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NYC Gun Violence Continues to Surge, Ocasio-Cortez Blames Unemployment

NYC Gun Violence Continues to Surge, Ocasio-Cortez Blames Unemployment

Violence didn’t stop on Saturday. Someone shot to death a 1-year-old child, injured 3 family members on Sunday night as they sat outside to enjoy the summer evening.

New York City witnessed 15 shootings in 15-hours on Saturday as violence continues to surge in the Big Apple.

On July 1, Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city council passed a budget, which included $1 billion cuts from the NYPD.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t blame the cuts. Instead, she blamed unemployment “because struggling residents are forced to shoplift in order to ‘feed their children.'”

NYC Violence

Violence and crime have risen since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis during the last week of May.

People have demanded cities defund the police or disband them.

Mike blogged on June 24 that NYC and other cities have seen a rise in gun violence they haven’t had in decades.

On Saturday, in 15 hours, NYC had 15 shootings:

New York City’s plague of gun crime continued this weekend — with 15 people shot in the same number of hours since midday Saturday, police sources told The Post.

The shootings — including a 21-year-old man left fighting for his life after being shot in the head while sitting in a car in Sheepshead Bay early Sunday — were more in one day than the whole of the same week last year, sources said.

“I had gone to bed early and the next thing I knew I heard two pops out my window that sounded just like fireworks,” a neighbor who identified herself as Lucy said of the Sheepshead Bay shooting.

“Well, I heard plenty of fireworks around here a week ago so I didn’t think anything of it at first until I heard someone screaming,” she said. “The next thing I knew the street was flooded with police lights and ambulance lights.”

In one, a 41-year-old man identified by neighbors as Thomas Gonzalez was shot in the chest in the East Village as at least three people rode up on bicycles — firing a barrage of at least nine shots, sources said.

A neighbor at the Bracetti Plaza on East 4th Street said Gonzales had been visiting family members — and was shot just after 2:30 a.m. as he sat chatting to friends in seats near a kids’ play area.

“He’s a good man. A strong man,” the neighbor said.

Those 15 shootings left NYC with a total of 43 last week. Sources told The New York Post that total tripled last year’s total of 13 during the same time period.

NYPD Chief of Community Affairs Bureau tweeted Monday morning that a shooting killed a baby and injured three others as the family enjoyed “a Sunday night in the Summer.”

The Sergeants Benevolent Association of the NYPD (SBA) tweeted out the stats on Sunday:

The SBA retweeted a tweet from Andrea Catsimatidis, the Manhattan Republican Chair, which noted that the NYPD have not shot anyone in the past two weeks.

The SBA also tweeted that the NYPD can no longer enforce the law because de Blasio “prohibits arrest and encourages attacks, calling it peaceful protests he lies.” They also warned that “[W]hen NYPD retreats the violence will come to YOU the people.”

AOC Ridiculous Response

AOC said during a virtual townhall that unemployment caused the violence:

“Do we think this has to do with the fact that there’s record unemployment in the United States right now? The fact that people are at a level of economic desperation that we have not seen since the Great Recession?” she asked.

“Maybe this has to do with the fact that people aren’t paying their rent and are scared to pay their rent and so they go out, and they need to feed their child and they don’t have money, so they feel like they either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry that night,” AOC hypothesized. “Maybe it’s the fact that unemployment provisions haven’t been given to everyone. Maybe it’s the fact that some people still haven’t gotten their stimulus checks yet.”

Well, maybe de Blasio should allow businesses to reopen so people can get back to work. Oh, wait. I forgot that AOC is a socialist, even though she calls herself a Democratic socialist, so this is a perfect environment for her.


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Comanche Voter | July 13, 2020 at 3:05 pm

That vast sucking sound you hear when listening to or seeing AOC talk. That’s the vacuum in her head pulling air through her ears.

    Joe-dallas in reply to Comanche Voter. | July 13, 2020 at 3:15 pm

    “AOC said during a virtual townhall that unemployment caused the violence:”

    maybe she could have helped get that amazon warehouse in her district built – you know the one she previously wouldnt let them build

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Comanche Voter. | July 14, 2020 at 1:52 pm

    Family Of 1 Year Old Boy Shot To Death In NYC:

    ‘Everybody Talks About Black Lives Matter, What About Baby Lives?’

    Weazil Zippers

Is she quoting from Les Misérables?

Yes, drive-by and run by shootings without taking anything are clear evidence of stealing food to feed babies.

Seems like the pandemic probably has something to do with it. Lots of people are collecting enhanced unemployment instead of working. So they have more time to get into trouble. If only we had a universal basic income, then the government would be paying people not to work all the time!

Guess NYC wants to be just like Chicago.

Chicago 11 deaths, 64 shot over the weekend

    3manped in reply to buck61. | July 13, 2020 at 3:46 pm

    64 shot and only 11 dead??When will these people learn to aim better?

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to 3manped. | July 13, 2020 at 4:21 pm

      They hold the gun sideways because that’s how it comes out of the box.

      drednicolson in reply to 3manped. | July 13, 2020 at 4:49 pm

      The people who learn how to operate their firearms effectively are the same people who are least likely to operate them against human targets.

      In similar fashion to how the people who would put a lottery prize to good use are the same people who are least likely to buy lottery tickets.

      buck61 in reply to 3manped. | July 13, 2020 at 7:02 pm

      takes better aim to kill the little kids

Would someone please “woke” me? I cannot grasp the concept of “gun violence” as the would require an action or activity by an inanimate object! Is cyber bullying, “computer violence”? Or is an auto accident, “car violence”? Please, I’m obviously in need of re-education!

2smartforlibs | July 13, 2020 at 3:35 pm

Hey DIMBULB you think those Amazon jobs might have helped??

American Human | July 13, 2020 at 4:16 pm

It is really hard to overstate AOC’s stupidity. She really cannot see past the end of her nose. Next to the dictionary definition of idiot they should paste her picture.

How did someone as mind-numbingly stupid has her:
1 – make it past the 2nd grade
2 – get accepted into a major university
3 – get elected to Congress

I’m sure she is headed to millionaire status soon and we’ll never-ever see the end of her.

I’m a little confused as to how “shoplifting some bread” = shooting a one year old child to death.

How shooting a guy sitting in his car feeds the family.

How riding up on bikes and shooting a guy sitting on a bench in the park prevents anyone from going hungry that night.

I wonder if AOC would explain it to me.

    Paul in reply to Sailorcurt. | July 13, 2020 at 4:54 pm

    I wouldn’t try to hard to make sense of the idiotic drivel that comes from her mouth.

    She’s the same idiot that said the 9/11 terror attacks were because “some people did something.”

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | July 13, 2020 at 4:31 pm

Let’s all use this on DEMS.

Six Ways to Gain Power in Uncertain Times


When I listen to AOC, I hear the ocean.

The “enlightened citizens” that keep electing the fools/tools they do should build better schools for the hood rats not to attend.

AHH, when the going gets rough turn to crime….. or, as we did, cut wood for heat and grow a garden for food. course not being in a city helps….maybe THATS the root of all evil???

So . . . is Bubble-Head saying that they’re shooting babies because they can’t afford to feed them?

For one thing, that means she hasn’t priced ammunition recently.

healthguyfsu | July 13, 2020 at 6:13 pm

I’m not exactly sure how shooting a family in the park with a 1 yr old is done for a loaf of bread?

But let’s play her game for a minute:

Even if it was, would it be excusable? People starved to death in Venezuela…we don’t have that here because we don’t have her brand of socialist dystopia. If we did, though, how badly would these “poor hungry victims” react in that scenario if their reaction right now is supposedly to shoot a family for their picnic dinner in the park?

What’s “gun violence”, and why is LI using the catch-phrases of our enemies?

Gosh, I hate when that happens to me. I know when my family is starving, my very first stop is the shoe store to loot three pairs of Nikes.

When I can’t afford rent, my number-one priority is to visit the burning electronics store for a flat-screen TV.


Someone needs to play her the videos of the riots and looting, and challenge her to find one edible item being looted from stores.

Then ask her how many shootings were for the groceries the victims were carrying (and how that family is now going to eat), how many bricks were thrown at police to get to the fruit-stand they were guarding, and how many arsons were just to start a fire for barbecue and hot dogs.

She’s a university graduate. I’m sure she can count high enough. (My three-year-old certainly can.)

Her portrayal of the humble, noble criminal … I’m sure that happens sometimes. But you will not find those guys anywhere near the looting and rioting; if their goal is to get food to feed their families and make it home safe — i.e. without being assaulted, killed, or arrested — they’ll be avoiding hotspots full of violence and police.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | July 14, 2020 at 1:02 am

“Defund The Police” Just Means “I’m Rich & White”

Authored by Karol Markowicz via Spectator,

Wealthy white liberals don’t suffer the consequences of their fringe ideologies…

Walk along the leafy streets of any neighborhood in so-called ‘brownstone Brooklyn’, Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Heights, and you’ll see ‘Defund the Police’ in many a home window.

Owners of $3 million dollar brownstones proudly proclaim their agreement with a fringe policy, designed to remove resources from police squads, as a solution to police violence. How exactly less funding for police will result in better policing is unclear, but virtue signaling of the kind that has rich people pushing for fewer resources for poor people doesn’t get tangled up in the details.

The details are specifically grim……

ahad haamoratsim | July 14, 2020 at 1:31 am

Meanwhile His Honor addresses the REAL threat – 5 year old chassidisher kids going to playgrounds.

I believe she just won the primary for her district in June against Michelle Caruso with 73% of the vote. I guess she isn’t the only Bubble Head in the Bronx and Queens districts that she represents.

My earliest memories were from about 1936. The Depression was on. We were hurting financially. People were poor and many hungry. We got our coal from the Railroad tracks. I can still “see” the firemen on trains shoveling a shovel of coal over the side when he saw us. I never heard of anyone shooting or stealing to get food. There was relief and charity and neighbors. I remember my mother fixing plates of food for hoboes to eat on our back porch. One thing we didn’t have was crazy “woke” Congress people.