In my New Year’s 2018 predictions, I wrote:

1. Republicans will pick up 4 net seats in the Senate, and hold the House with a reduced majority of 10-15.
2. Robert Mueller will bring criminal charges for obstruction (lying to federal investigators) or crimes pre-dating or unrelated to the Trump campaign against more people, but will not assert any criminal conduct with regard to “Russia collusion” or by President Trump.
3. Get ready. This is the BIG ONE. If as predicted Republicans hold the Senate and House, there will be a clamoring for a Democrat candidate who can unify and motivate the Democrat base and establishment sufficiently to defeat Donald Trump in 2020: Michelle Obama.

I want you to read that last prediction carefully.

I didn’t say Michelle Obama WOULD run for president. I said there would be a clamoring for her to run. I’m standing by that prediction.

I also do not rule out that she WOULD run, if the circumstances were right and the clamoring grew loud enough. Certainly, she’s laying the foundation, with a book release (and presumably book tour) just after the 2018 midterms, Michelle Obama 2020 coming into focus with Memoirs release just after 2018 midterms:

The timing fits perfectly with my prediction. It’s too soon to signal presidential intentions, but not too early to plan ahead.

Let the commoners like Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and assorted other Democrat hopefuls jockey for position. They do not have the star power of Michelle. It’s why there was a rush to embrace Oprah when after her Golden Globes speech — Democrats are desperate for someone who can spark the Obama magic once again, who can serve to unify and motivate various factions of the party the way Mr. Obama did.

Who better than a real Obama? Someone whose narrative will be another first….

Don’t doubt that if Michelle chooses to run, she will win the Democrat nomination. Her candidacy will suffocate all others. They dare not deprive the Democrat Party of an Obama third term….

All she has to do is just Say Yes to the Nomination.

But, what if Michelle doesn’t WANT to be President? Mr. Obama said as much in 2016:

Michelle recently also said she doesn’t WANT to be president:

Former first lady Michelle Obama ruled out running for president when asked about the possibility at a forum devoted to empowering women in Boston on Thursday.

“You have to want the job. And you can’t just say, ‘you’re a woman, run,'” Obama said. “We just can’t find the women we like and ask them to do it because there are millions of women who are inclined and do have the passion for politics.”

The former first lady said she does not have the passion for politics like her husband.

“Just because I gave a good speech, I’m smart and intelligent doesn’t mean I should be the next president,” she said.”That’s been our problem. We’re very shortsighted about how we think about selecting the commander-in-chief.

That’s all well and good, but she’s ACTING like an Obama who is running, justifying her husband and herself as the adults in the room, and deriding Trump voters just like Hillary did, Michelle Obama Says Trump Voters Are Like Kids Who Want to ‘Eat Candy All Day And Stay Up Late’:

Speaking at the Simmons Leadership Conference in Boston on Thursday, former First Lady Michelle Obama described millions of middle class Americans who voted for Donald Trump as little kids who just want to “eat candy all day and stay up late and not follow the rules.”

She also likened her husband, former president Barack Obama, to the “good parent” who tried to keep the American house in order, and claimed that Hillary Clinton was “way more perfect” than Trump.

“I always sorta felt like the eight years Barack was president, it was sort of like having the ‘good parent’ at home. The responsible parent, the one who told you to eat your carrots and go to bed on time,” Michelle said.

“And now perhaps we have the other parent in the house,” she added. “We thought it’d feel fun — maybe it feels fun to some for now because we can eat candy all day and stay up late and not follow the rules.”

Michelle also made a back-handed slap at Hillary, reminiscent of Mr. Obama’s comment that Hillary was “likeable enough”:

“The best qualified candidate in this last race was a woman,” Obama said Thursday at the longest-running women’s leadership conference in the nation. “And she wasn’t perfect, but she was way more perfect than many of the alternatives.”

So where does this all leave us?

I’m standing by my prediction.


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