The media did its best to ignore the assault allegations against Joe Biden, but the video of the mother of accuser Tara Reade calling the Larry King Live show in 1993 has changed things.

Even some well known Democrats are saying Biden should drop out.

Marisa Schultz reports at FOX News:

Former Clinton adviser calls on Biden to withdraw over assault allegations

Peter Dauo, a political activist and one-time fierce Hillary Clinton backer, took to Twitter Saturday to urge former Vice President Joe Biden to end his presidential bid over new developments in the sexual assault allegation against him.

Dauo, who worked for Clinton during her first presidential bid and was a prominent defender of her in the 2016 cycle, took to Twitter Saturday morning to say “Biden should withdraw.”

In a “difficult” Twitter thread, Daou said the new information emerging in support of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Biden prompted his stance.

“Credible rape accusations are disqualifying or we have NO moral standards,” Daou wrote.

While Daou was a major Clinton booster in 2016, he shifted this cycle to back one-time Clinton opponent, Bernie Sanders.

See Daou’s tweets below:

Daou’s wife is also a progressive operative:

Even CNN is finally covering the story.

Here are more tweets featuring the #BidenDropOut hashtag:

I don’t know how Biden could drop out at this point. Didn’t Obama’s long-awaited endorsement pretty much seal the deal?


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