On Saturday, I wrote about the Hollyweird Post Office freak out about the USPS replacing some mailboxes in Oregon.  The conspiracy theory apparently goes that President Trump is trying to “steal” the election by removing—and then replacing—mailboxes in Oregon.  Or something.

Democrats, including presumed Democrat nominee for president Joe Biden, jumped on this bizarro bandwagon with both feet.

This despite the fact that the USPS is always replacing, moving, and eliminating mailboxes across the country.

We even have well-known economic and government expert Taylor Swift weighing in:

She apparently moonlights as some sort of entertainer.

On a more serious note, Democrats are doing what they always do: attempting to undermine and villainize President Trump in the hope of defeating him, by any means necessary, in November.

To that end, they are spinning a lot of things, including false Hollyweird conspiracy theories, to get their small, clueless but vocal base ginned up.  They have to do this because, oddly, their own voters don’t appear to be very enthusiastic about the Democrats’ presumptive nominee.

Nancy Pelosi has been holding up Wuhan Coronavirus relief, in part, to get more money for the USPS for universal mail-in voting, a goal Democrats have long held and look close to achieving.  One of the tactics they are using is a tried and true Democrat approach to government funding: they are calling a lack of increase in a given budget—this time the USPS budget—”defunding.”

Not giving more money to something is always “defunding” to Democrats, and in this case, the USPS is already funded for this year, so it’s particularly insulting to their base in that Democrats assume, apparently correctly, that their base is too stupid to understand basic economics, budgets, and how government actually works.

From Red State:

The latest hoax being pushed is that President Donald Trump is now somehow trying to sabotage the US Postal Service because he’s trying to steal the election.

Now in classic projection, what’s actually happening here is that the Democrats have been holding up virus relief for Americans trying to get more money for the USPS and universal mail-in voting, a nightmare in the making for the security of the election and guaranteeing that people’s vote will be counted.

But the “spin” on that is that Trump wants to “defund” the post office to prevent votes from getting to the election board. This is nonsense as they already obviously have their funding for the year already, it isn’t even logical. But that isn’t preventing Democrats from falling for this and resulting in some truly nutty tweets from evidence of the “conspiracy.”

Democrats are taking the anti-Trump hysteria they’ve nurtured in their base and this lie about “defunding” the Post Office and they are wrapping it up in shiny shiny paper with a pretty pretty ribbon and claiming that President Trump is “defunding” the USPS in an effort to “steal” the election.  It’s beyond ludicrous.

Pelosi and Chuck Schumer know it’s ludicrous, yet they have to pander to their TDS-addled base.

Schumer is particularly amusing in his, perhaps unintentional, acknowledgement this is all insane.

Ah, yes, because we always respond to actual threats to our constitutional republic with attempts at wit.

But their base is embarrassingly uninformed about anything beyond critical race theory and whatever they read on Twitter or see on CNN/MSNBC, so they are buying this lunacy hook, line, and sinker.  It’s actually kind of sad, but there it is.

Postmaster DeJoy is the latest target for Pelosi and Schumer because they are counting on their shallow, incurious base not bothering to find out what is actually going on and learning that it’s been going on for years prior to either DeJoy or Trump.

Vice does have the good sense to note that the plan to reorganize and rightsize the sorting machines is dated May 15, a month before DeJoy took office and less than a week after the Board of Governors announced his selection. Not only that, but the document shows that earlier deadlines were missed and gives extended deadlines, which implies that this plan had already been around for quite some time.

. . . .  The necessity and prior existence of this plan is further enforced by the Inspector General’s September 2019 report on processing network optimization. The report describes how USPS has been trying, and failing, to consolidate processing and rightsize infrastructure in order to reduce costs. In fact, the issue has been researched since as early as 2012 by the Government Accountability Office, and the volume of mail has only declined further since then.

This action also aligns with the five-year strategic plan that was published before DeJoy was even selected: “Continuously optimize location of network processing operations and equipment as mail volumes decline and parcel volumes increase.”

The Post Office has long been in distress, and it’s also almost entirely self-funded (and has been since 1971).  It has also temporarily paused its long-standing plans to remove, replace, and / or relocate mailboxes due to this incredible, truly crazy conspiracy theory.  Read the whole thing.

I often wonder why, if President Trump is the lawless awful walking epitome of lawless awfulness they claim, Democrats have to spin and lie so hard?  We were treated to years of lies about Russia, to months of lies about what even they now dismissively refer to as “the Ukraine thing,” to years of blah blah blah, but there is never a there there.  Never.  Including this time with the USPS conspiracy theory.

Democrats wasted tens of millions of taxpayer dollars pursuing big bags of nothing, and got nowhere because there was nothing there.  They seem intent on doing it again, however, should President Trump be reelected.

Already talking impeachment?  Do I sense a bit of panic?  Since they don’t have time to pursue impeachment before November, maybe they know he can, even fear he will, be reelected?

Why else would they keep drumming up crazy, groundless “charges” against someone they claim oozes lawlessness from every pore but can’t seem to find one single real charge to bring to all of the American people?

Where are the real charges, the real claims, the real evidence?  Oh, right, there aren’t any, so we will be treated to months of more unfounded hysteria that is really only designed to keep their mindless already Trump-hating base mindlessly hating Trump.  They are counting on that to make up for their uninspiring presidential ticket.

Americans not among their base, however, are already exhausted by Democrat wasteful, vindictive, feckless mismanagement and malfeasance.  Tossing another nothing burger on the grill won’t help them.


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