The mainstream media must sense that Elizabeth Warren is a wounded candidate due to her Native American controversy.

And it may be time for them to turn on her.

The Washington Post yesterday published an image of Warren’s 1986 Texas State Bar registration, in which she listed herself as “American Indian” under “race”.

This was good sleuthing by WaPo, though they buried the finding in an article about Warren apologizing the the Cherokee Nation. Nonetheless, credit where credit is due.

The Texas Bar card was very damaging because it’s part of the drip, drip, drip of Warren’s obfuscation as to what she did with her false claim to be Native American. Warren never volunteers information, she only reacts when others have uncovered her use. She only tells you what she thinks you already know.

Warren never disclosed that she signed up for law faculty directories used for hiring starting in the mid-1980s as Native American until her listing as a “minority law teacher” was uncovered by George Mason Law Professor David Bernstein. Only then did Warren fess up, with the absurd explanation that she signed up that way in the hope of meeting others like her. (That explanation is false, as I explained in 2012, because the faculty directory only listed people as “minority law teachers,” without disclosing what type of minority status they claimed, so no one would have known Warren was claiming to be Native American. So the faculty directory was not a way for her to meet other Native Americans.)

The WaPo story is more evidence for the fear Democrats have that the Warren narrative will be dominated by the Native American controversy much like Hillary’s emails dominated her campaign.

For Warren, there can be no assurance that all the shoes have dropped, something Democrats should fear should Warren become the nominee. There is no scrutiny like the scrutiny and oppo research that takes place in a presidential campaign — I would not be surprised if both Democrat (for other candidates) and Republican operatives are shaking the bushes in Oklahoma to see what other dirt there is on Warren using her claim to be Native American, and the veracity of her family lore stories.

I alway had the suspicion that Warren didn’t run in 2016 against Hillary because the Clintonworld machine either had the smoking gun to use against Warren, or would have gone to great lengths to find it.

Now that she’s politically wounded, the mainstream media is starting to do their job. The WaPo article is one example.

Perhaps a better example of the turning of the screw is that after the WaPo disclosure, Meet the Press tweeted a link to an interview on Meet the Press in March 2018, in which Warren denied ever using her claim to be Native American for any purpose.

FLASHBACK: In March 2018, @SenWarren discussed her Native American heritage on #MTP and said she “never used it for anything. Never got any benefits from it anywhere.”

(The key video starts at 17:45)

That’s quite a find for MTP to tweet out. That interview was best known for Warren claiming she “is not” running for President. You have to be looking for it to find the nugget of Warren denying she ever used Native American status “for anything.”

A Republican has to win despite the mainstream media; a Democrat has to win with the help of the mainstream media.

If this is a sign the the mainstream media had lost confidence in Warren’s ability to defeat Trump, then Warren is done.


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