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Elise Stefanik Raises $500k in Under Two Hours: NeverTrumper George Conway Hardest Hit

Elise Stefanik Raises $500k in Under Two Hours: NeverTrumper George Conway Hardest Hit

Stefanik: “THANK YOU to all of my supporters — we raised $500K in UNDER 2 HOURS last night! I am deeply honored and overwhelmed by all of your support and will continue standing up for FACTS and #NY21”

Last weekend, Kellyanne Conway’s NeverTrump husband smeared Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) by calling her “lying trash” and sharing in since-deleted tweets a clearly photo-shopped image of her.

He also called for his NeverTrump followers to contribute to her Democrat opponent’s campaign.  As I noted at the time, this is a questionable request by a self-proclaimed Republican.

Clearly, Stefanik has hit a nerve.  Conway himself seems to have donated the maximum amount allowable by law . . . to a Democrat.

A Democrat, by the way, who supports DACA, anti-Second Amendment gun control, “green energy” and planning for “future repercussions from climate change,” and social justice, including the claim that universal healthcare and “quality education” are rights.  Exactly, in other words, the sort of politician you would expect a NeverTrump Republican to enthusiastically support.

Conway even bragged about donating the maximum allowed by law to Stefanik’s Democrat challenger.

Stefanik immediately countered with calls to help her own campaign in light of the influx of cash going to her opponent.

Ultimately, she set up a site devoted to countering Rep. Adam Schiff‘s (D-CA) clown show impeachment debacle.

Within two hours, the site had garnered $500k in donations to help Stefanik’s reelection bid next year.

Professor Jacobson astutely addresses George Conway:


Donations tax deductible
to the full extent allowed by law.


We’re in a serious fight for our Constitutional Republic. After the “trash” comment, I went to the website she named and donated to her campaign. It is unbelievable how far the left has gone in their quest for power. They must be defeated.

Proud to be one of those donors. There is more where that came from if George Conway opens his stupid pie hole again.

Help! Where does “Professor Jacobson astutely addresses George Conway“? This text is followed by a : but no explanation or link.

Hmmm.she seems to have a bit of a past when it comes to voting against Trump though.

Let’s hope these last couple weeks has shown her the light??

    Mercyneal in reply to mailman. | November 23, 2019 at 7:14 pm

    Trump on Fox and Friends yesterday gushed about Stefanik and her star quality.. If he’s Ok with her then I am. She’s better than the alternative.

Some have criticized Elise for being a moderate Republican (which she is). But that reflects her district and she proved when push comes to shove she can fight back (and fight back well).

Anyone who George Conway hates is ok by me.

It’s funny, but no one I talk with refers to George Conway by name. He is referred to as Kellyanne Conway’s husband. I suspect he has a massive inferiority complex when it comes to women. He lives every day in the shade of Kellyanne, President Trump and now Ms Stefanik. Silly little pathetic man!

Not only a contributor, but I live in her district and voted for her all three times. I look forward to helping out in her 2020 campaign next summer.

Conway is just another example of what the #neverTrump cult is really rooted in.

Sure, they hate Trump. But they have an absolutely insane, burning hatred for those who voted for or defends him.

It drives them completely over the edge of sanity.

As we’ve seen first hand, right here at LI

Isn’t George supposed to be a conservative? Lol

Stefanic is a bit liberal for my taste, but in the era of Ron Paul Moneybombs, you might wish to take care who you attack.

George Conway is butt-hurt. Looks like three dozen Dunkin’ Donuts fo lunch tomorrow.