The Twitter purge continues, but only of certain people.

If you are an Islamist anti-Semite like Louis Farrakhan, Linda Sarsour, or Congresswoman-elect Ihlan Omar, you are safe. If you are the military wing of Hamas, you are safe. If you are an unhinged anti-Trump conspiracy theorist, you are safe.

If you are accused of being “far right” (regardless of whether that’s an accurate description), you are at risk.

Alex Jones, who is no conservative but is put in the “far right” box by the media, has been deplatformed from numerous social media services, in a charge led by CNN.

If you thought it would stop at Alex Jones, you haven’t been paying attention, as I wrote in The Big Tech censorship storm has landed:

The targeted takedown of Jones was strategic.

Few people want to defend the substance of his content. So CNN gets to wrap itself in self-righteousness, even though it was an act by CNN of political activism.

And yes, these are private companies who can do what the government cannot. We understand that. But they have taken on a role approaching public utilities, without whom we can’t communicate politically.

This is something we’ve covered a lot in the past year, how an oligopoly of left-leaning high tech firms control virtually all of our social media interactions….

The social justice warriors have moved from shouting down speakers on campus to pressuring high tech companies to expand the definition of “hate speech” and “community standards” to the point that anything right of center is at risk….

These social justice censors start with neo-Nazis, then define everyone who opposes them as the equivalent of neo-Nazis. So they move on to Alex Jones, then the NRA, and won’t stop until mainstream conservatives are banned….

This battle is not about Alex Jones. Anyone who thinks it is, hasn’t been paying attention.

Laura Loomer just got the Twitter boot because of a tweet calling out Minnesota Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar.

Loomer is a “controversial” figure because of her bold tactics, such as getting in the face of left-wing politicians and shouting out provocative questions. Those are tactics that the media normally defends when directed at Republicans. She also challenges Islamism, which makes her anathema to the left-leaning media. This all gets her put in the “far right” media box.

Her most famous encounter was disrupting a Shakespeare on the Park production depicting the killing of Trump:

Here is the tweet that got Loomer suspended:

Here is one of Ilhan Omar’s most controversial tweets, widely condemned as perpetrating anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel. #Gaza #Palestine #Israel

Whether Loomer was accurate in all the details of her criticism of a politician, her commentary was not out of line with what happens every second on Twitter in terms of political discourse.

Here’s Loomer’s explanation of what happened, including her simultaneous 30-day suspension from Facebook:

Why would Twitter single out Loomer? Omar is a politician and doesn’t hesitate to criticize others in the worst possible ways. The language used about Omar was mild in comparison to the vitriol heaped on Republican politicians.

Even people who are not fans of Loomer are defending her over the Twitter suspension.

Of course there are others, like Michael Avenatti, who are celebrating:

Which is not surprising considering Avenatti was “Loomered”:

Perhaps the worst take was when prominent feminist author Jessica Valenti used the Twitter ban as an excuse to mock Loomer’s looks, which goes to show you that feminism as practiced by people like Valenti is a fraud:

Unless there is a lot more to this, this looks like another Twitter targeted hit based on a double-standard of what is acceptable political discourse.

If you think social media deplatforming will stop at Laura Loomer, then you haven’t been paying attention.


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