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Climate Alarmist Group ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Chokes Major Cities With Fake Blood and Green Justice Antics

Climate Alarmist Group ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Chokes Major Cities With Fake Blood and Green Justice Antics

A scarlet-costumed death cult who everyone should mock into oblivion.

Thousands of climate change activists led by climate alarmist group Extinction Rebellion initiated two weeks of protests around the world on Monday. They demanded drastic global reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

Personally, I would argue that the levels of pretension and hyperbole were toxic.

They hit New York City.

Tourists and workers on Wall Street on Monday were met by a jarring spectacle: protesters, some lying in pools of fake blood outside the New York Stock Exchange, some dancing and others chanting, all to call attention to people killed by climate-related disease and disaster.

“Drowned in attic,” read one sign in the shape of a cardboard gravestone that was lying next to a protester playing dead; another read, “Couldn’t Outrun Wildfire.”

The demonstrators, led by the protest group Extinction Rebellion, were kicking off five days of civil disobedience planned across the city, the country and the rest of the world.

By disrupting several landmarks in the heart of New York’s financial district and by blocking traffic on Broadway, the group hoped to start building up its relatively small American movement with the kind of street muscle and influence it has quickly amassed in its birthplace, the United Kingdom.

The demonstrations were so “peaceful” that officers arrested 90 people.

The protesters brought London to a standstill.

Hundreds of climate protesters have blocked roads in central London to launch a two-week protest as thousands of activists are expected to descend on the British capital aiming to occupy key sites around government departments and the Houses of Parliament.

Extinction Rebellion activist groups from across the country on Monday took drums and banners to 11 sites around Westminster, besieging bridges and roads leading to the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Across the capital, meanwhile, signs reading “Business as usual = death” popped up on bridges and trains stations.

In London, there were over 135 arrests.

The following video gives you a glimpse of the antics in London. Perhaps the most astonishing site in the clip are the red-costumed women, who look like the new millennium’s version of “Vestal Virgins” without the purity.

Though I must say, they have given me a wicked idea for this year’s Halloween costume.

Extinction Rebellion is now infamous for losing control of a hose spraying fake blood.

Extinction Rebellion protesters used a hose from an old fire engine to spray 1,800 litres liquid at the 100 year-old building, but they quickly lost control of the powerful water jet.

Protesters say they are “highlighting the inconsistency between the UK government’s insistence that the UK is a world leader in tackling climate breakdown, and the vast sums it pours into fossil fuel exploration”.

The Met Police said five men and three women had been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Many have noted that eco-activists behave as if they are members of a religious faith. Brendan O’Neill, editor of the British on-line current events publication “spiked”, wrote that he was witnessing a death cult.

The sheer backwardness of Extinction Rebellion was captured when two of its members appeared on Sky News yesterday morning. They complained, hysterically, about modernity. One of them bemoaned all the electricity that is used in a city like London. So the very lighting up and warming of cities, the electricity that powers homes and workplaces and transport systems and life-support machines, is offensive to these hair-shirted, self-flagellating loathers of arrogant humankind. ‘Switch it all off’, is their alarmingly immoral cry.

Here is the video to which O’Neill was referring.

It was heartening to see that these protests got the respect they deserved from their intended audience.

Evaluating all the data, the consensus is that Extinction Rebellion is a scarlet-costumed death cult that should be mocked into oblivion.


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These buffoons truly believe in the dictum “The beatings will continue until moral improves”.

Can’t we get these women some dauchands and the men some women to better occupy their empty lives?

Follow the money. These people did not make their own costumes. This is paid political advertising.

Indeed, Valerie, who is funding and organizing this??

Rent-A-Mob strikes again. If NYC had an administration that cared for the majority of its citizens, instead of these actors, it might be a better place to live.

If the goal is to greatly reduce carbon emissions, why aren’t they protesting in Russia, China and India who account for the vast majority of toxic carbon emissions? Why do they get a pass? Oh yeah! They’re already communists!


They’re Pro-Life. They’re Pro-Abortion… Choice. They’re confused.

Greta’s Handmaidens? Death to Thespians! That’ll give the drama queens more scope to be-clown themselves…

And where does all that fake blood end up?

2smartforlibs | October 9, 2019 at 1:10 pm

I find it fascinating how these children can throw tantrums but can’t discuss the Milankovitch cycle. The only settled science.

johnnycab23513 | October 9, 2019 at 1:24 pm

Don’t they teach basic science in school any longer! A basic understanding of physics would show that it is all about power; being able to force the masses to do as ordered! In other words, a fraud!

Glad to see some of them getting exposed for their hypocritical lifestyles.

No dates/shows in India or China? WTF……

all it is, is a variation of occupy wall street, different name same bs

Here’s the proper way to deal with those hippies (strong language warning): Man determined to get a burger shoves climate protesters out of the way (Preview still doesn’t work!)

I all my years at MIT I don’t recall a single scientific or engineering problem being effectively addressed by people in goofy costumes. Of course that was a while ago, and maybe things have changed—sorry, “evolved”—since then.

This kind of thing is what can happen to attractive women if they’re not “happy” and “fulfilled” by age 40.

These are very, very pathetic people. What bad children.

People should spray them with seltzer water. Not only is it a slapstick staple, it’s water with carbon dioxide in it.

How come they never walk to participate in these gaudy quasi religious outings?

One more time. If you think that producing CO2 is bad, STOP BREATHING!