The #DefundThePolice movement began after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Fuzzy noted on June 14 that mostly privileged leftists supported it, not blacks.

Floyd’s brother and family even rejected the idea.

Ami Horowitz provided more evidence that black people do not want to abolish the police. They want more accountability and reforms.

Horowitz spoke to white liberals, who think the black community would flourish without the police.

One man told Horowitz that no police would “infinitely” help black people.

Others called officers “disgusting” and “monsters.” Another said the police are around just to keep the blacks down and they “arose out of slave catching patrols.”

Horowitz then asked how they think black people in East Harlem feel about the police.

“Probably the same way I feel about them,” said the man who called officers “monsters.”

You white liberals are in for a rude awakening.

Then Horowitz went to East Harlem on Malcolm X Boulevard. He asked two people how they feel about the white people saying the black community would be better without police.

“I think they’re full of crap. I think they’re being somewhat ignorant.”

How would the neighborhood be without police? Others responded:

“Very dangerous, because it would be crazy! People would be just going crazy! You know what I mean? It would be worse than what it is. Robberies, looting, raping, murder.”

“It would be havoc.”

“Abolishing the NYPD? That would be suicide!”

“But yes, they are needed. I approve for them to be here.”

“There’s too many criminals out here, man! Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t feel safe! But you need the police to police the land, man, and the people, you know?

“We need control over this city. So I think that the police, the police are necessary.”

“We need them here. We need them.”

“I have family members that are police. I respect the police. I would not want to see a lawless society.”

“‘Cause my son, he’s 8 now, he wants to be a police. I want him to push him to be a police”

“I would say it’s pretty good [the relationship between the community and the NYPD]. You know, all police officers are not bad. You know, you got some of them that really care about the people and really want to help the people.”

“I think they’re invested in the community. I support the police. I don’t support police brutality.”

I blogged BET founder Robert Johnson’s comments on people tearing down statues, even the Confederate ones, along with brands changing their marketing, canceling shows and movies, and firing professors.

Johnson said “black people don’t give a damn” that these people toppled statues. They laugh at the celebrities who apologize for their white skin.

He pointed out that none of this does anything for the actual worries of the black community: jobs, equality, opportunities to get off welfare and food stamps.

But Johnson ended the interview with a dose of truth: “White Americans need to ask black Americans what they really want.”

Communication. These white liberals assume what the black community want or need. Talk about being oppressive and racist. They decide what is offensive and what would be better for the community.


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