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Best A.F. Branco Legal Insurrection Cartoon of 2019 (And the Winner Is)

Best A.F. Branco Legal Insurrection Cartoon of 2019 (And the Winner Is)

This vote has not been influenced by foreign governments.

Another year of fabulous A.F. Branco cartoons is coming to an end. You can view a video of all Tony’s 2019 cartoons in the video below.

A reader vote on the Best cartoon is becoming an annual event:

Here is the video of all Tony’s 2019 Legal Insurrection cartoons:

It’s always difficult for me to whittle down the list to just 10, but here are the ten I selected (in chronological order). The Poll is at the bottom of the post.

These entries are in chronological order. The Poll is open until midnight (Pacific Time) on Friday night, January 3.

New York State of Mind


Say Her Name


Say His Name

Wishful Thinking

Well Done

The Marx Sisters

Bumper Sticker

Burn, Baby! Burn!

The Poll – VOTE!

The Poll is open until midnight (Pacific Time) on Friday night, January 3.

[Featured Image; VIDEO: Cartoonist A.F. Branco teaches How to Draw Obama and Hillary]


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So many good ones!
I’m going to have to mull them over before I vote.
Thank you, Branco!

That’s tough…

All great work, thank you for providing such amazing insight into polotics!

Here’s one measure of the high quality of Branco’s work:

With fewer than 30 votes recorded, all 10 candidates have at least one vote.

Great work, AFB, and Happy New Year
to all @ LI!

Always a toss up as to which is the best of the best.

I did a reverse image search to see which images had traveled a bit. Not scientific, by a long shot, but interesting.

Nearly impossible to make a selection this year. TY Mr. Branco for fighting the good fight, with chuckle, and a groan.

A reader vote on the Best cartoon is becoming an annual event

Yeah, well, it’s becoming an annual exercise in mental anguish, trying to pick just one as the Best! 😉

Looks like he had enough of her in about 16 lines.

Brilliant, as always.

Note to Firefox users: You have to disable Tracking Protection in order to see the poll.

I really liked “Schiff Eating Grin” in the video.

legacyrepublican | December 30, 2019 at 11:31 am

I voted and I am not a bot … beep … I am not a bot. And I have nyet affiliaction with Russia. Спасибо

At the moment it was created, any of the choices should be #1. Branco knocks’em out of the ball park one after another!

All are excellent and I have reposted many. NewsBusters has been a particularly receptive site.

Thank you, everyone, for your very informed and astute comments over the past year. I’m humbled by the brilliance consistently demonstrated by many of the viewers and am so honored to be a part of it. Also, Thank you to Professor Jacobson for having me, and to the many great LI contributors for your informative post that I depend on for a reliable resource.

May you have a very Happy New Year!

Cynical Optimist | December 30, 2019 at 8:18 pm

Branco, you are an American Treasure in the truest sense of that phrase.

I love them all every day, ALL DAY. NO TUNES better any where I look!

A Punk Named Yunk | December 31, 2019 at 1:12 pm

Of the set you show here, I’m undecided which of these two is the best:
1. The squad biting the had that has fed them
2. The “bumper sticker” – the donkey biting on the bumper of the runaway Trump bid.

However, after viewing the video montage, I think the best of all was at 2:35 into the video, with the crates of corruption and incompetence (plus some rats and a pile of s**t) guarded by the donkey wielding a shield that reads “You’re a racist”. IMO that sums up the ills of what the democrat party had devolved to.

“Wishful Thinking” is the best. . . and so true!

“Say his name.”

The sh-t will be hitting the fan shortly.

I thought the self-portrait in the top photo was, at best, incomplete. Otherwise, they were all clever and very funny.

Got one of the New York Times ascribing WWII German soldiers crossing in to invade Poland as “mourners” angry about Polish aggression?

All of Branco’s ‘toons are my favorite, that was harder than teaching AOC physics.
IntellectualFroglegs recognizes genius as well, those who are unfamiliar, give Joe Dan a visit sometime.

My favorite is “Well Done”, but I expect it to come in close to last.

Mr. Branco, the best political cartoonist ever, has a website: