This week, I reviewed the climate alarmist protest organized by “Extinction Rebellion,” whose members want us to drastically reduce our use of electricity and other resources.

These green justice warriors should head over to California where we are living the dream! In an effort to avoid another devastating spate of autumn wildfires (such as last year’s Paradise fire), approximately 800,000 Pacific Gas and Electric customers are preparing for the company to intentionally cut their power. This is likely the largest deliberate power shut-off in state history.

A Red Flag Warning is being issued over the next few days with strong winds expected to make the risk of wildfire extremely high.

The outages are expected to start as early as Wednesday at midnight and could last until mid-day on Thursday. They may affect millions of people living in 34 counties.

While 34 northern and central California counties are included on the list, PG&E said it won’t be every customer within those county lines.

The action created a backlash with many Californians, especially in light of the short notice PG&E gave before the shut-off occurred.

…Brady Miller, a resident of Red Bluff, about two hours north of Sacramento, said he barely had cell service and no way to charge his phone, lamenting he had only flashlights and canned goods to get through the power outage.

“It sucks,” he said. “Twenty-four-hour notice gave panic to our community.”

Angie Sheets of El Dorado Hills noticed that generators were flying off the shelves at Costco as she shopped for groceries earlier in the week. Considering the nearly $1,000 worth of food she planned to purchase and the imminent power outage, Sheets said, she called her husband to talk about buying one for their home.

“By the time I had done that, the last big generator was gone off the shelves,” she said.

Her husband, a law enforcement officer, found a generator at a Costco in Rancho Cordova and paid about $600 for it. On Tuesday night, they filled up their bathtubs with water, unsure whether the toilets would flush without electricity. Sheets went to Safeway to pick up more bottled water and said a line of cars snaked around the gas station parking lot.

“In this particular area, they did say we could lose power for up to seven days,” Sheets said. “I think that’s what’s making people on edge, the fear of the unknown and wanting to be safe for your family.”

As an extra bonus, California gas prices are now over $5.00/gallon in several areas.

Gas prices haven’t been this high in the state since May 2014.

California motorists continue to pay the most for gas in the country, with the cost about $1.54 higher than the national average.

But many parts in California are paying well above the state’s average.

In Mono County, which has the most expensive gasoline prices in the state, the average is approaching $5; as of Tuesday, it stood at $4.93, according to AAA.

And some gas stations in the state, including in the Los Angeles area, are approaching or already charging at least $5 gallon.

Our state has raised gas taxes, specifically the use of certain petroleum blends, and there have been issues with the refineries that still exist in this state. Yet Governor Gavin News has decided he wants to investigate why the prices are high.

Help us, Donald Trump Kenobi, you’re our only hope.

As if this descent into Medieval madness wasn’t enough, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti today was elected chair of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, a network of the world’s largest cities committed to acting on climate change.

“When it comes to climate action, no one is doing more than cities, but no one is doing enough,” Garcetti said in a statement released by the mayor’s office. “We are entering a make-or-break decade for the preservation of our planet and environmental justice for every community, and I am proud to chair C40 cities at this critical moment. Together we will continue leading the drive to protect the world and promote a better, more equitable life for everyone living in it.”

I suspect Garcetti failed to inform the group that the city’s climate now includes typhus, typhoid fever and leprosy.


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