I appeared tonight on Tucker Carlson Tonight to talk about what Tucker called Elizabeth Warren’s “many lies to advance her career”

Full transcript below video:

TUCKER: Warren’s phony American Indian heritage by the way is just one of many laws she has told to advance her career. Bill Jacobson is a professor of law at Cornell Law School and he joins us tonight. Professor, thanks so much for coming on.

WAJ: Thank you.

TUCKER: So, this seems to be a theme, and I’m not saying this for partisan reasons. that Elizabeth Warren lies about her biography.

WAJ: Yes, and that’s I think a narrative that is developing about her, which is going to be extremely politically damaging if she were to be the nominee and get into a general election. We all know about the Native American problem. And I don’t think people fully understand how deceptive and manipulative it was, for a decade for employment purposes only, she claimed to be Native American and then she pretends like she didn’t think that would help her somehow.

And even when she was disclosed in 2012 by the Boston Herald during her Senate campaign, she spent almost seven years defending being Native American.

She blamed her parents for telling her stories. She blamed her Aunt Bea for saying that she had high cheekbones ‘like all the Indians do’ in her words, which of course if any other candidate had said that that would be disqualifying.[*]

TUCKER: But it’s maybe a bigger problem even than that professor. So just today, a mom in California reported to federal prison. Her crime in part was lying about her son’s race in order to get him in to college. Here he had Elizabeth Warren who lied about her race to seek employment advantage. That’s not a crime?

WAJ: Well, I don’t know if it’s a crime or not, but one thing she’s never disclosed is her full personnel and employment files. It would be very interesting to see what forms she signed for EEOC, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reporting, and whether she misrepresented herself as Native American. There’s every reason to believe she did not meet the legal definition, but we don’t know what she signed.

And she’s told many other stories as well.

She’s portrayed herself as someone having been a lawyer fighting for the little guy. But as we’ve covered on your show before, in fact she represented large corporations against the little guy. She has a long history.

She had recently a story that she had been telling on the campaign trail that she was fired for being pregnant, and then facts came out that showed that wasn’t true, and she blamed the right wing smear campaign But in fact, that was disclosed and discovered by a socialist Bernie supporter.

So the facts aren’t left wing or right wing. They are the facts and the facts are, she’s not Native American. She wasn’t fired for being pregnant. She tells him Me Too story that’s been cast into doubt, not by the right wing, but by the Boston globe itself, which is virtually her house organ.

TUCKER: Virtually? Absolutely. Professor, thanks so much for joining us today. Appreciate it.

WAJ: Great. Thank you.

*My correction: The supposed comment about “high cheekbones” by Aunt Bea was about Warren’s “Papaw” (grandfather) not about Warren. I misspoke during the interview. It doesn’t change the point about the high cheekbones comment, but I want to be precise.

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Here’s what things look like “behind the camera” from the private studio in Providence Fox News uses for live links:

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okay to use waj


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