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Northam About to Get the Boot? VA Delegation Reportedly Rallies Around AG Herring

Northam About to Get the Boot? VA Delegation Reportedly Rallies Around AG Herring

The dumpster fire rages on

Virginia Governor Northam’s days in office may be numbered. Under pressure from both sides of the aisle, first for endorsing murdering newborn babies and then for donning racist costumes while in med school.

Endorsing infanticide was just fine. The media and Democrats continue to pretend it never happened. But Northam’s racist costume was a bridge too far, apparently.

Thursday, Sen. Kaine (formerly on the ticket as Hillary’s VP hopeful) told The Washington Post the Virginia delegation believed Herring’s apology was sincere. Herring too is weathering a scandal of his own. When he was 19, he wore blackface while dressing up as a rap artist for a college party in 1980.

From the WaPo:

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) said Thursday that the state’s Democratic congressional delegation, which had called for Northam’s resignation, is withholding judgment on Herring, who is trying firm up support from Virginia’s black leaders.

Kaine said that the delegation remained unified in its demand that Northam resign following his admission that he also wore blackface at a dance competition in 1984, in addition to the racist photo in his medical school yearbook.

“We are likely to come out with a statement soon on the Herring case that, I think, we feel that we are generally in the same position – that he reached out to each of us individually, very apologetic,” Kaine told reporters in the U.S. Capitol after most of the Democratic delegation met in his office. “He is in dialogue with the legislative black caucus and African-American leadership in the state, and they have been impressed with his sincerity while they’ve been very disappointed with what happened.”

Kaine, a former governor, said that the lawmakers felt Herring had been sincere in his apologies in a way that Northam had not, but the attorney general still “needs to answer questions of the press and the public too” to shore up support to continue in office.

Just about everyone in Virginia’s political leadership is in the hot seat right now:

My vote goes to this kid:

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Northam, Fairfax, Herring. What a crew. And add in a dose of Schiff, Heels Up Harris, Faxcahatntas and the Democrats have quite a crew.

Is there something in the Virginia state constitution that allows Herring (second in line) to leapfrog Fairfax (first in line)?

And what about the optics of passing over an African American to choose an old white guy who wore blackface in college?

I’ll stick with my original prediction that nothing happens to Northam and Fairfax. The former serves out his term as governor, and the latter runs for governor in 2021.

I’m still in the camp that none of these guys is going to leave office. They are waiting for the crisis to blow over, which it should in about a week or two.

So they’re arbitrarily choosing one black-face wearer over another, and they expect Northam to resign for him?

Comanche Voter | February 7, 2019 at 6:07 pm

Kamala’s heels weren’t up. But she did have knee pads.

Colonel Travis | February 7, 2019 at 6:21 pm

Wait – so according to Tim Kaine, blackface isn’t the problem. The problem is whether your apology for blackface sounds good enough. I wonder if the left would take this same approach if, say, someone like, I don’t know, Megyn Kelly merely talked about wearing blackface? (Sorry, I think our NYT Instructors have told us the correct term is brown or dark makeup.) I’m gonna guess “no.”

The fourth in succession is VA’s Statehouse speaker, GOP, who won the job on a coin toss after a tie.

And, you can bet there’s already small army of leftist journos looking for anything they can hang him with, if it looks like he could become the governor.

Something about these Virginia KKK members — sorry, I mean Democrats — and black face. You know, I NEVER wore blackface and it never really occurred to me to do so.

But I’m just a Yankee, not a good old Southern boy. Must be something in the grits they eat.

JusticeDelivered | February 7, 2019 at 6:44 pm

This whole thing is so funny, I am sick of PC crap and it serves the Democratic party right to be caught in a PC shit storm.

I also think that people need to start slapping down stuff like statue removal, Trayvon Martin – Mike brown lies, false claims of racism and other similar stuff.

We also need to be having a brutal public discussion about parenting, education and culture.

I have done presentation in K-12 schools, both suburban and inner city. I stopped agreeing to go to inner city schools because students were disinterested,unruly and foul mouthed loud.

I would like to see everyone prosper, but that cannot happen without rubbing people’s noses into their role in creating far from stellar lives. There needs to be accountability.

Herring too is weathering a scandal of his own. When he was 19, he wore blackface while dressing up as a rap artist for a college party in 1980.

Uh huh, how many rap artists were even on white college boys radar back then? His story stinks to high heaven.

DINORightMarie | February 8, 2019 at 7:04 am

The succession of power in VA – that is why they are not going to resign, and sudden silence is the new normal with all these scandals:

A Republican would replace them ALL. Can’t have that!