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Get Ready for Michelle Obama 2020

Get Ready for Michelle Obama 2020

“Michelle Obama is perceived as a strong, well-qualified leader with immense national popularity”

Doug Schoen, a political consultant on Bill Clinton’s 1996 and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaigns, gained notice in conservative circles when he co-penned the 2010 WaPo op-ed, “One and Done:  To be a great president, Obama should not seek reelection in 2012.”  An outspoken and vehement critic of Obama, Schoen is now positing former First Lady Michelle Obama as the 2020 cure for all that ails Democrats.

Schoen remains a Democrat and stalwartly #NeverObama, but he says that he recommends Michelle as the last best hope for Democrats in 2020 in his role as an “analyst.”

Writing at the Hill, Schoen argues :

It cannot be overstated how eagerly the Democrats want to take back the White House in 2020.

The Democrats face many obstacles in this effort, but the greatest threat is the fierce internal divisions within the party.

Two of the leading prospective presidential candidates, Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), have begun national fundraising operations. Former Vice President Joe Biden has been busy building a national email list to communicate directly with his supporters, and Rep. John Delaney (D-Md.) has already announced his presidential candidacy.

The Democratic Party does not just need a new leader, but a new policy agenda that is aimed at growing our economy, promoting traditional party values and doing more than resisting President Trump at every step.

. . . .  This alternative plan requires a new, united opposition, led by a political leader with widespread popularity.The only person I can see accomplishing this would be none other than the party’s most popular political figure: Michelle Obama.

Michelle, Schoen argues, is popular with the American people and as such is a great option to unite the divided and flailing Democratic Party.

He continues:

Let me be clear: This is not an endorsement. I have been, and still am, critical of Barack Obama’s presidency. Michelle Obama would not be my candidate, and I do not agree with many of the positions I believe she would advance. But as an analyst, Michelle Obama is clearly the Democrats’ best chance to reunite the party and win back the White House in 2020.

Michelle Obama is perceived as a strong, well-qualified leader with immense national popularity. Broadly, the polls show she is respected by the American people and by the near-entirety of the Democratic Party.

Although Michelle Obama has stated that she is not interested in a presidential bid, her appeal and support for her husband remain robust.

According to the January 2017 USA Today/Gallup poll, Michelle Obama left the White House with a 68 percent favorability rating, compared with 58 percent for President Obama and 61 percent for Vice President Biden.

. . . . Just last month, Public Policy Polling found there to be “significant yearning for a return to the days of President Obama,” with 52 percent of voters saying they wish Barack Obama was still president, and only 39 percent preferring president Trump.

In fact, in a series of hypothetical match-ups between leading Democrats and President Trump, Barack Obama’s 52 percent represents the highest level of support, outnumbering Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in particular.

This data makes it clear that President Obama, or at the very least a candidate intimately associated with his tenure, would have a better chance at defeating President Trump than any of the 2020 hopefuls.

Michelle’s favorability rating, however, is based on her role as First Lady, not as a potential president.

Schoen concludes with the strong assertion that “Michelle Obama stands a cut above the rest as the only prospective candidate who can bring the party together, rebuild the Obama coalition, win back the Midwest and, thus, win the presidency.”

Should she seriously consider a 2020 run for the White House, the GOP ads practically write themselves.  From her “hashtag diplomacy” to images of her sneering and snootily looking down her nose at anyone and everyone to her horrendously unpopular school lunch crusade, Michelle won’t wear well with the American public.

After all, who can forget:



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If there truly is a God, the race in 2020 will be Michael v Donald.

Oh ffs. The black baby Jesus and mooch need to fuck off and retire with some grace.

The fact they can’t, or won’t, speaks volumes about how tone deaf they are!!

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to mailman. | September 11, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    Those Krazy Democrats! They’ll believe any old thing.

    Lots of public school kids whom Michelle tried to starve to death with her wicked “re-make” of school lunches will be voting age in 2020. They’d love to vote against Michelle and slam-dunk her into the dust bin of history.

Rolling on the floor, laughing and crying, oh Lord my sides hurt.

Yes, please, run her. Please do.

Your Identity Politics strategy is done. You blew it when you started accusing all us crackers of racism over every conceivable issue, regardless of the merits of your claim. Sorry to break the news to you, but we won’t ever have another candidate win on their blackness alone. And that’s all she’s got.

I gotta admit, she has more appropriate work experience for the position than her husband did in 2008.

Great lets put a house wife in there as president. You can imagine trips to the Pentagon and big meetings with the military. Utterly and completely laughable. Stop the insanity!

    Milhouse in reply to Dick Wolff. | September 11, 2017 at 1:48 am

    Whatever she is, she is not a housewife. (Housewife is an honorable occupation, and I wouldn’t mind putting one in the White House. But she is not one.)

On one hand this is sickening. I am biased, totally. There is no way that the first female POTUS, if I ever live to see it, should be the wife of a prior POTUS. That is wrong… plain and simple. It was wrong for HRC, it would be just as wrong for Michelle. That message is that a woman cannot achieve our highest office, on her own merit. Bad message. Oh yes, a woman can be president, but only if she makes a really good “catch” first. Tell that to your daughters.

On the other hand, no surprises there. Dims will be dims.

Her strongest qualification was making the best dressed list !

    hrhdhd in reply to Lewfarge. | September 10, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Must be a lot of voters who wear belts right under their boobs.

    C. Lashown in reply to Lewfarge. | September 10, 2017 at 10:57 pm

    ‘…the best dressed list.’ – and it was cheap to! The first 2-3 years all her dresses were made from the hotel room curtains or from the shower curtain. That’s before she gained a little class and decided to start shopping at Value Village and Goodwill. Sweet, wear once and then use them for a painting tarp or a ground cloth while digging in the White House lawn. Whenever I think of Mooch, I think of ‘class’ with a wide ass.

Good grief, that would mean the country would be led by Valerie Jarrett again.

If you loved the poverty, incompetence, sleaze and the hate of the barry years, you’ll love the moochelle years.

Hey, Moo just might be proud of her country for the second time, and stop scratching her crotch during meetings with international leaders.

What a grotesque human being.

Hillary Clinton Part 2: right down to the big butt.

Moochie holds up a sign with four words and a hashtag and she’s praised for her compassion and action. Melania serves food to hurricane victims,consoles children, and donates a million bucks and she’s mocked for her choice of footwear.

“Michelle Obama is perceived as a strong, well-qualified leader with immense national popularity. Broadly, the polls show she is respected by the American people and by the near-entirety of the Democratic Party.”

Somebody has been seriously overdoing the recreational pharmaceuticals…

Poor Trump.

Now all those children who grew up eating Michelle’s healthy school lunches get to vote for her.

Yes, the Dems have had such great success running leftist former First Ladies without any achievements for president.

Michelle’s favorability rating, however, is based on her role as First Lady, not as a potential president.

Prediction: If Michelle Obama announces a Presidential Candidacy, her favorables drop 20 points in seven days or less.

That being said: Michelle’s NOT going to run (for ANYTHING, certainly not for President). She wants to ride off into the sunset as a popular first lady, and be remembered as a modern “Jackie O.”

She’s going to stay out of the limelight, and largely live off of the Presidential Salary and Barry’s book royalties (and maybe pen a book or two, and give a speech or two in the future). She doesn’t want to do the hard work of actually “governing,” she just wants to sit there and look important. You make her have to actually do something, and she’ll be an absentee candidate (like she was at that cushy Chicago job where she basically got paid and never showed up).

    Ragspierre in reply to Chuck Skinner. | September 10, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    Actually, IIRC she did show up, and was the author of “ambulance therapy” at the medical center where she was employed. This involved transporting poor chil-ren to other facilities rather than admitting them to that one.

    And while I agree generally, she did give a really excellent speech at the nominating convention for Barracula’s second term.

    She would be dangerous, partly because there are a lot of Deemocrats who would like Barracula back. Not pols, but voters.

    That could very well happen. Remember the buzz surrounding Caroline Kennedy’s prospective Senate candidacy in NY. She was universally adored by democrats until her first interview in which she couldn’t string together a single coherent sentence.

      ugottabekiddinme in reply to MTED. | September 11, 2017 at 6:29 pm

      Whereupon she was appointed by King Putt . . . to some minor diplomatic post . . . what was it . . . ???

      Oh, yeah, ambassador to JAPAN!

She doesn’t want to do the hard work of actually “governing,” she just wants to sit there and look important.

I.e., Barry’s third term.

I can see the anti-Moochelle campaign now: A series of clips of young people saying how they were starved at school, not because of Republicans, but by Moochelle’s dietary diktats.

Seriously, the Demonrats would lose most of the youth vote.

I do hope she runs, can you imagine the entertainment provided by a primary season that includes Michelle, Kamala, Bernie and the fake Indian ?

Grab the popcorn!

    ugottabekiddinme in reply to Massinsanity. | September 11, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    Oh, those primary debates would be epic!

    Each trying to out-pander the others, and to explain in what particulars the other candidates’ lady bits do not qualify their possessors for office.

Yes, that angry black woman POS needs to run.

He can’t tell the truth which is we need record turnout from blacks like in 2008 and 2012 to overcome the whites we have lost and those black numbers only turnout for racial revenge. Issues won’t do it as they think 2016 shows.

Polls, like many statistics, are manipulated to produce a desired outcome.

Under the theory of intersectionality, by being a woman she is more oppressed than Barry was, and by being black she is more oppressed than Hillary was. What else does she need? Vote against her at your personal peril, you misogamistic, racial bigot.

Speaking of all things fat, stupid and malignant:

Clinton ‘rejects premise’ husband meeting AG Lynch on tarmac critically hurt campaign: