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Kellyanne Conway’s NeverTrump husband calls Elise Stefanik “lying trash” (Updates)

Kellyanne Conway’s NeverTrump husband calls Elise Stefanik “lying trash” (Updates)

Conway “.@EliseStefanik is lying trash. Please give to her opponent, @TedraCobb”

Yesterday, Professor Jacobson posted that Elise Stefanik’s Stardom is Born during the Democrats’ impeachment hearing, and indeed it was.

We know this, in part, because the left and its NeverTrump hangers on are going absolutely insane over Stefanik and the damage she did to the partisan impeachment circus the Democrats are conducting.

Case in point:  Kellyanne Conway’s NeverTrump husband took to Twitter to vent his fury over Stefanik’s stellar handling of the Democrats’ latest attempt to undo the 2016 election (and to influence the 2020 election).  He concludes by urging his followers to contribute to her Democrat opponent.

Of course this is completely incorrect.  Stefanik was clearly referring to the many interruptions by Schiff.


The left, the leftstream media, and their allies among NeverTrump Republicans like Conway are not happy with Stefanik, and it might have something to do with her demonstrating exactly how ridiculous and partisan this entire impeachment theater is.

Conway’s tweet earned quite the reaction, as one might expect.


Stefanik has responded to Conway’s unwarranted attack on her:

Apparently, Conway’s vitriol toward Stefanik also includes spreading a photoshopped image of her.

Clearly, Stefanik has hit a nerve.  Conway himself seems to have donated the maximum amount allowable by law . . . to a Democrat.

A Democrat, by the way, who supports DACA, anti-Second Amendment gun control, “green energy” and planning for “future repercussions from climate change,” and social justice, including the claim that universal healthcare and “quality education” are rights.  Exactly, in other words, the sort of politician you would expect a NeverTrump Republican to enthusiastically support.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Meanwhile, Stefanik is seeking support, as well.

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Hard to believe that Stefanik and AOC are close to the same age and from New York state. But that is where the similarities end. George Conway on the other hand is much older and far less impressive. I wonder if he will ask for spousal support in the divorce settlement?

the best reply to him is a hearty laugh & the line: “mrs-a-wiggins”… he’s nothing like tim, but the conway moniker works…

He has fat jowls like Boss Hog from Dukes of Hazzard. And not a single strand of gray hair like NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. He’s an old fart trying to appear much younger … but he’s just an old fart in denial.

Although it is not for us to judge why KellyAnne stays married to George, it is hard for me to comprehend what keeps them together. George isn’t just any regular NeverTrumper, he is a vindictive hateful man. I know love comes in all forms so perhaps KellyAnne and George accept their political differences and concentrate on what works in their relationship, but whoa Nelly, I couldn’t put up with George for one day. More power to KellyAnne, I guess.

    walls in reply to EOS. | November 16, 2019 at 11:27 am

    Mary Matalin and Corporal Cue Ball make it work … but Cue Ball has more intelligence and isn’t as viscerally hateful.

    Massinsanity in reply to EOS. | November 16, 2019 at 11:57 am

    He is also grossly overweight and clearly very insecure as demonstrated by his twitter history, his horrendous dye job and futile attempts to hide his hair loss.

I don’t get it. I didn’t get Mary Matalin and James Carville either.

Good response @LegInsurrection. He is a very small man.

How do some people deny reality, time after time? Bias is a factor, but a constant and willful lack of awareness is unbelievable.

Conway is simply a chump and he must be being paid handsomely for his ‘act’. Seems like a really obtuse cat who looks like Jabba.

Just looking at this man makes me queasy. How does Conway stand him? My God, they had KIDS together. There’s not enough Dramamine in the world.

    George Conway, is brilliant. A genius like his mother. However he clearly is obsessed with Trump to the point of mental disability. I suspect that Kelleyanne sees a different person at home as long as Trump is not involved.

The only way George would know lying trash is if they met at the convention for lying trash. Why is he the only WH spouse that gets any stupid thing he says published??

This is a new low and so bad, even for Conway.

NeverTrumpers constantly surprise me with their hypocrisy, dishonesty and ability to dislike Trump’s style while trashing Republicans in an even nastier style. The only thing they are passionate about is putting down their own side and voters.

Carthago delenda est.

He is mainly known as Mr. Kellyanne Conway. He has a low opinion of capable women. I’ll bet he minds his mouth around his capable wife.

That pretty much says all we wanted to know about this guy. He has no honor, he will strike out at anyone who even defends a trump policy. He is mentally ill and frankly looked like physical wreck for that entire panel.

George Conway should donate some of his neck to Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff. He’d still look like Jabba the Hut in his 24″ neck dress shirt, but it would be a compassionate gesture nonetheless.

Such hypocrites when it comes to treating women of the other side. Not to mention blacks. They care about power and everything else is secondary.

Weird marriage.
She could be so much happier.

Adam Schiff: Pencil-necked.

George Conway: Barrel-necked.

I wish Kellyanne had married Tim Conway instead.

George is clearly begging for a divorce. Kellyanne should oblige him.

She was quoting from publications readily available to review & confirm by the public. This TDS was mildly funny but, seriously speaking it may very well have to be cataloged as an real & dangerously acute mental disorder!

Fat boy’s not missing any meals is he?

Why would anyone give a crap what an obese slimy gob of snot like this Conway puke has to say about ANYTHING?

He’s married to Kellyanne? That’s his only claim to fame, and that ain’t much.

Fatso must be on Soros’ payroll.

Conway sure is an ugly pig. Inside and out.

Re: George Conway, I defer to Jim Schoenfeld:


Have another donut…

Blaise MacLean | November 16, 2019 at 8:46 pm

George Conway is a pig. Nothing more to be said about him.

(PS: Responding to an above comment, I actually see Matalin and Carville as a good couple. Apart from common interests, they debate civilly and, most importantly, they laugh together. Plus even if you disagree with Carville, he comes across as likeable and funny. Unlike George Conway.)

Elise has nothing to worry about. She is being attacked by a morbidly obese balding guy with a bad haircut who slouches when sitting (probably too fat to sit up correctly for any length of time).

It’s really too bad that he’s actually Mr. Kellyanne, a nonentity without his wife. Must really piss him off something terrible, though I don’t know why because he’s never done anything remarkable – unlike his better half.

my god, how could you dishonor the lady you love and your family in such a manner?–simply disgusting

regardless of their differing politics, he exhibits overwhelming immaturity and tremendous lack of respect and honor for his wife

he is no man but some sick, spoiled little boy

It is hard to believe a smart lady like Kelley Ann has this trashy man as her husband!

It is hard to believe a smart lady like Kelley Ann has this trashy man as her husband!

Just sent $20 to Elise.

Nice hair dye, soyboi.

I hope Elise’s husband makes this clown pay for his derisive language toward a lady.

Has no one trained him better than that?

This would not happen in the South.