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Kellyanne Conway’s NeverTrump Husband Retweets Clear Photoshop of Elise Stefanik

Kellyanne Conway’s NeverTrump Husband Retweets Clear Photoshop of Elise Stefanik

In since-deleted tweets, Conway uses the fake photo as “evidence” that Stefanik is “trashy”

Kellyanne Conway’s NeverTrump husband lit up the internet on Saturday with his disgusting smear of Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY).  Not content to call her “lying trash,” Conway was also instrumental in spreading a fake photo of the respected congresswoman depicting her “flipping the bird” to reporters.

From the Daily Caller on Twitter:

Jerry Dunleavy asks if Conway will apologize for spreading disinformation.  To date, the answer is “no.”

While Conway has since deleted his tweets containing the fake photo, they seem to have fed into his assessment of Stefanik as “trash.”  However, upon learning that he had fallen for a fake photo, he did not revise his assessment of her.

There is no reasoning with people like that.

Stefanik responded to his now-deleted tweets.

It is completely mind-boggling that a thinking person could fall for such an obvious photoshop.

First, the image is so obviously phony that you have to wonder what on earth made Conway think it could possibly be real.  Second, how can you not doubt its authenticity on the grounds that it’s a.) a Twitter creation and b.) no member of Congress would make that gesture in front of reporters (yes, I include even AOC plus three in that statement; I would be highly suspicious of any photo showing one of them doing this in this context).  Third, how out of touch do you have to be to not know that this sort of photoshop always crops up (from both left and right) after the latest installment of the Democrat/leftstream media partisan impeachment circus?

In addition to his unhinged attacks on Stefanik and his spreading of a clearly photoshopped image to condemn her, Conway is reportedly telling people in DC that his wife is a member of a “cult.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

George Conway reportedly wants to make his marriage with White House counselor Kellyanne Conway last but has been telling those around him she will have to get out of the White House “cult” first.

Three sources close to George told Vanity Fair this week that he has begun to grow distant from Kellyanne since the start of the impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

“He tells people she’s in a cult,” one of the sources said, while a friend of his added, “He’s going through a tough time.”

“It’s not going to get better until she’s cast out of the cult,” another source said.

The sources alleged that he is still in love with his wife but said she needs quit working for the president before they “can make it work.”

Perhaps Conway’s behavior is geared toward making his wife’s position in the White House untenable?  Or perhaps he’s just completely lost his mind to a very serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome?  Maybe both?

Whatever his problem, taking it out on Stefanik was a bad move and cast him and the ever-shrinking NeverTrump horde in a horrible light.


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Thanks to Conway, I contributed to Stefanik’s campaign.

If I try to imagine going home to my wife that had done something like this and saying “Hi honey how was your day?”, I simply cannot see any way to ever do that again. For Kelly Ann to go home to this POS and even talk with him is beyond my comprehension! Political differences are one thing but to delve into this cesspool as he did is a game stopper for me.

Well, we know who’s a good embodiment of trash, now. And it isn’t Stefanik.

Ol’George look jis lack a hawg.

This fake photo follows the noble tradition of Schiff’s fake parody of Trump’s phone call. If you can’t find dirt on your opponent, then just manufacture it.

It’s like what the KGB would do, but the KGB would do it better, so that it’s almost believable.

It’s interesting that Conway refers to the WH as a cult. I would argue that the reaction of the political establishment in DC to Trump is cult like behavior. Again, Conway projects his own psychosis which in this case is the suspicion of outsiders trying to infiltrate the DC cult.

    murkyv in reply to technerd. | November 17, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    63,000,000 Trump voters = Cult

    2 dozen #neverTrumpers = Not a Cult

    Never could figure that one out

      PrincetonAl in reply to murkyv. | November 17, 2019 at 5:56 pm

      I was going to say their is a cult that has someone sucked up to irrational behavior in George’s marriage, but it’s not his wife that’s the cult member.

      She seems to be having fun with her job and enjoying life too.

    I suspect Mr. Conway’s marriage is over and he knows it, so he’s attempting a preemptive strike to blame her alleged “cult behavior”.

George Conway is being far out classed by Donald Trump.

It’s surreal how Kellyanne Conway can go home to this malignant bozo.

I just just don’t get it. She could do so much better for herself.

garbage is best recognized by its smell…
they’re all in the same swamp…

You know you are winning when grown men resort to childish behavior.

This man is not well to be doing this.

He would have to think that the whole project of getting rid of Trump rested on him to be the husband of KellyAnn and still do this.

I think all of us if we were married to an Obama appointee might be cheering for Obama to lose but we would not have such an inflated view of ourseves to think it would or would not happen without our contribution.

We all would stand-by because of our marriage and let others who DON’T have their marriage on the line do the work.

I can’t understand why Kellyanne is married to that morbidly obese, balding and with a bad haircut cretin in the first place. She ought to cut her losses.

Woman is a damn saint if ya ask me.