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Gallup: More People View Republican Party Favorably Than Democratic Party

Gallup: More People View Republican Party Favorably Than Democratic Party

Majority (51%) Views Republican Party Favorably. “Additionally, the poll finds 48% of Americans identifying as Republicans or leaning toward that party, compared with 44% Democratic identification or leaning.”

Amid the Democrats’ partisan impeachment witch hunt, President Trump is enjoying the highest approval numbers of his presidency.

Gallup’s most recent poll also shows a stunning uptick in approval of the Republican Party, with GOP favorability breaking 50% for the first time since 2005.

Trump’s all-time highest job approval rating has him at +4 over Obama at this time in his third year (2012).

The Republican Party, according to Gallup, is also enjoying high favorability numbers and a greater percentage of Americans identifying as Republican or Republican leaning (at 48% to Democrat/Democrat leaning at 44%).

Gallup reports:

As Trump’s job approval rating has improved, so has the image of the Republican Party. Now, 51% of Americans view the Republican Party favorably, up from 43% in September. It is the first time GOP favorability has exceeded 50% since 2005.

Meanwhile, 45% of Americans have a positive opinion of the Democratic Party, a slight dip from 48% in September.

Additionally, the poll finds 48% of Americans identifying as Republicans or leaning toward that party, compared with 44% Democratic identification or leaning. Recent Gallup polls had shown a fairly even partisan distribution, after the Democratic Party held advantages for much of 2019.

The poll was conducted between January 16-29, during the height of the Democrats’ partisan impeachment show in the Senate, so it’s safe to conclude that Americans have not been swayed by the Democrats’ increasingly desperate efforts to remove Trump from office.

What is not yet clear, however, is the extent to which the Democrats’ impeachment sham has boosted the numbers and how much of it is rooted in the president’s job performance, strong economy, and the many campaign promises he has kept despite being hindered by a Democrat House focused almost exclusively on impeachment and an antagonistic mainstream media.  It’s difficult not to wonder where Trump’s approval would be if he received the same fawning coverage afforded Obama.

Gallup continues:

Whether the rise in Trump’s approval rating and the Republican Party’s image is being driven by a backlash against impeachment, the strong economy or other factors may become clearer in the near future.

If it is mostly impeachment-based, his approval rating may revert quickly back to pre-impeachment levels, as it did for Clinton. Within two months of his acquittal in February 1999, Clinton’s approval rating returned to where it was before he was impeached, as did the Democratic Party’s advantage in party identification and leaning.

Even if it’s a temporary bump due to Democrat overreach on impeachment, it’s good news for the GOP who should parlay this renewed goodwill into voter support this November not just for the presidency but in order to keep the Senate and retake the House.

Because Democrats will never admit they used very poor judgment in their Trump-deranged myopia on impeachment, retaking the House is the only way to ensure the country is not dragged through years of further impeachment nonsense should Trump win reelection.


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Close The Fed | February 5, 2020 at 6:08 pm

Historically, with regard to GOP/Dem those are very favorable numbers for the GOP. Pretty astonishing, actually.

Did they leave “independent” off? If you only get 2 choices, not so surprising.

Independents are leaning toward Trump.

I think, however, that Trump has corralled all the majority issues, leaving the Democrats with their coalition of minorities. Which will be the winning strategy?

    Antifundamentalist in reply to Petrushka. | February 5, 2020 at 7:27 pm

    I have not held a party affiliation since my early 20’s. I didn’t vote for Trump in the last election, and I strongly believe that we need to support third party candidates and get rid of the two-party system if we hope to ever have a government that can even begin to represent We The People….that said….Nancy and her ilk are terrifyingly irrational. I will very likely be voting for Republicans straight across the board in the upcoming election cycle.

      The two party system is just a natural result of winner take all. It’s not something you can abolish. If you want to change that you’d have to change it to proportional representation. That’d only work for maybe the House where instead of having congressional districts you just have an at large election and take the top however many vote getters depending on the number of seats available for your state. As for the Senator side, since there’s only a limit of 2 for each state, you’d have to have both of them be elected in the same cycle otherwise contesting one seat at a time is back to a winner take all. Even if you manage to make two seats available, two large well organized parties will still be able to take one each.

      Though honestly I don’t a real issue with the two party system. In reality, both parties are just an amalgamation of many smaller parties, the winner take all forces them to consolidate to a bigger party or else they’ll be irrelevant. Just look at the European countries, in the end the majority government tends to be a coalition of several parties.

      In the end all your third party candidate does is split the vote and help the party least like your preferences win.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Petrushka. | February 5, 2020 at 7:28 pm

    Dems have been driving members of the party to become independents and towards other parties for a rather long time now. The crazier the Democratic party acts, the more people they lose. And the more losers they attract to their ranks.

Democrats: We’ll spend more of your money, faster..

I listened to all or part of most of the Dems’ candidates before the Iowa caucuses, and all of them seemed to make two major points:
1. I’m the one who can most likely beat Trump, and nothing else matters.
2. I’ll give you more free stuff than the others.

I didn’t hear any real policy discussion going on. I don’t know how they expect to win anything if their party’s only positions are what they’ve said so far:
1. Beat Trump
2. Free stuff
3. Encourage abortions, up to and after delivery.
4. Ban guns and confiscate those that are out there.
5. Government takeover of health care and more government control of other sectors.
6. Eliminate air travel, fracking, and offshore oil, making the US dependent on OPEC again.
7. Eliminate hydropower and nuclear power, the only carbon-free sources that are reliable to serve as base power capacity.

All election projections make the same mistake.

They assume that the status of information will not change.

But it changes every day. We have had three political cataclysms. Mueller, the IG, and now impeachment. Trump has won them all, and he promises more.

Biden is all but gone. Buttigieg is going to fail as a result of revelations about his app, and its origin.

Berners are saying they will sit out the election if Bernie isn’t the candidate.

The DOJ is going to do something, eve if it’s just a report.

I hope there will be more Republicans, Libertarians, and Constitution Party people in the House and Senate; as well as the Donald’s re-election.

Democrats are toast. If they nominate an old, white, male Socialist, they lose. If the DNC screws the old, white, male Socialist in order to nominate an old, white, male Billionaire, the rabid 25% at the left end of the party won’t vote (but likely will riot).

Those numbers are YUGE for R’s.

D’s lead in the Party ID vote flipping to R’s? That’s a watershed moment in US politics.

R’s have always needed to overcome this disadvantage with higher turnout. Now, we’re heading to an election with R’s actually leading on the Party ID polls? D’s are going to get WIPED OUT!!

buckeyeminuteman | February 6, 2020 at 9:04 am

It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump wins the so-called popular vote and gets to 400 in the electoral college. Nancy and her Dems should just commit seppuku now and get it over with.