who care far more about putting food on the table and a roof over their head than they do the politics behind the two.

Democrats are actively trying to gank the election via mail-in ballot fiasco and the main vehicle for doing so is suffering financially. We’ve covered the mail-in ballot stuff pretty extensively. Just see here.

The USPS has been on the verge of bankruptcy for years. This is just a fact. One of the only reasons the post office is still afloat is because of the deal they struck with Amazon in 2013. As is the case with most government agencies, they provide (typically) subpar service at a premium price while private carriers simply outshine our government postal institution, in most cases.

Yet again, the USPS is facing financial woes and now it’s a conspiracy one that has at least some of the public freaked out and buying up stamps in the hopes they’ll foil Trump’s nefarious plans to tank the post. From NPR:

Thousands have taken to social media the last few days in support of the U.S. Postal Service. With the agency in financial trouble during the coronavirus crisis, Twitter users are urging others to buy stamps as a lifeline for the beleaguered agency.

Since the crisis began, the Postal Service’s business has tanked. Mail volume has decreased by nearly a third, and the agency is projecting a $13 billion shortfall for the year. As a result, the Postal Service is asking lawmakers for as much as $89 billion in cash infusions to weather the financial storm.

But President Trump is opposed. According to The Washington Postthe president threatened to veto the $2 trillion coronavirus aid package, or the CARES Act, if it provided funds to bail out the postal agency.

That upset some people, like Bill Prady, who says the U.S. Postal Service helped launch his television career.

It’s not unreasonable to suggest we keep postal funding as a separate issue from Coronavirus relief. But TRUMP IS TRYING TO RIG THE ELECTION, KILL USPS YARGH! Amiright?

Also this:

From Trump:

We’ve covered the USPS vs. Trump hoax in detail here and here, if you’re interested in further reading.

I’m not suggesting the right is completely immune to wanting to believe what are obvious hoaxes or conspiracies. I am absolutely suggesting that this particular one is so stupid, I can’t imagine vast swaths of people actually buying into it, despite the best efforts of the the media and Democrats.

This is desperation at its worst (best?) and the ultimate case of Trump Derangement Syndrome to date.


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