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Michelle Obama 2020 Chatter Rising — As We Predicted Over Two Years Ago

Michelle Obama 2020 Chatter Rising — As We Predicted Over Two Years Ago

Since September 2017, we’ve been saying that pressure will grow for Michelle to get in, maybe even at the convention, to save a party facing grim general election prospects after dysfunctional primaries result in a stalemate or unelectable frontrunner.

I’m not saying we’re clairvoyant. I’m not saying we see things before others do. I’m not saying that by the time this is all over you are going to be asking us to pick lottery numbers for you.

I’m not saying any of those things, though I will humble brag that as a kid I was pretty good at the Ouija board and Magic 8 Ball.

I’m just going to put this out there.

Since September 2017, we have been predicting that the Democrats will at some point hope that Michelle Obama helicopters into a stalemated Democratic Convention to save the party from the general election disaster of Bernie and other unelectable Democrat candidates:

The expectation is that if Michelle did it, it would not be during the primaries. She doesn’t want to dirty her hands with the riffraff currently running. She doesn’t want to debate the Democrat commoners. If it happens, despite Michelle’s claims she doesn’t want to be president, it will be as savior, not as candidate.

The “logic” of Michelle Obama came into greater focus recently, as Democrats bashed Mr. Obama at the debates, and then Mr. Obama cautioned that Democrat presidential candidates were moving too far left for a general election, it was a signal:

“This is still a country that is less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement. They like seeing things improved. But the average American doesn’t think that we have to completely tear down the system and remake it. And I think it’s important for us not to lose sight of that.”

“My point is that even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision, we also have to be rooted in reality and the fact that voters, including Democratic voters and certainly persuadable independents or even moderate Republicans, are not driven by the same views that are reflected on certain, you know, left-leaning Twitter feeds or the activist wing of our party.”

Trump has spent his first term tearing down the Obama legacy. Promise kept. Give Trump a second term, and there won’t be anything left of Mr. Obama’s 8 years in office. Don’t think for a second Mr. Obama doesn’t think about this.

So when Tucker Carlson ran a segment last night on Michelle Obama 2020, I strained my shoulder patting myself on the back.


Tonight on his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker Carlson espoused the theory that Michelle Obama could run for president in 2020, which could be the reason Barack Obama has yet to endorse his former vice president Joe Biden.

Michelle Obama has stated that she doesn’t want to run for president because she is not interested in politics, but Carlson said not to bet against her entering the race.

Now, last week, the former first lady issued a statement saying that she has no interest in being president,” Carlson said. “That’s what she claimed. But there are signs that that’s not true.”

Carlson pointed to the actions of Obama adviser David Axelrod as a harbinger of things to come, claiming Axelrod has run a “scorched earth” campaign against Biden.

“Axelrod has called him a liar, called him a coward, all but accused him of having dementia,” Carlson said. “Now, would David Axelrod be doing all that without the consent of the Obamas? No. There’s no chance.”
Carlson’s second point was that Barack Obama did not want Biden to run for president.

“Not only has Obama refused to endorse Biden,” Carlson said, “he tried to stop Biden from running in the first place.” …

“The Democratic Party is ripping itself apart over race and gender and class,” Carlson said. “Michelle Obama, let’s be honest, is one of the only people who could unite the party’s warring factions.”

The chatter is rising.

There are many signs that Democrats want her:

Former first lady Michelle Obama would lead the field if she were to enter the 2020 Democratic White House race, according to a New Hampshire poll.

The Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald poll asked voters questions about who they would vote for if candidates who had not entered the race were to run for the nomination. When asked if they would vote for Obama, the wife of former President Obama who has said there is “zero chance” she would ever run for president, 26 percent of voters said they would support the former first lady at the ballot.

She would “clear the field” if she entered:

“If Hillary Clinton were to enter the race, she’d likely do so near the top of the pack,” says Democratic pollster Chris Anderson, who conducts the Fox News Poll with Republican Daron Shaw. “And Michelle Obama could probably clear the field.”

Twenty-seven percent of Democratic primary voters would definitely vote for Clinton, including one-third of those backing Biden and one-quarter supporting Warren.

The numbers are rosier for former first lady Michelle Obama: 50 percent would definitely vote for her, including nearly 5 in 10 of Biden’s and 4 in 10 of Warren’s supporters.

They want her, but will they get her?


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The only possible reason for bringing an amateur like Michelle into it would be to try to head Hillary off.

Michelle should avoid getting on airplanes, or being left alone in a cell for any length of time.

    southern commenter in reply to irv. | November 26, 2019 at 6:12 pm

    She is known for stinking up planes with her incessant farting.

    She would only be floated out there late in the game to set her up for 2024. No one is going to beat Trump but the Dems will be a total train wreck if this all ends without a good story. Getting blown out behind Biden, Warren or Sanders or even worse, Hillary, would leave the Dems with nothing to build on.

    I don’t think the Wookie would run in 2024 either but there would be plenty of time to figure out what to spend that political capital. It would very likely put the Obama’s in charge of the Dem Party, king makers.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Pasadena Phil. | November 26, 2019 at 7:36 pm

      Breaking News!

      2020 and 2024 will NEVER end in a good story for the Plantation Democrat Party!

      If a person doesn’t understand that President Trump has already laid plans for changing the entire system from local to state to on up, then they don’t know VSGDJT.

Being a member of a group that can’t compete without affirmative action is not a qualification for the Presidency.

Of course the best Dem candidate for leader of the world would be a female whose major accomplishment was getting married.

The National Socialists have soured on the Obama nightmare years. He was no centrist, and should enough keep coming out from the desperate impeachment move the Obama legacy will be incredibly tarnished.
I’m not so sure that the Party would have an easy time with selling things going back to Obama’s years after the success of Trump, and should Mike lose it would be something neither narcissist would take.
Of course the fraud machine would crank up high with the Obama machine back in action, so I can see them cheating their way back in, but I don’t see her wanting it. I’m not so sure that blacks would want to return to the Obama years either, and that is what they would get.
She has less experience than Barry had, which was pitiful and it showed with every single thing he did. But, ooo, they could continue the apology tour.
I’m not convinced that the Narcissist in Chief would take well to screwing up school lunches either. The talking heads might want it, but I have strong doubts the Obama’s want to do it.

    southern commenter in reply to oldgoat36. | November 26, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    Whats up with this legacy BS? Before Obama the word legacy wasn’t mentioned concerning a president. Why with Obama?

      What are you talking about? Every president leaves a legacy, under every president there is discussion of what his legacy will be, and every president towards the end of his term worries about it to some extent.

        Virginia42 in reply to Milhouse. | November 27, 2019 at 10:52 am

        The issue is Obama’s legacy, a legacy of hatred, divisiveness and corruption.

        But obviously his acolytes don’t see it that way.

          Milhouse in reply to Virginia42. | November 27, 2019 at 2:32 pm

          Yes, that is indeed his legacy. Not the one he would like to be remembered for. But that’s not the point. The point is “southern commenter”‘s strange claim that “Before Obama the word legacy wasn’t mentioned concerning a president”. Where has this person been?

          I think “southern commenter” just meant that we weren’t pounded with the import of a president’s legacy until we had Obama. It’s not a false point. I have no doubt at all that every single president was concerned about his legacy, but I can’t say that I recall the media being quite so invested in it that “presidential legacy” became a common term until Obama.

          You know I love you, Milhouse, but your nitpickery is vexing sometimes. I can’t stand most of “southern commenter”‘s comments and love many of yours, so why are you making me defend him? He’s not wrong. The leftstream media was uber-invested in the first black Democrat president’s legacy, and so was the first black Democrat president. Far more so than we’ve ever seen before or since. It’s a fair point perhaps inexactly stated, but still fair.

          Milhouse in reply to Virginia42. | November 27, 2019 at 6:34 pm

          I think it is a false point. Every president’s legacy has been a topic of discussion in the final years of his term and shortly thereafter. Just do a web search for “president legacy”; naturally there will be a lot of 0bama in the results, simply because he’s so recent, but you’ll find a lot of references to earlier presidents’ legacies, including some that predate 0bama’s presidency altogether, let alone his final years. For instance, the WP page on George Washington’s legacy has existed since 2006. There’s also this NPR piece from 2007. That’s just the result of about one minute’s perusal of the results; there are dozens more that I didn’t even look at.

          Fuzzy did not state that there was never talk about legacy, bur the intensity was much more heightened with Obama.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to oldgoat36. | November 26, 2019 at 7:55 pm

    Two recent polls this month have Black support of President Trump at 35%, and Barrack is being smeared already as “Conservative!”

    The Obama Mobster Gang is TOAST!

They have 250,000,000 already

Why in the world work for a living?

southern commenter | November 26, 2019 at 6:09 pm

We don’t need that nasty thing in the white house again.

    We definitely didn’t need her, or her husband, the first two times.

    What’s the matter with you with your making vulgar comments such as the ones you’ve post here re Ms. Obama? You should be ashamed of yourself, and LI should block yours and any similar comments.

    Southern? South of what? Using that sort of language around any female in my part of the South will fatten your lip.

      How do know then fat POS is a “Ms”?

        I always thought that was crazy talk, but then last night someone showed me the infamous “Michelle dancing on Ellen’s show” video. That made me want to go hide under a blanket!

          After all the horrors that have been exposed by the election of PDJT, every crazy theory is not so crazy, is it?

          Even if moooochelle obama was born a woman, she’s hateful, less-than-useless trash.

          The obama contrivance/scam was known to many of us at the get-go, and is now known more widely. She’s a remnant of the disease, like an ugly scar.

      caseoftheblues in reply to thetaqjr. | November 27, 2019 at 6:51 am

      No woman or man who has made the comments she has about this country and its people deserves or will get ANY respect….she’s being treated kindly by posters as far as I’m concerned

Weave or a wig, only her trichologist knows for sure.

She does not need money, but she craves power. Like her foreign born husband, the Mooch has sought the destruction of our Republic. Barry Soetoro, Islamic agent, wrecked incredible damage to our nation–the full extent of which we will not ever know. But then, a miracle happened.

Instead of allowing the Shrillary to complete the job, an unlikely hero in the person of “The Donald” came on the world stage and began to “right the ship of state”. He was a confirmed adulterer; an egotist; a brazen carnival barker of a man. HE WAS ALSO THE IMPERFECT INSTRUMENT SENT BY GOD TO SAVE THE REPUBLIC.

Mooch could NOT survive the full scrutiny of a traditional electoral “run”. She has many skeletons in her closet. BUT, at a convention wracked with dismay at no clear “winner”, she might pull off a coup. She has been quietly positioning for the possibility: Personal fortune; #1 Biography well ghost-written by someone nameless, but clever; a string of glossy COVER SHOTS and stories–all the signs of “preparing for possibilities” are there. Beware these grifters, who managed to fool “most of the people” often enough to win not one, but two, terms in the White House.

Wait, Obama says the current field of candidates is moving too far left and this is supposed to create an opening for **Michelle**?!?

She’s like an egg fart. All stench and no substance.

Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to presume xer’s preferred pronoun.

“Since September 2017, we’ve been saying that pressure will grow for Michelle to get in, . . .”

It seems Tucker probably gets at least some of his info right here at LI.

Michelle-Oprah 2020. BWAAHAAHAA!

Sooo…What are her qualifications again?

Can you in in your wildest imagination see her on stage with Trump in a debate? This person was so dense that she damned near starved half of the school kids in America with her menu of inedible food! Then there are the talk shows! She cannot talk about anything of substance. And last but not least, she has only been proud of America ONE time in her life! Do any of you really think they would put her up against Trump?

She won’t run.

I’m sure she’s not enthusiastic about enduring the humiliation of being crushed by DJT.

The D’rats have been running full-bore for three years now to take him out, and he just gets stronger the harder they try. Any Dem candidate in 2020 is going to be a sacrifice. A placeholder. Roadkill. She’s not enough of a Party man to want that to be her.

Trump will have no reservations about airing Mooch’s dirty Chicago laundry –
and she knows it. Her past dealings are sordid.

He’ll do the job the press won’t and didn’t during Barack HUSSEIN Hot-Mike Obama’s tenure.

These grifters are right up there with the Clintons.

God Bless America . . . Please?

Moochelle has no interest in a heavy lifting work gig, thos would be her first.

    I agree. I think she’s too lazy and prefers enjoying the comforts of her privilege and wealth, including being treated as Hollywood elite. However, if it did happen, I think we all know Val Jarrett would actually be the “woman behind the curtain” – again. All Michelle would have to do would be to read the telepromters.

Free State Paul | November 27, 2019 at 12:36 pm

I think most of you, with your puerile fart jokes, are just whistling past the grave yard. If she were to run, Michelle would win by a landslide.

She is one of the most admired women in the nation. Her husband, who would be her real running mate, is the one of the most admired men on the planet. She’d get all the usual Democrats plus most Independent and Republican women.

Technically, she has far more experience being in the White House than Trump. She’ll have an instant staff of seasoned campaign professionals at her disposal.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    She is one of the most admired women in the nation.

    She’s not going to risk that just to pull the Dems out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves.

    I did not down vote you because if she were to run,she would have a good chance of winning. She won’t run. She can’t win by merely being Michelle Obama. She would have to debate, and I believe she would have big time stage fright if she had to answer policy questions about her own plans rather than responding to constant adulation that she receives. When has she ever had a truly hard question? Nah, she won’t run.

      Free State Paul in reply to willow. | November 27, 2019 at 11:20 pm

      I think you are giving the debates, and by extension the intelligence of the American voter, way too much credit.

      It’s not about policy. It’s about the feels.

    She is the most admired woman in the nation like Hillary Clinton has a 92 percent chance of winning in 2016. Like her weasel husband, this bozo is a complete contrivance, down to her skin below then 60 pounds of makeup on her ugly puss.

    She’s a racist flea, and about as talented as one. She’s also a grifter.

    Finally, she’s an asshole.

    Most popular woman, my ass. We all know Rosie O’Donnell is.

Folks, why would she subject herself to a full contact political fight for the d nomination and then have to go toe to toe with Trump in the general election? She already has fame, wealth and influence if not power. Why risk losing that status of a perennial favorite? She is smarter than that.

Even in a brokered convention with her cast as the one to save the d party she would have to fight HRC tooth and nail for the nomination during the floor fight. That alone creates a rift for the d party beyond the fact they would be running rough shod over the crop of candidates who bothered to actually campaign for the nomination. Bad blood for a long time if not resulting in a split of d party.

I just don’t see it. The d party is stuck with the candidates they have + a short lived Bloomberg campaign.

    Free State Paul in reply to CommoChief. | November 27, 2019 at 11:27 pm

    She already has fame, wealth and influence if not power.

    You just made my point. Power is all that really matters. Everyone wants power. Everyone around Michelle wants power.

      No, she wants fried food. And plenty of it.

      CommoChief in reply to Free State Paul. | November 28, 2019 at 3:12 pm

      I won’t dispute that she may desire power. What I am trying to point out is she already has a large degree of influence in d party circles. The moment she becomes a candidate in a primary or during a brokered convention floor fight she will automatically lose influence/power with those d party elements opposed to her specifically and those opposed to someone trying to parachute into the convention without going to the pain and effort of an actual primary campaign. That will be a big hurdle to overcome in trying to win over d voters and d precinct level folks who are already mindful of what happened to B. Sanders in 2016.

      Say she emerges from the floor fight at d convention with 80% of the d party behind her for the general. That won’t be enough to beat Trump. More importantly, I believe she knows it. The risk reward ratio just isn’t there.

      To live a very nice, financially secure low stress life all she has to do is be the perennial favorite who never ran, be the beloved d party figure and sell a new book every three years and make nice money on the speaking circuit. No way in Hell she gives that up to get beaten by Trump, hit hard for having to lay out policy positions and create ill will in the d party for ‘stealing’ the nomination at a brokered convention.

It would be frustrating for Michelle to be President and have Barack around the White House. How many times do you think Barack could say “I” or “me” in four years? She said being a First Lady was hard. I don’t think she’s going to like being President.

Her running is just what America needs. A person who goes on million dollar vacations over and over again in really ugly cloths while contributing nothing, nada, zip, zero. This is a women who “worked” in a job where for business that never replaced her when she wasn’t proud of being an American but took our money.

I don’t see it. She hasn’t entered any primaries, and there are already declared candidates (like Bloomberg) who have the ability to buy the Superdelegates at a brokered convention. Sure, anything is theoretically possible. If the voting goes 119 rounds without a nominee, they might get desperate enough to just throw names out there to see if anyone can get a majority. But I still think Moochelle is someone’s ideal VP candidate. Bloomberg could pick her to improve his electability and stave off a 3rd party run. So could Buttigieg, Sanders, or Warren. If senile old Joe was nominated, picking her might be equal to picking a president because he probably wouldn’t last a first term – in fact Moochelle as VP might move to commit him to a nursing home under the 25th amendment.