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Trump Will Not Sign Funding Bill Over ‘Concerns for Border Security’

Trump Will Not Sign Funding Bill Over ‘Concerns for Border Security’

Government faces a shutdown on Friday.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) announced that President Donald Trump will not sign the short-term funding bill the Senate passed last night. From Politico:

“The president informed us he will not sign the bill that came from the Senate last evening because of his legitimate concerns for border security,” Ryan told reporters after meeting with Trump at the White House. “So what we’re going to do is go back to the House and work with our members.”

Ryan confirmed that the House also has “very serious concerns” when it comes to border security.

The government may shut down on Friday if officials cannot agree on a spending bill.

The Senate passed a short-term spending bill on Wednesday night that received bipartisan support. It would have funded “several major government departments until Feb. 8, a measure that would avert a partial government shutdown at the end of the week but does not include any new funds President Trump sought for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.”

But Trump told GOP leaders this morning he will not sign it:

The odds of a shutdown rose dramatically Thursday as Republican leaders, as well as Freedom Caucus members Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, headed to the White House for a sit-down with Trump himself. Ryan and his deputies began making plans to put a funding bill on the floor that would deliver $5 billion to the border wall, in an attempt to make good on Trump’s promise in the final days of a GOP-controlled Congress.

“I think we’re going to put $5 billion for the wall in,” Jordan told reporters. “I’m talking to [Steve] Scalise and Kevin [McCarthy]… That’s definitely the mood of the conference… I think that’s where it’s headed, toward $5 billion for the wall.”

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the president “does not want to go further without border security, which includes steel slats or a wall” and is “weighing his options” amid conservative pressure to oppose the bill.

Ryan said the leaders will go back to the House and try to find a way to keep the government open and protect the border.

Fox News wrote that “the House will try to amend the Senate bill with an additional $5 billion for a border wall, as sought by Trump.”

If a bill like that passes the House it’s likely to face trouble in the Senate.


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I am proud of him. It is very difficult to stand for what you believe in. He is proving he is willing to do what is hard. Not many people have the fortitude he is demonstrating.

    Is this true? Rep. Steve Scalise Confirms House GOP Will Now Add $5 Billion in Funding For Border Security.

    If Trump is forced to veto the bill for lack of wall funding, it will guarantee his re-election. He will be in the driver’s seat to oust the GOP senators who fail to support the wall. If he kicks the can into next year, all bets are off. This is the moment he was elected for. It’s a miracle he got elected in the first place. Don’t blow it.

Can you cover the GoFundMe effort? In less than 10 minutes, a couple thousand more people donated. A commenter on another website said the point is not so much as raising 1 billion but to show that Trump is not alone.

“border security”? What does that mean? Is Ryan gonna give Trump a couple of drones and some money for new Border Patrol uniforms? It’s the wall and only the wall that matters in this spending bill!

    I’m so disgusted with GOP leadership and Rinos who do not care about border security or the American people. Not enough votes in GOP for the funding- despicable!
    You can’t get up with Ryan via phone, and you can only call KY offices for McConnell.
    Thankful for the Freedom Caucus! Thankful Trump is pushing for security/wall.

    Close The Fed in reply to MarkS. | December 20, 2018 at 4:54 pm

    Mark, Border security means crap. It means, let us use ineffective methods so that illegal aliens can continue to walk across, and we’ll TELL YOU that we’ll track them down and capture them, but then release them into the country.

    I just called my congressman’s office, and the receptionist said he likes “border security” and I pointed out that the $1.6 billion passed for it before SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED TRUMP FROM BUILDING ANY OF HIS PROTOTYPES. NO CONCRETE!!!

    I told her, the wall, NOT border security. Enough of these shell games!!!

    I want to run against the S.O.B.
You need to listen to Rush. He said he was given permission to say that only money for the wall is acceptable.

What’s the point? He doesn’t have the votes. I don’t care about a government shutdown. As far as I’m concerned, they can burn Washington to the ground. We wouldn’t even notice it was missing.

This has been a terrible week for Trump. He’s been mercurial, erratic, more vain than usual. I understand, he’s for the most part all alone.

But unless something happens to kayo or at least give a bloody nose to the Deep State and its horseman Mueller, I don’t see how Trump gets anything more done.

And where the heck is the new Atty Gen?

The people are sending a message in probably the only way possible. The GoFundMe account is going to fail. However, the numbers are increasing. The silent majority is speaking again. Refresh the page about every ten minutes and see the numbers building.

Suddenly got a virus threat for the GoFundMe link…

    I run and always have active, from initial boot-up to shutdown, both MALWAREBYTES (Premium) and MCAFEE Anti-Virus Pro on my desktop rig which I almost exclusively use and am using right now, and I have not only donated to the GoFundMe at the link ( but I’ve also checked the link multiple times per day on a daily basis for the last two days since I donated – as as well as today – and I have not received any notifications of any “virus threats” (or malware threats for that matter) whatsoever. Not even a tickle.

    GoFundMe[dot]com is an extremely reliable website and does not pass on viruses or malware. Not ever. You must be experiencing PEBKAC. In fact, I’m certain it’s just you and your PEBKAC.

      willow in reply to FlatFoot. | December 20, 2018 at 4:36 pm

      Thank you for the information! I would not want to discourage anyone from contributing. I am waiting to get paid. 🙂

What happened to the Art of the Deal? Instead of asking for 5 b he should up it by 1 B until he gets what he wants. With the price going up, it will bring more attention to the issue and congress problem.

    MattMusson in reply to MarkSmith. | December 20, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    He should start adding people to the list that get shut down.
    Right now only 20+% of the government actually does not get paid.

    How about if he held Congress’ salaries? And, their aides. And their healthcare payments?

Trump’s tweets over the Christmas break will be spectacular.

Well this is a testament to Trump supporters having his back, I believe it game him his mojo back after a tough week

I stand with Trump, as long as he is willing to stand and fight for us…

Paul Ryan could have funded the entire wall by now but he did not.

He is obviously bought and paid for.

Trump can’t do this work by himself.

Now that Nancy is back in charge of the House the GOP can go back to complaining about what they could do if only they had control.

Complete theater.

    Close The Fed in reply to Y2K. | December 20, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    Y2K, I think Ryan is a true believer in unlimited immigration. He got these crazy ideas while working for Jack Kemp. I knew Kemp proposed “enterprise zones,” but was unaware of Kemp’s advocacy for more immigration.

    Shame on me.

If he breaks his word, I’m removing the TRUMP sticker from the back window of my vehicle.

    If he breaks his word, I’m calling Mad Maxine and tell her “You go girl!”

    fscarn in reply to snopercod. | December 20, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    Not having Hillary, judges/USSC, immigration. Those motivated me to vote for DJT. If he caves on immigration, not only am I gone (and a lot of others) but he won’t get anything meaningful done for the rest of his term. And no 2d term either. All of which is just woeful because there is no other GOPer who has the fire-in-the-belly like Trump, meaning we’ll likely get a D as POTUS. So a lot is riding on Trump acting confrontationally on the CR. Once the CR runs out in February the GOP, having lost the House, will have really diminished clout. Trump wimped out signing that Omnibus spending bill earlier this year. If he fails us now . . .

Figure out a way for politicians to get rich building a wall and you would have one 40′ tall extending to Hawaii.

Too many nay-sayers! Have some faith in The Donald.

The ironic thing is that if Trump says ‘no’ to the swamp, he wins. If he folds to the swamp, he loses.

He knows the score.

Keep supporting him like your future depends on it.

I am all for the wall, but I do need to remind you that he already broke his word. He promised us that Mexico would pay for the wall. NOT the American taxpayer. So…..I have to disagree on this one.

American Human | December 20, 2018 at 4:10 pm

Cue the CNN cameras finding the poor forgotten hardworking government prole who just wants to take care of his family and have a nice Christmas yadda yadda….

I hear you, but that was not the deal. The deal was not hopefully we can recoup the cost from Mexico later. The deal was that they would pay for it. I really don’t want my tax money going to that when we need massive infrastructure repair. we can also use that money to help develop a healthcare system that actually works, whatever that may be

My comment is that according to the law, persecution allows for filing a claim, not a guarantee to stay. Economic disadvantage is not a reason.

Lots of Trump bashing going on. Despite his flaws, his election remains the best choice available on Nov 8. The hard right is only good at eating its own, not at defeating the libs. Remember when Boehner was deposed? The hard right who deposed him was ecstatic. “We killed the monster!” Then we got Ryan, because they only focused on who they hated, not who would replace him. (If you want to know why there isn’t money for the wall, you might look at Ryan, eh?) Lots of brave talk here today about how bad Trump is and how people won’t support him if he ‘caves’. According to them, his whole presidency hinges on the wall. Screw the judges, tax cuts, etc,only the wall matters. If he caves, they won’t support him, they claim. They’ll let the dems win. Cut off their noses to spite their faces. That’ll show him. What they won’t do is the hard work of finding a candidate to replace him in 2020. They’ll do like last time and let someone else do the hard work while they sit on the sidelines and criticize. This is not about Trump, it’s about conservativism. It’s not about what you think is the perfect candidate, it’s about who can defeat the dems. Conservativism can’t win if the dems get elected. That’s truth, all else is BS. If you don’t like Trump, find a replacement. If you can’t find a replacement and get him over the line in the primary, then Trump is what conservativism has to work with today. Accept that and try to make tomorrow better.

I have yet to hear a single word from Trump’s critics on LI proposing a candidate for 2020. Are you going to wait until Aug 2020? It takes time to depose a sitting president. You are already late to the party. Who is your champion? How do you get him through the primaries? Or are you all hat and no cattle – like last time? Conservativism deserves better than acolytes who recite the catechism and go to prayer meetings. It deserves fighters who know that winning is the most important thing in politics, and that you sometimes have to use imperfect tools to achieve victory. The time to fight among ourselves is during the primary. After that, we fight the dems. Or we do if we want conservativism to win.

If Donald Trump Cured Blindness . . .

the VERY first thing you would hear from conservatartds, Nanny Pelosi, Chucky Schumer, Don Lemon, Samantha Bee, Rachel Madcow, Maxine Waters, the NBC Nightly Snooze, Sleeze-B-Us Evening Snooze, WaPo, etc., etc., would be that . . .

Donald Trump obviously hates the deaf.

The news media would say that Obama started the research, almost had it done, and Trump stole the credit.