As we conclude 2018 and enter into a glittering New Year, one prediction I can make with ease is that the elite media’s continued attacks on President Donald Trump and his supporters will lead to even more public assaults on the President’s fans as well as his staff and other conservative figures.

Looking back on 2018, the low-points on the virtue-signaling vitriol include:

Now, A Georgia vape shop worker felt that he was entitled to launch a tirade against a Trump-supporting customer and refused to serve him.

Ian Furgeson, 36, walked into Xhale City in Tucker on Friday to buy some items but quickly bumped heads with the store employee who asked him to leave just minutes after he entered the shop.

Furgeson, sporting a MAGA hat and Trump shirt, then whipped out his phone and began to goad the store clerk.

‘I have just been asked to leave the store. He greeted me, that was nice. I did find the item that I wanted and the next thing he said was he’d like me to leave,’ Furgeson said.

…[T]he employee loses his temper and tries to hit Furgeson’s phone out of his hand saying: ‘F*** off, f*** off dude. Get the f*** out of here. I f***ing can’t stand y’all racist mother f***ers.’

Then he calls someone to complain about the customer and says: ‘He’s wearing some Trump bullsh*t…I’m not serving anyone that has to do with that f***er. I’m going to call the cops and have him leave.

The employee was subsequently fired.

Furgeson was on a quest to buy some product for his wife. All I can say is that he must really love her, to continue to try and buy the item in light of the theatrics.

Part of the reason the employee faced serious consequences for this behavior is the video went viral shortly after it was posted.

The vape shop employee might consider moving the California where such #Resistance is admired and appreciated.

I anticipate even more episodes of Trump Derangement Syndrome will be featured here in 2019.


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