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UC Berkeley Police Seek Felony Warrant in Attack on Conservative Student

UC Berkeley Police Seek Felony Warrant in Attack on Conservative Student

“If the warrant is issued, UCPD will immediately pursue the suspect’s arrest.”

A suspect has been identified in the vicious physical attack on Hayden Williams, the conservative student and Turning Point USA member who was recruiting on the UC Berkeley campus last week.

The UC Berkeley police are waiting for a felony warrant to make an arrest.

Frank Miles reports at FOX News:

Warrant sought in UC-Berkeley attack on conservative activist as Citizens United Foundation offers big reward

In a statement, Citizens United said: “Any person having information related to this crime is requested to contact Citizens United Foundation at the following email address: [email protected] In the email, please provide contact information and details of the information in your possession, including relevant facts. Any information provided will be promptly forwarded to the UC Berkeley Police Department.”

On Tuesday, the media relations office for UC-Berkeley told Fox News there were no updates in the case. The UC-Berkeley police department website’s most recent update is from Friday. After several efforts to contact the public information officer for the police department, Fox News was told he was out sick, and that there were no updates to report.

UC-Berkeley Assistant Vice Chancellor Dan Mogulof told Fox News: “This is all the information we are releasing for the time being, pending the district attorney’s review. The University of California Police Department (UCPD) has concluded its investigation into the February 19th assault on the UC Berkeley campus. Based on the results of that investigation, the department is seeking a felony warrant from the Alameda County District Attorney for the identified suspect. The District Attorney will evaluate the case. If the warrant is issued, UCPD will immediately pursue the suspect’s arrest.”

Does anyone believe this process would take so long if the attacker was a MAGA hat wearing Trump supporter and the victim was a leftist?

Williams appeared on FOX and Friends yesterday to discuss new details:

On a side note, take a look at how the Washington Post is framing this story. It’s another case of conservatives pouncing.

Twitchy has a roundup of responses to this. Here’s my favorite:

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Colonel Travis | February 28, 2019 at 5:28 pm

When I was a kid (yes, a kid) I thought the level of stupid that is now at the Washington Post, and elsewhere in places that used to have integrity, would be impossible to ever even get a chance to step through the front door. Integrity, common sense, intellectual honesty, etc. – these traits are valued over, say, gutless, dumb partisanship, right?

It’s so easy being a leftist. No thinking involved, just emote about whatever The Borg has told you is Important!!1!!!11 and you will be on your way to climb the ladder of success. And by “be on your way” I mean “it’s guaranteed” and by “climb” I mean “zoom at a speed of 6,164 mph” and by “ladder of success” I mean “a freshly refurbed Saturn V rocket.”

The usual hour long process of getting a warrant now stretches to 3 days.
This is a stand down.

Remember the professor who attacked several people with a bicycle lock hitting them in the head? Well, he got 3 years probation! That was with a weapon. We can only imagine what this thug, who did not use a weapon, will get.

    snopercod in reply to inspectorudy. | February 28, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    I’m guessing one week of community service working for Planned Parenthood.

    An X-ray to make sure he didn’t hurt his hand.

    guyjones in reply to inspectorudy. | February 28, 2019 at 9:28 pm

    That sentence was a contemptible miscarriage of justice. Hitting someone in the head with a heavy metal object that could easily cause death, or, permanent brain damage and resulting disability, is assault with a deadly weapon, warranting the most serious penalties. The way that this case was prosecuted was a disgrace, but, par for the course where Leftist jackboots are prosecuted and given a “get out jail free” card.

Don’t get too excited. This whole story is a clusterf*** of the City of Berkeley Police Department and the University of California Police Department. The crime was committed on UC Berkeley territory, so the City of Berkeley PD has an excuse to blow it off. But a warrant from the AG won’t give the UC Police legal authority to enforce law off UC grounds; UC police won’t be arresting anybody who’s clever enough to stay off UC territory in the near future.

A couple of decades ago, an MIT undergrad from Norway was murdered during a robbery on Memorial Drive just outside of school territory. That would be the job of the MDC Police (Metropolitian District Commission, which includes Memorial and Storrow Drives, on either side of the Charles River), who are independent of the Cambridge or Boston police departments. Rather than wait for Cambridge, Boston, and the MDC to do nothing, the MIT police put out a general alert. The miscreants were nabbed an hour later by Boston University police, on the other side of the Charles River. After that, officialdom was able to handle the case, and there was a trial and conviction, neither of which had anything to do with the school police forces. In short, private police forces did the job when official police forces are too tied up in their own bureaucratic underwear to manage, but private force spheres of operations are severely restricted.

In this case, national publicity might possibly encourage California officialdom to do something useful, though signs so far are not encouraging.

Berkeley is a Jan Crow city.

Don’t let the sun set on your ass in this town, MAGA boy.

UC Berkeley is one whacked out school. Here’s an example of just how whacked out it is:

“When I came to UC-Berkeley and took the ethnic studies class, I realized the inequalities I saw all my life were the result of blatant racism…The ethnic studies class I took made me realize that even though I identified as a person of color, my life was influenced by many representations of white supremacy, two of the most significant ones being colorism and heteronormativity…. Additionally, ethnic studies made me realize that white supremacy is not only reflected through colorism but also through heteronormativity. These expectations of sexuality were an imposition by settler colonialists.

“I realized that my parent’s expectations of me being heterosexual and feminine could be traced back to the heteronormativity imposed by white settlers. All my life, I had been colonized… I will no longer allow white supremacy to control my life and will continue to be a critic of its different manifestations. I will continue to decolonize myself by changing old attitudes and habits. Ultimately, ethnic studies fundamentally changed the way I view the world. It empowered me by showing me how I was being oppressed and how I was oppressing others.”
— Lupita Lua,

This is definitely a hostile place for conservatives, or people who have a grip on reality.

    alaskabob in reply to Ghost Rider. | February 28, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    Appealing to their incarnated soul that suffered in another life before washing ashore again in the Cosmos.

    The whole of human kind was predominately heteronormal else no human kind. Since “white” is a minority throughout history, the bulk of history didn’t have their “colorism” issue.

    They missed all those history lessons that really could have helped.

    Meanwhile- we donate to build a well in Africa so children don’t get raped while fetching water from a far off distance and subsequently die of aids.

    I guess they don’t teach those facts in college.

No rioting? No overturned cars? No local businesses vandalized?

This arrest is taking far too long.

I fear we are slouching slowly towards the reformation of Committees of Vigilance.

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings;
the inherent virtue of socialism is the equak sharing of miseries (WSC)