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Gun Violence in New York and Other Cities Reaching Levels Not Seen in Decades

Gun Violence in New York and Other Cities Reaching Levels Not Seen in Decades

“The city logged 125 shootings in the first three weeks of the month, more than double the number recorded over the same period last year”

As multiple American cities debate “defunding” the police, violent crimes are already on the rise. This should have been as predictable as the rising sun, yet some media outlets seem surprised.

Ashley Southall and Neil MacFarquhar write at the New York Times:

Gun Violence Spikes in N.Y.C., Intensifying Debate Over Policing

It has been nearly a quarter century since New York City experienced as much gun violence in the month of June as it has seen this year.

The city logged 125 shootings in the first three weeks of the month, more than double the number recorded over the same period last year, police data show. Gunmen opened fire during house parties, barbecues and dice games, and carried out coldly calculated street executions.

More than a dozen people have been fatally shot, including a teenager at her college graduation party and a clothing designer who was washing his car. “You have to go back to 1996 to have a worse start of June,” Michael LiPetri, the chief of crime control strategies, said in an interview on Monday.

The rising toll of gun violence has become part of a contentious debate over the future of policing in the wake of mass protests against police brutality. Police unions and their supporters have issued shrill warnings that the city was slipping into a high-crime era reminiscent of the early 1990s.

On Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city was sending more officers into the streets and declared he would not retreat from efforts to overhaul the Police Department.

Chicago saw over 100 shootings over the weekend.

The Chicago Sun Times reports:

104 shot, 14 fatally, over Father’s Day weekend in Chicago

Chicago saw its highest number of gun violence victims in a single weekend this year with 104 people shot across the city from Friday evening to Monday morning, 14 of them fatally. Five of those killed were minors.

The weekend saw more shooting victims but less fatalities than the last weekend of May, when 85 people were shot, 24 of them fatally — Chicago’s most deadly weekend in years.

In a Sunday news conference, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown reflected on the surge in gun violence. “Bullets don’t just tear apart the things they strike,” Brown said. “Bullets also tear apart families. Bullets destroy neighborhoods and they ruin any sense of safety in a community.”

Minneapolis is out of control.

CBS News in Minnesota reports:

‘It’s Just Stupid’: Police Data Shows 1,600 Minneapolis Gunfire Reports Within 30 Days

ShotSpotter technology has picked up more than 1,600 gunshots in Minneapolis in the past 30 days.

Nine people were shot within four hours Monday in three separate shootings, witin about a two-mile radius in north Minneapolis.

The numbers show that there have been over 100 people shot in Minneapolis since the death of George Floyd. Early Monday evening, Mayor Jacob Frey and Police Chief Medaria Arradondo called on additional help to end the violence.

“It will not be tolerated by our police department, by our chief, by me,” Frey said.

Just after 2:30 p.m., four people were shot near the 1600 block of Morgan Avenue North. At about 4:09 p.m., four more people were shot at West Broadway and North Lyndale avenues. At 6:41 p.m., another person was shot near North 25th Avenue and North 4th Street.

This recently happened in New York City:

As did this. It doesn’t even look real:

The law-abiding, tax-paying, people who live in these cities must demand that local leadership back law enforcement and restore order.

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The revolution is on, man.

Law enforcement, in general, is a local/state issue.

If there is crime in your community, ask your mayor/supervisor/governor why ? I you don’t like the answer, elect better mayors/supervisors/governors.

    Photoman42 in reply to Neo. | June 25, 2020 at 9:28 am

    Neo, while you’re absolutely correct, you’re preaching logic to a bunch of clueless Leftists.

The irony is that the leaders of these deep blue cities would probably be re-elected if there was a vote today (and I don’t mean voting fraud). Ignorance, arrogance and virtue-signaling by its citizens is a lethal combination, and the main reason these hellholes are what they are today.

2smartforlibs | June 24, 2020 at 1:16 pm

Son of Mario the Pious says police (?) will stop out of state cars. It seems that a civil rights violation.

Yet we focus on the increase in Covid cases.

Surprise surprise!

Taking reports is low risk and passive. Hard to get into trouble doing that. The criminals fill the vacuum and eliminate their competition or settle scores or take what they want. Predictable.

Only two ways to fix this: Elect tough leaders who back tough proactive policing (not abusive) or the citizens start taking out the trash if the police won’t police.

    JackinSilverSpring in reply to TX-rifraph. | June 24, 2020 at 2:11 pm

    The same people who might complain about the lack of police are the people who elected Mayor Putz.

    rabidfox in reply to TX-rifraph. | June 24, 2020 at 4:48 pm

    TX, the problem with the citizens taking out the riff-raff is the citizens have been disarmed. The politicians wanted to make sure their shock troops wouldn’t face any serious push back. These cities that are seeing the higher crime rates – they are all heavily gun controlled. If you believe the lefty propaganda they should be peaceful utopias because all the law abiding citizens have been disarmed.

“It will not be tolerated by our police department, by our chief, by me,” Frey said.

Yes, it will, Mayor, and we all know it as well as you do.

nordic_prince | June 24, 2020 at 2:10 pm

Minneapolis should be renamed Mogadishu.

“The law-abiding, tax-paying, people who live in these cities” voted these people into office.

I’m shedding no tears. You get what you pay for. If you are opposed to these people get the hell out of there.

I am just waiting to join the counter revolution.

    Andy in reply to Gersh204. | June 24, 2020 at 2:41 pm

    Why? Are you going to run out and save these people from the consequences of their decisions?

    These cities will only get more loonier as sane people are voting with their feet in droves.

    The tail on this decline is extremely long and will only be solved at the ballot box.

    These thug cowards don’t dare leave the protection of their liberal shit hole cities.

      JusticeDelivered in reply to Andy. | June 24, 2020 at 7:45 pm

      “people are voting with their feet in droves.”

      History repeats, this is what happened in the 60s, 70s, 80s. Riffraff moves in, makes neighborhoods and schools unacceptable. Property values drop like a rock. Poor misunderstood get staggering amounts of equity for free, just by being themselves.

      Over all that time, free equity amounted to more than their welfare benefits.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Gersh204. | June 24, 2020 at 2:52 pm


“The city logged 125 shootings in the first three weeks of the month, more than double the number recorded over the same period last year”

Well, there’s the problem right there. They’ll just stop logging them. If they pretend they’re not crimes, it’ll do wonders for the statistics, and nobody will be any the wiser.

Getting the government they voted for. Enjoy!

I wonder how much of it is due to the cops being kept on a choke chain and how much is because lots of folks are on unemployment instead of working and therefor have more time to get into trouble?

    ConradCA in reply to Dennis. | June 25, 2020 at 9:35 am

    Unemployment doesn’t cause people to commit murder. It’s those who embrace the ghetto gangster culture and are no longer afraid of the police. Also politicians who betrayed the police for political gain. When you persecute police for doing their jobs they pull back and the ghetto gangsters lose fear of the police. More people are murdered as a result.

    George Floyd wasn’t killed by the police. He died of a heart attack because of the drugs he took, poor health and the stress of resisting arrest. The police didn’t do anything wrong.

    Rayshard Brooks died because he fired a weapon at the police and they returned fire. The police didn’t do anything wrong and were persecuted by politicians.

bobinreverse | June 24, 2020 at 3:39 pm

Again too few murders shootings for co -moon- itee in NYC Balto Philly DC etc not too many.

I love the irony.

NYC, home of the Sullivan Law and people who whined fir years about Stop and Frisk, is now whining about out of control shootings.

Minneapolis, which voted to eliminate its police department is now claiming that the people who are being put out of a job, the cops, are not going to stand for violence in the community.

Really? What alternate space/time continuum do these delusional fools live in? They obviously have NO idea why societies have people who enforce the rules? We learn two things from the moment we can walk. The first is that are rules. The second is that if you break the rules , someone will make you pay for that. Take away either of those two things and people, being the amoral opportunists that they are, at base, will do what ever they feel like doing.

pablo panadero | June 24, 2020 at 4:24 pm

We are losing this battle if we adopt their rhetoric. THIS IS NOT GUN VIOLENCE!!

This is felony assault and murder by people using guns, knives and other weapons. This is how you convince people to trade their self defense rights in exchange for non-existent security.

There is no longer any common sense. Even among judges.

How could NYC have any problems with shootings? Their version of the Sullivan Act has strictly controlled handguns since 1911 and long guns have been registered for years now. Not to mention Fredo’s bother’s SAFE Act protecting the peon, er people. Doesn’t all that guarantee no problems???

Free Men, Protect Your Homes!

Most folks might not remember this, but there was an amazing scene in the first “Godfather” movie, and it took place in the board room of a bank. It was a meeting of the top members of organized crime, where they agreed to take control of drug smuggling. They weren’t opposed to peddling poison; no, not at all! They just wanted to make sure it stayed in the inner cities, away from suburbs and rural areas and other respectable neighborhoods.

Well of course, that was an illusion. Hardcore drugs of every kind have not stayed in the “lesser neighborhoods”, but are now in every city and every town in America, coast to coast and border to border. Because the criminals who organized the drug trade were as blind and stupid as they were heartless and vicious. They didn’t care about those Other People, and so they ended up hurting everyone, even people they actually did care about.

The newest criminal organization is not composed of men with slicked back hair and silk suits and sinister nicknames; but it is a vicious band of criminals nevertheless. The new criminals are the “liberal” mayors of every big city in America, from Portland and Olympia and Seattle on the West coast, to Chicago and Minneapolis in the Midwest, to Atlanta and Louisville in the South, and on up to Baltimore and New York on the East coast. And please note, this is not the end of this roster of villains, not by a long shot! Some are men, some are women, some are black, others white, and they come from a wide variety of backgrounds. But as varied as they might seem, they are united in their hatred of law and order, and their contempt for the decent, hard working, tax paying Americans who make everything in their cities and this country possible.

These despicable criminals have

greatly increased taxes at all level, and borrowed enormous sums of money;

borrowed yet more money to make payments on the money they already borrowed;

lied to the voters that all this taxing and borrowing and spending would keep them safe;

pretended to support local police, and to help them maintain peace and safety for the public good;

disarmed these very same voters, declaring that the police would always protect them, no matter what;

allowed criminals back out on the streets on the flimsiest excuses;

made excuses for the vast camps of rootless, mentally ill drug addicts;

praised every hate filled radical roaming their streets, crushing free speech and opposing views with fists and clubs and mace.

And now, after a nationwide explosion of lunatic rage and violence, and whole neighborhoods have been destroyed, disgusting thieves have stolen everything not nailed down, bomb throwing arsonists have burned shops and stores to their foundations and hate filled maniacs have beaten and murdered anyone getting in the way of their sick, demented “utopia”; this is the moment that these tax fattened parasites disguised as “elected leaders” have stabbed the police in the back, sided with the criminals and the anarchists, and betrayed the very people who put them in office.

NO ONE IN THOSE CITIES IS SAFE. The ordinary, decent people who live there, who are still disarmed and haven’t been in a fight since grade school: what chance do they have should anyone smash down their doors? What recourse do they have if they are out shopping for food or clothes, if they are attacked by criminals or anarchists or both? What will they do if someone needs to see a doctor, and they get ambushed in the parking lot? When they dial 911, and no one picks up, what will they do?

It would be all too easy for me to not care. I don’t live in a big city; I don’t live anywhere close to one; I don’t know anyone who does. I could be an unfeeling jerk. I could smirk and say “serves ‘em right!” or “let them wallow in their own filth!”. I could puff out my chest and boast, “I will never be disarmed!” But I will not do that. For one thing, those folks who live in those cities, however much we might disagree with them, and as often as they have sneered at us, they are still our fellow Americans. They deserve better than what they have got.

More importantly, anyone who thinks that this hate filled lunacy is going to just remain in the cities is flat out wrong. Just as no one in the 1940s would have ever believed that someday American farm boys would be dying from meth or fentanyl, we would be fools to think that this new poison of hate could never spread to where we live. The criminals and the anarchists alike have boasted about their desire to invade the suburbs and the rural areas and the small towns of America. And they will do it, if we let them. If we make the same mistakes as our fellow Americans in the big cities, and believe the empty promises of politicians, will they stand with us? Or will they cut and run like their counterparts in Seattle? Will they too, “defund” the police, then run and hide behind 24/7 private security?

Most importantly, do any of us want to take that chance? I believe it would be suicide to trust to luck, or to say “that’s someone elses problem”. No. No its not! Any man or woman defending their home or their neighborhood should not be left to do it all on their own. There were families and neighbors before there were politicians, and it is long past time that families and neighbors re-asserted their natural rights to self defense.

The very first step must be taken by everyone who lives in any place that is not a big city:

if you don’t have a gun yet, GET ONE AND LEARN HOW TO USE IT.

It is going to be suicide to be a decent, law abiding person in this country who is not armed. Not becoming armed and prepared now, while you still have a chance, is no better than writing the suicide note. Take this step, no matter what! Do it in spite of any legal hoops you have to jump through. And don’t be stopped by the disapproval of anyone you know, or anyone in authority. In a worst case scenario, the first group can’t help you, and the authorities might just cut and run; or worse, might take sides against you. Mask your intentions if you have to! After all, it is YOUR life that is at stake. You have a right to be alive, and the right to protect your life.

The next step for the newly armed is to seek out someone you can trust, who is already armed, and who knows what they are doing with a gun. And for the love of GOD, don’t get caught up on any stupid, irrelevant differences. Whether that other guy roots for the “wrong team”, or goes to the “wrong church” or watches the “wrong TV shows” or is “the wrong color” is 100% not important.

On the flip side, you who already have that knowledge, who are experts with firearms, you must try and reach out to at least one of the new guys. Come on: if you saw a person drowning, and you could help, would you stand by and take pictures? Of course not: that’s something the enemy might do, but not us! Don’t let them just flop around, making mistakes, and then maybe giving up. Please help them! Just remember, not everyone had your good luck to have firearms training as part of their education. There are millions of good and decent people who have grown up surrounded by people who have mocked the very idea of anyone owning a gun who isn’t some ignorant redneck. They should not have their lives put at risk simply because of past ignorance, or because of the peer pressure that they’re trying to break away from.

We need to take care to keep this on a face to face basis. There might be “communities” on social media, but they can’t help us defend ourselves. The people who run those websites don’t care about you: they’re filthy rich and live safe, cozy lives behind walls and gates and 24/7 private security. Many other people on those websites will hate you and try to get you banned. Also, we live in a time when hackers are breaking into police computers and stealing their information. They are not doing that to send them love notes! You don’t want your information ending up in their filthy hands.

While we’re on the topic of police, the safest thing to do is not get them involved. At least, not officially! They might see you as a competitor trying to take away their job. You have a right to self defense, but they might have forgotten about that. Also, formal ties with the police can make you just as much a target as them. And if that does happen, the police are going to be looking out for their own, not you or me or anyone else. Individual officers, who you can trust, might be a different story. Just don’t make their life harder by saying anything that could cause them trouble.

One final thought: KNOW YOUR ENEMY. It’s not enough to be armed and organized; you always have to take action. Find out everything you can about people in your area who take sides with the hate filled monsters trying to destroy our country. It doesn’t matter how you get this information, find out everything you can about everyone attacking our rights to peace and freedom. And don’t just look at your immediate area, but also the biggest cities nearby. If your town is attacked by outsiders, that is where they will be coming from.

    Mac45 in reply to Sammy. | June 25, 2020 at 10:58 am

    I’m sorry, but what you are advocating is a bandaid approach to the problem. And, it will not solve the problem, in the long run.

    Half of this nation’s population resides in urban and suburban areas. They rely upon the other half of the population for their food and most of the necessities of life. All of these things must be brought to them. If they can not get them, where they live, they will leave and go where they can find them. And, our nation is simply not in a position to handle a massive movement of refugees from the developed areas to rural America. For this reason, the current revolution in our cities must be stopped, immediately.

    The first thing that needs to be done is for people to turn off CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the MSM. The second thing that has to be done, as you note, is for people living in urban and suburban areas to actively exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. The second thing is to demand that their elected leaders enforce the laws and stop the violence, immediately, or be deposed. The cities, counties and states of this nation have more than sufficient power to stop the lawlessness which is currently plaguing our cities. They refuse to use it and so are in violation of their contract with the populace. They all swore an oath to protect the people of this nation from enemies. It is past time that they did that. The problem is timing. If the violence is allowed to continue much farther, it will reach the point where the nation may not survive.

Dammit, it is not “gun violence”. It is violent people using a common tool for illegal and immoral purposes. Why must we always buy into the left’s abuse of language to push their objectives.

Welcome to the jungle.

We could have atopped it at one time.

No more.

We must secceed. It’s our only hope now.

What’s “gun violence”?

I thought I was reading Legal Insurrection, not the WaPo.