Hayden Williams, a student at UC Berkeley, was helping the conservative group Turning Point USA when he was attacked and punched in the face in broad daylight. It was all captured on camera.

Will the media give this story one percent of the attention they devoted to Jussie Smollett?

Graham Piro of The College Fix has details:

VIDEO: Conservative student punched in face over ‘This is MAGA Country’ poster at UC Berkeley

A student activist for the conservative campus group Turning Point USA was verbally and physically assaulted on UC Berkeley’s campus by an individual who apparently became enraged by his “Hate crime hoaxes hurt real victims” and “This is MAGA Country” posters.

Roughly 60 seconds of video obtained Thursday by The College Fix shows one angry man saying “you are fucking encouraging violence.” Another man comes up and calls him a “racist motherfucker” and tells the student he would “shoot his ass.” They tussled for a bit, with the student appearing to try to defend himself as the man comes at him, batting at his face and phone.

He then punched the student in the face with a haymaker and calls him “fucking cunt” as he walks away.

The university sent an email to the campus community notifying them of the attack and asking for information to help in identifying the perpetrator. There is no clear evidence at this time that the attacker is a UC Berkeley student, although he was wearing a backpack and appears college-aged.

Here’s the video. Strong language warning:

Fox News reported that university employee Yuvi Panda celebrated the assault. He thanked the apparent attacker, who has yet to be identified, for punching conservative activist Hayden Williams and “not letting it go unchallenged.” He also said that he hopes the attacker won’t get into too much trouble. His Twitter account is now protected.

Williams spoke about the incident on Hannity:

Williams says he “absolutely” has evidence and eyewitnesses that he did not provoke the alleged attacker. Williams began to record the confrontation but says the alleged attacker knocked his phone from his hand. However, a bystander recorded video of the incident.

The man in the video can be heard shouting profanities at Williams and at one point threatens to shoot him.

“I feared for my own safety so I started to record at that moment,” Williams told Hannity.

“That shot was a cheap shot, especially in the end,” Hannity told Williams.


Charlie Kirk, the president and founder of TPUSA posted the following message on Twitter:

Benny Johnson, who recently joined TPUSA posted this appeal to help identify the alleged attacker:

Brad Devlin, former president of the College Republicans at Berkeley posted more:

According to Gwendolyn Wu of the San Francisco Chronicle, the police are already involved:

UC Berkeley attack: Police hunt for man who assaulted conservative

In a stark video showing what appeared to be an assault, a man was shoved and punched in the face at UC Berkeley this week while advertising for a conservative cause at a table on the main campus plaza, police said Wednedsay.

The battery was reported at 3:29 p.m. on Tuesday to campus police, who found the victim suffering from facial injuries.

Two men had approached the victim, identified Thursday as Hayden Williams, who had been advertising at a table in the plaza for conservative group Turning Point USA, and began arguing with him, according to police. The victim started filming the encounter.

This will be ignored by many of the same people who fell all over themselves to show support for Jussie Smollett and unfortunately, no lessons will be learned.

Featured image via YouTube.


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