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This is CNN: Chyron shows disgraced Democrat Ralph Northam as Republican

This is CNN: Chyron shows disgraced Democrat Ralph Northam as Republican

How many mistakes has CNN made that favor Republicans? Why do the mistakes almost always seem to be anti-Republican?

By the time you read this, Ralph Northam may or may not still be Governor of Virginia.

He is paying the price for the gotcha racial politics he and Democrats use against others, except in this case there actually is a there there, in the form of his medical school yearbook photo showing him either in blackface or a Klan robe (not clear which he is), VA DEM Gov. Ralph Northam quickly moves from infanticide scandal to blackface/KKK yearbook mess.

Northam’s pro-infanticide comments didn’t get him in trouble politically with Democrats, but the 1984 racist photo has led to widespread (but not unanimous) Democrat calls that he resign.

When CNN covered the story last night, guess how the chyron listed him?

This is CNN. Just a mistake.

How many mistakes has CNN made that favor Republicans? Why do the mistakes almost always seem to be anti-Republican?

Is it “fair” that Northam’s career be destroyed by a 35 year old photo?

Those are the new rules Democrats have imposed on others. As Saul Alinsky said, make them live by their own rules.


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Which is he? An apple or a banana?

Banana Republican

The CNN propaganda machine continues to crank out the lies that only Republicans can be racists. Some should tell them that the KKK was part of the Democratic party before they decided they needed minority votes to win.

    Don’t forget the continual lie that the racists switched parties whenever the democrats racist, slave owning past is brought up.
    Maybe paying reparations should be confined to democrats only?

DINORightMarie | February 2, 2019 at 10:24 am

He, a pediatrician, told the truth about murdering babies, that they KNOW abortion is infanticide, and it has been all along. Science is clear on this, today (unlike in 1972 when people debated this heatedly).

He let the mask slip. He must be punished. Alinsky’s Rules selectively applied.

(IMHO–Someone sat on that yearbook, and either held it over his head or got the “go” to release it, since he was hurting their 2020 chances.)

It is amazing how quick this was produced and put out for the court of public opinion. The left is certainly playing the long game. The story was infanticide and in a week it will be vanished down the memory hole.

He’s a white guy, isn’t that good enough!

Change the subject and ignore the real crime…

DONE absolutely on purpose. For the speed reader who skims it then leaves. never sinks in.

Fake news from CNN is no longer news, really; it’s getting to be old hat. Though of course continuing incidents should still be noted and logged.

I would like to personally thank all the anti-Trump Republicans who worked to get Northam elected. (sarc/ X 1,000,000).

Why do the mistakes almost always seem to be anti-Republican?

Because they are not mistakes.

I’m sure the press missed it cleanly, but we’ve just had one of those “crossing the Rubicon” moments, and it came from Tran, not Northam. Northam only added an applause line.

Tran’s Bill from Hell is a formal legal proposal that abortion is, at least in some situations, indistinguishable from infanticide by anyone’s definition—and that proposal drives a stake through the excuse that abortion policy isn’t about dead babies, it’s about “women’s health”.

A baby which has already been born cannot conceivably pose a threat to the mother’s physical health, since they’re no longer linked in any way. And any argument about psychological health has no weight, either—if the baby bothers her all that much, she need never see it again, but we can make that happen without killing it. Ergo, the eternal Leftoid claim that abortion policy is merely a question of women’s health—and therefore a non-issue, since nobody is “opposed” to the idea of women’s health—is dead.

So the venerable liberal tactic of pretending that a thorny question is actually some much simpler question just had a stake driven through it. And we can thank Tran for that.

Nothing liberal terrorists can do to Northam can change that.

This dredging up the past to attack people is bound to hurt democrats more than republicans in the long run. Wasn’t Al Gore’s father a prominent segregation supporter? Wasn’t there a Democrat Senator who died not that long ago who was actually an official in the Ku Klux Klan? The drummed up attacks on Kavanaugh based on unverifiable claims by highly unreliable people about high school behavior are less than nothing compared to the well documented dirt on these people.

    gmac124 in reply to daniel. | February 2, 2019 at 11:55 am

    I look at the Dims like undisciplined hunters. All they see is that big buck not there house right behind it. As they start shooting and missing at the buck they keep hitting there house.

    Republicans on the other hand are too cautious in their approach. They see the big buck and really want the buck but they are too scared to take a chance even when they can clearly see nothing is behind the target except other big bucks because they might only wound him. However the Republicans have no problem throwing a torch in their own house when the Dims miss there target to help them out. You know reaching across the aisle and all that crap.

Yet Brian Stelter (aka the Missing Link) will assure that CNN is honest and objective and anyone who dares to criticize it is anti-freedom of the press.

Yesterday he was in the photo.
Today says he is not in the photo.
I think the guy is probably a Democrat.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | February 2, 2019 at 12:00 pm

That WAS NO mistake.

Deep State Owned CIANN.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | February 2, 2019 at 12:03 pm

I hate the practice of forcing duly elected people out. You either believe in the will of the voters or you don’t.

I hated it that Mitch McConnell tried to nullify the selections of Todd Akin in Missouri and Roy Moore in Alabama to be Republican Senate candidates and I didn’t like it that Stuart Smalley, who’d actually won his statewide election, was forced to resign.

VA made a bad choice for governor. They should be forced to live with it. If the VA constitution or statutes allow for a recall, then the people who voted for him can decide if they want him removed. Using elite social/media pressure to force him to resign is wrong regardless of party, IMO.

    There is a major problem with your comment.
    IF the media presented fair and factual data, I would agree.
    BUT when the lies are presented from the education system all the way through the the media system, YOU DO NOT HAVE an informed electorate.

The author Nathaniel Hawthorne was part of a group that believed the burden of accumulated sin was passed down from generation to generation. One could never unburden oneself by any means…. No forgiveness either by man or deity. This is a handy belief for the Left in an unrelenting push to get even for even the slightest slight. The Dems may be at the cusp of a purge of their “establishment” by the radicals within the Party. This is the 1920’s “political correctness” come to life.

Is Northam headed for a midterm abortion? It seems like the Democrat Party is in the Planned Parenthood waiting room engaging in some “family planning” to get the timing right.

I don’t support what this guy stands for. In fact, I abhor his very being, but be as it may, he was elected by the voice of the some of the people in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Fortunately, he only gets one term as Governor (term limits) and he will be out soon. This is also a Godsend for Republicans to take back the seat. Oh yeah he was Terry MacAullife’s handpicked successor.

I remember when CBS identified Democrat Congressman Gary Condit as a Republican when he was considered a suspect in the Chandra Levy murder investigation.