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CNN describes Kenosha riots as “Fiery but peaceful protests” as reporter stands in front of building engulfed in flames

CNN describes Kenosha riots as “Fiery but peaceful protests” as reporter stands in front of building engulfed in flames

You cannot make this stuff up

You cannot make these things up. A CNN reporter was standing in front a building engulfed in flames as the chyron read “fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting.”

But really, this:

And it’s not the first time this has happened, either. A few months ago, MSNBC did the same exact thing. Flames, riots, all running in the background while the reporter “makes clear” that it’s “mostly a protest.”


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CNN hires from the J-School at Faber College (Animal House).

CNN doesn’t want to be upstaged by MSNBC which had a reporter (Ali Something) who did the same thing in the first Minneapolis riots.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were mostly peaceful cities during all of August 1945.

Must be a distant relative of Baghdad Bob.

New CNN Chyron:

“Kenosha WI rioters mostly alive after night of protests”

“NASA Scientists expect SMOD to arrive in a fiery but mostly peaceful extinction-level event. Poor and minorities to be hardest hit.”

It’s not CNN who is pathetic and disgusting, but the people so willfully consuming their propaganda.

“Please disperse! Nothing to see here!”

XiNN has become a parody of itself. It’d be funny, if it wasn’t so deadly serious.

Everyone is still alive at the moment from the Jacob Blake shooting incident. It was mostly peaceful.

Another Voice | August 28, 2020 at 1:54 pm

Another take on “Who do you trust?”

“CNN has turned itself into America’s Baghdad Bob”

In 2003, when our military successfully invaded Iraq and quickly captured Baghdad, Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhafk, aka Baghdad Bob, was Saddam Hussein’s Minister of Information. As troops neared and then entered Baghdad, al-Sahhaf gave daily press briefings during which he announced the most outrageous lies about the wars. Baghdad Bob insisted that American troops were committing suicide “by the hundreds” and that none had entered Baghdad. Meanwhile, Americans were a few hundred yards away from him, and the audience could hear the sounds of their fighting. Four days later Americans captured Baghdad, al-Sahhaf was still insisting that U.S. troops “are going to surrender or be burned in their tanks. They will surrender.”
Andrea Widburg @ American Thinker

A good friend of mine, after years of working for weekly and small daily newspapers in small towns in rural Kali, landed a job as a reporter at the SF Chronicle and soon moved up to editor. In a lot of ways it was a dream job. The paper sent him to rodeo school where he learned bull riding. He wrote car reviews, so when I visited family and friends I never knew what he’d be driving. A Corvette? A Mercedes AMG? A Range Rover? He talked the paper into sending him to a community in Nevada centered on a fire arm training academy similar to Jeff Cooper’s Gunsite. When they were confirming his reservation they asked him if he had ever fired a handgun and a few other questions to try to figure out what handgun they should loan him. There were moments of stunned silence on their end when he told them, “I’ll just bring my Sig 9mm.” They had been visited by dozens of reporters over the years, but not once before had a reporter even owned a handgun let alone showed up with one. When he was able to get away from the office he had a blast.

He’s not nearly as conservative as I am but editorial meetings for him were torture. Compared to the other editors he was Ronald Reagan. Because he had too much self-respect to prostitute himself as a propagandist for the leftists he got an honest job in public relations. He, like me, didn’t know how these people could look themselves in the mirror.

I’m convinced that the propagandists who worked at the old Soviet communist party and government rags Pravda and Izvestia had higher standards and more regard for their own dignity than the lying sluts who work in today’s MFM.

When I saw the image and the newsreader, the first thing I thought of was Eddie Murphy doing a bit on an old Saturday Night Live sketch. All I can hear is him reading this news in his Buckwheat accent.