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Incoming Dem Rep Ilhan Omar Mocks VP Pence’s Christian Faith

Incoming Dem Rep Ilhan Omar Mocks VP Pence’s Christian Faith

Omar already caused controversy with anti-Semitic tweets and support for Israel boycott, now she goes after Christians

Representative-elect Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has demonstrated that she has no more use for Christians than she does for Jews.

In a remarkably snarky tweet devoid of any degree of self-awareness, she mocks Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith, but don’t expect her to get the same treatment that conservative commentator Laura Loomer received when she was banned from Twitter for pointing out proven facts about Omar.

Omar, you may recall, is an avowed Islamist who has tweeted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

She also touts a favorite (and false) leftist-Islamist claim that Israel is an “Apartheid regime.”

Additionally, Omar is a proud supporter of the BDS movement that calls for a boycott, academic and otherwise, of Israel.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising that someone so steeped in misguided and visceral hatred for Israel and the Jewish people would also disdain and mock Christians.

She tweeted:

Can you even begin to imagine the blow-back if a conservative Christian or Jewish representative-elect posted a tweet mocking Islam and Mohammed?

They’d not only get banned from Twitter but would be shamed, bullied, and harassed until they apologized and lost their job/career/livelihood (and lived under the threat of a fatwa).

The Daily Caller reports:

Minnesota Democratic Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar is drawing fire for a tweet she posted Tuesday of Vice President Mike Pence along with the words, “Jesus take the wheel!”

Omar’s headline also included the hashtag #BorderWall. The picture of Pence with his eyes closed was taken during Tuesday’s explosive meeting between President Donald Trump, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer on the topic of border wall funding. Along with being a familiar saying to many Christians, the phrase “Jesus Take The Wheel,” is also the name of country superstar Carrie Underwood’s first number one song.

The comment did not go over well on Twitter.

One of my favorite persons on Twitter noted the vile hypocrisy of the Big Tech purging of conservatives from all forms of social media while allowing racism and religious bigotry directed at white Christians.

Keep in mind, Omar is a rising star in the Democrat Party, constantly in front of the cameras as the new face of Democrats.  Maybe that’s a good thing . . . for Republicans.


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This woman is a disgusting bigot, and lies even lower than maxine waters.

The mockery this POS brings upon the Congress is staggering. The vilification she brings upon the democrat party is even worse.

This is how pre-war Gernmany’s Reichstag began to degenerate. And it’s happening here, right before our eyes.

    This is main stream Muslim thinking. Her presence may actually turn out to be for the good as more and more will begin to understand what Islam is all about. From these early remarks I think we have one who can’t/won’t keep her Islamic thoughts to herself.

      murkyv in reply to fscarn. | December 15, 2018 at 10:09 pm

      Just don’t be surprised when Nancy places her on the House Select Committee on Intelligence, along with Andre Carson

    There are some important differences, though. We are not a humiliated nation, we are not suffering economic chaos and rampant inflation, and we are not seeking a socialist (or national socialist) cure. We are not beaten, defeated, or in any other way susceptible to the crazy rantings of people like Omar.

    These people should be allowed to voice their hate, their bigotry, their racism, their anti-Semiticism far and wide. Americans will hear it and the vast majority will be repelled. To their core repelled.

      “We are not a humiliated nation, we are not suffering economic chaos…and we are not seeking a socialist…cure. We are not beaten, defeated, or in any other way susceptible to the crazy rantings of people like Omar.”

      Fuzzy, I beg to differ. We aren’t exactly the Weimar Republic, but neither was the Weimar Republic – before it became the disaster it did.

      To most young people – and the psychos we allow to teach them – we are a humiliated nation. To the media, we are a humiliated nation. To the likes of either obama, we are a humiliated nation. The the likes of democrat Brownshirts, we are worse:
      Former anarchist explains the ‘rise of violence on left’

      Take the likes of this tumor Obar (and her idiot counterpart, Hitler-Cortez) very seriously.

      The camel’s nose is under the tent. the body will soon follow – which it seems like it has.

        I see your point, Fine. But Hitler had the Treaty of Versailles to build on and stoke a sense of injustice and ill treatment of the German people . . . and that was not completely unjustified. What comparable thing does the left have? Illusion, lies, political correctness, “social justice,” and dogmatism do not a socialist revolution make.

        Indeed, if 2016 was any indicator, the American people “get it” and reject the left’s narrative. That’s a good thing. 🙂

          The idea really being: look where we are, and who’d have EVER thought it possible?

          Yes, 2016 was a relief. But 2018 brought back Pelosi. You can cut it with a knife.

          “But Hitler had the Treaty of Versailles to build on…”

          The likes of Hilter-Cortez have Obamacare to build on.

          Well, there are those 3 million more votes for Hillary. More than likely at least some of them were valid.

          JusticeDelivered in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | December 17, 2018 at 9:04 am

          Churchill really had their Muslim’s number, he was right then and now.

          The real problem with allowing Muslims into America, or any other non Muslim country, is that they overrun and conquer via excessive breeding. Islam should be classified as a cult and practitioners either neutered or expelled.

          Failure to reign them in now will be incredibly costly later, and could well lead to a new dark age.

        I am about ready to have her burst into song… like … “The Future Belongs to Me” but devoid any Brown Shirts…. Hajibs maybe.

      Except Americans are being replaced. That’s the whole point and it just flew right over your head. Unless we end immigration it will end up just like this all over the U.S. The only way this ends without Balkanization is if we’re allowed to digest this pig we swallowed after the last Fifty years.

      Most immigrants to this country don’t want to assimilate and they don’t have to. We do not have magic dirt. If you do not accept that this is the inevitable end of mass migration you will never solve this problem.

      Every wave of Americans has changed US politics to one degree or another. This is how Islamic Africa will keep changing America.

      DieJustAsHappy in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | December 17, 2018 at 4:47 pm

      “We are not a humiliated nation.”

      Yet, we are being humiliated. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and we’ve reached the point that it is year after year. As President Donald and First Melania Trump are routinely trashed (you fill the known suspects), as illegals are allowed to enter this country and all the while giving us the middle finger, when our Judaic-Christian Heritage is degraded and mocked while the attempts to elevate Islam continue, when a Representative-elect mocks the faith of Vice-President Pence, as the history of our nation is taught in a corrupted form, many of our colleges and universities are dens of propaganda, and, need I continue. Oh, yes, indeed, we are being humiliated. And, as if to rub salt in open wounds, it’s made all the worse in that any number of America’s citizens are gleeful at this downfall.

      Maybe, my view is too limited and narrow. However, from what I see on a daily basis it’s most difficult to be optimistic.

        Your view is 100% correct. We need a revolution to fix things … which may involve patriots using the 3S Solution:

        1. Shoot
        2. Shovel
        3. Shut up

        As a country, we should rue the day the dems [led by Ted the Swimmer] passed the 1965 Immigration Act … the beginning of the end.

    THIS “MUSLIM”, From Mn. Should be “de-frocked”, immediately! Where is the “freedom of religion”, that we in America believe in?

    By this behavior, she should be “disqualified”, from political service in America! Was she “elected” in a predominantly Muslim area?

    Congress had better pass some legislation asap!…..that ensures our Constitution, & basic creed of America……”DON’T ALLOW MUSLIM’S TO TAKE OVER THIS COUNTRY”! ! ! ! ! !

Allah sucks. So there’s that.

    JOHN B in reply to UJ. | December 15, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    Don’t you understand that talk like that will make them mad and threaten to kill all of us?

    Oh, I forgot, they were already mad and threatening to kill all of us.

    Great line. Short and to the point.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to UJ. | December 17, 2018 at 10:43 am

    All these Muslim martyrs suck, so we need to do sex change operations on those we catch, dump them in prison for a few years, video streaming their acts of penance, and then execute them, perhaps drowning them in pigs blood. We need a high profile PR campaign about how impotent they are, and that is why none of the 72 virgins has to worry about being raped (Mohammad was a rapist of women and children).

This shouldn’t be surprising. She believes she is being a good Muslim according to whatever sect she belongs. She probably would advocate the destruction of Israel (active destruction that is) and the final genocide of Jews if she thought she could get away with it.

Interesting shmata she’s wearing–my grandmother had a tablecloth that looked like it.

I believe this is the way it begins…unAmerican sentiments being spread by .. who? Immigrants with NO sense of America … although they are perfectly happy to partake of America. Has this POS ever thanked America for allowing her to settle here?

Let’s be done with this spawn of psychotic hate and world-wide terrorism:

Here it is:

Islam: References to Jews and Christians in the Koran:

Many Minnesota voters said that they think like she thinks. She was elected.

I’m guessing the FGM made her this way.

Time to send the Air Force into Minnesota and turn them into pillars of salt.

The islamic pig who married her own brother.

franciscodanconia | December 15, 2018 at 9:43 pm

So Congress is about to become more “culturally enriched” with her. She has nothing original to bring to the table, just the same old recycled Dem garbage. We can expect her to hide behind being a “muslim woman of color”, no doubt in my mind.

She is a natural conservative. You can see the wisdom of that in California. That state has turned hard conservative by the influx of illegals and legal immigrants. They have revitalized both democratic politics by replacing the, ‘dead wood’ with fresh growth and American nationalism by their perfect counter example.

You write like this couldn’t be and wasn’t predicted. Just like a few here still don’t understand why Trump won. You’ve elevated the outsider over the core American nation now say, ‘Oh no, they’re not like us!’ Well no surprise there. You expect aliens with no hint of American pride or identity to be American? You expect the American nation as a whole will enjoy this? This was why you got Donald Trump.

Oh my goodness, they don’t like Jews! Well you don’t say. You invite these people in who at home despise Jews, go out of their way to promote hatred then cluck like chickens when they hear the coyote howl. Repeal birthright citizenship. Fourth generation to allow voting. End immigration. Build the damn wall or see this get worse.

Saying, ‘Dems are the real racists!’ is simply posturing and preening. It’s literally noise salad because everyone knows it’s true. Even the dems know it. Pointing and yelling at these gerrymandered election paper Americans is just as useless. Our system has been perverted since 1965 and bent to produce results exactly like this. Work to end the immigration for at least a century, I don’t hold out much hope, but it’s the only way to possibly survive this peacefully through assimilation. Unless and until you do, this will be the results.

    alaskabob in reply to forksdad. | December 16, 2018 at 1:16 pm

    “Conservative”… but only so far. In California, the “conservative” “newcomers” are happy to vote Progressive to make their lives easier…either not knowing where the money really comes from or not caring. Yes, Islam has “conservative” values but in the end only for the benefit of the Ummah.

So… “Flush the koran” would be an inappropriate response?

I’m so confused.

It’s amazing how followers of Islam are so obsessed with temporal things.(destruction of Israel , creation of the Calliphate). Where’s the transcendence, folks?!

Rev War Two, we need you. The USA requires cleansing.

About what one would expect from a participant of the cults of murder,mayhem and Marxism.

Islam on the move! First we take Michigan! Next we take DC!!

It would be nice to wipe that smug expression off Ms Obar’s face by hitting her in the head with a Bible……….a concrete one at that! The extreme cold up in Minnesota must be affecting people’s brains!

IS she from the same district as that friend of Farrakhan and current Democratic National Committee chairman? He was defeated inhisstatewide bid to become attorney general.
But that particular district must be a real den of woggism. It badly needs review by the immigration authorities. How many “liberal Jews”–an oxymoron if there ever was one–were sufficiently stupid to complain when Trump tried to block further dog immigration.

I meant vice chairman

This is what happens when MN admits boatloads of Somalis …. this country is going down the tubes so fast it boggles the mind.

This offensive tweet is now a week old. No evidence of it being reported on the web site of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Some animals are more equal than others.