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Susan Rice Considers Running Against Susan Collins

Susan Rice Considers Running Against Susan Collins

‘Like so many Americans, I am deeply disappointed in Senator Collins’ vote for Kavanaugh. Maine and America deserve better’

The Obama administration was stuffed to the gills with unsavory characters, but one that stands out above most others is Susan Rice. And now she’s hinted that she might consider running against Senator Susan Collins (R-ME).

As we’ve covered here at LI, Rice has been at the center of far too many Obama-era scandals. From lying about the cause of the Benghazi compound attack that left four men, including an American ambassador dead, to lying about the deserter Bowe Bergdahl having “served with honor and distinction, to unmasking Trump campaign officials, Rice was front and center.

Rice is now suggesting that she will run against Collins.

The Daily Mail reports:

Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice has hinted that she may challenge Susan Collins for her Senate seat in 2020 following her announcement to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

When another Obama official tweeted asking who would challenge Collins in the 2020 Senate election, Rice said she’d rise to the occasion replying ‘Me’, stirring surprise on the internet.

Rice also condemned Collins for pledging support to Kavanaugh despite the multiple allegations of sexual assault against him.

. . . .  Rice followed up with a clarifying tweet saying: ‘Many thanks for the encouragement. I’m not making any announcements.’

‘Like so many Americans, I am deeply disappointed in Senator Collins’ vote for Kavanaugh. Maine and America deserve better,’ she added.

Rice has a home in Maine and her mother was born there, meaning she could run for a senate seat there.

Asked by Laura Ingraham about a possible Rice challenge and promises of financial support for any Collins challenger, Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) responded with his familiar deadpan understatement:  “”Senator Collins will be well-funded, I can assure you.”


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Come on out of the woodwork honey. Let’s have a public discussion about your corruption and law-breaking during the Jugears Years.

I would personally go to Maine to work against Rice

She is delusional

The ads and debates write themselves

”Senator Collins will be well-funded, I can assure you.”

This is supposed to be good news?

Hey, let’s keep Lucy as our football holder! Then she can screw us over next time, too!

Of course Rice, one of America’s premier liars, is impossible. So is that all the parties can come up with for the Senate? Two thoroughly ridiculous women? Sounds like somebody’s not trying very hard.

Collins and her staff must be high-fiving each other right now at the thought that the Donks would actually be stupid enough to put up an incompetent like Rice up for the slaughter.

Susan Lies and Jen Sucky. Aren’t the fawning networks paying these two crooks enough?

If she loses, she’ll blame it on some obscure YouTube video.

    Andy in reply to UJ. | October 6, 2018 at 1:32 pm

    I was just thinking that… all Collins needs to do is buy ad time and run that youtube claim on an endless loop- along with the fact that she was part of the team that blocked additional security and then stood by and let those at the embassy die.

    guyjones in reply to UJ. | October 6, 2018 at 5:11 pm

    Good one!

Susan doesn’t realize she’s nothing but the hired help. Her job is to do the dirty work for the folks in charge, not to actually be the one calling the shots. Her job was to lie to save Obama in 2012, thereby forfeiting any chance for elective office. Her pay off was NSA, and there her political career would end. She hasn’t quite figured that out.

    dunce1239 in reply to danoso. | October 6, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    Senators rarely call the shots. Most of them are like the rooster foghorn leghorn, crowing and strutting, but not much else.

I doubt that Rice will run against Collins. In the first place, Rice might be in prison come election day, 2020. This is just a pressure tactic to try and get Collins to change her specified vote.

And thus began the unlikely series of events that led me to donate to a Susan Collins campaign.

They know she doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell but like Beto, Ocasio, Gillum etc. the Dems know how to fleece the stupid progs and find a good platform to get their message out.

The Progs will send their money. Lots and lots of it. The polls will say how close the race is, how well people are responding to the message…right up to election day when they get trounced.
And then they will say they say, “We were so close! Send more money to continue the fight. Send money!!”

Schools are broken, give us more tax money! Need a fast rail. Give us more tax money! Funny how they never fix the problems. And funny how rich these politicians become.

Same trick, works every time. Progs NEVER get wise to the trick.

    elle in reply to elle. | October 6, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    And the best part of it from the Dem point of view is Collins will have to spend money like crazy for what should be an easy win.

    Sometimes I wish the Republicans were this clever. When Dems know they can’t win a race, they pick an issue that is high profile and raises passion and then they tell their faithful they are going to win. Send money! And the morons send money. Then their lackeys in the media and polling business tell the nation how EVERYONE AGREES that the loser is going to win because everyone agrees with the message. So close! Send more money!

    And then they lose.


It is with great regret that i must agree with her, She is technically an American.

if she moves here (I am in maine) she would win, leaving me with angus king and rice…..yay.
greater portland/lewiston/auburn maine areas would do anything to make her win.
damn I wish for a repeal of the 17th but will never happen.

see people saying she could not win here.
idiotic statements.
its bad here, she could easily win.
2 major newspapers in state, bangor daily and portland press herald owned by congresswoman chellie pingree husband.
and both are very left leaning.

    elle in reply to dmacleo. | October 6, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    Maybe she could have a month ago. But the Dems have now been exposed as being willing to tell vicious lies with a straight face.

    Wait until American public hears about how the Obama administration spied and colluded with Fusion GPS. Wait until the perp walks start.

    Rice has proven she is willing to look into the camera and lie. I predict it will be very out of fashion by the next election.

I have a house in central coast Maine. Don’t judge the whole state by Portland.

    I’ve lived here full time (except 3 years in army) for 50 years.
    and politically the greater bangor area is now an extension of portland area.

G. de La Hoya | October 6, 2018 at 2:44 pm

I wonder what level of clearance Rice still has. She is a branded liar. I wonder if Collins would attempt to make that stick. I’m guessing, no 🙂

If she runs a campaign, I’m sure it will be by the book.

P.S. This lady was part of the effort to produce America’s first political prisoner in my lifetime: that Benghazi filmmaker.

    elle in reply to Matt_SE. | October 6, 2018 at 3:18 pm

    That’s right. Let them run her. The American people need to hear about what really happened with regard to Benghazi and the aftermath. It will be good that they will not be able to keep that under wraps anymore.

oh lookie. Someone else we let get up off the mat.

She should be in prison, but no, we’re going to let her run for the United States Senate instead.

Just like we did with Hillary.

Because we are stupid.

Notice that “judicial temperament” Rice has. Lying as an art form.

NY elected a senator with no relationship to the state. But that’s NY. NY only had one senator representing the state during her time as senator. The other one. She represented only herself.

My last year in the Navy was spent in Maine. NAS Brunswick. Great place. Learned a lot about Maine during that time. Should the Democrats suffer a brain fart and nominate her, her defeat will be epic in numbers. Natives there aren’t going to turn out en masse to vote for someone who wasn’t born and bred in Maine. If your family came to Maine even when you were an infant, you’re an outsider until the day you die. Your kids will be natives…. Maybe.

Born in Washington D.C.- Maine will be her first opportunity at full citizenship. I’ve never understood Maine’s voters, but I didn’t think they’d just flop over for a D.C. denizen as New York did.

Does the vile and mendacious Obama lackey, Rice, actually have any connections to the state of Maine?

Or, as with carpetbagger, crone Hillary, does she just think that she will fly in on a private jet, and, that the local rubes will roll out the red carpet for her, because she once worked for the sainted Obama?

The off-the-charts self-reverence, arrogance and naked egotism of the Obama alumni is stunning. Taking after their former boss, in every nauseating way.

Never underestimate the power of White guilt.

Here’s hoping that when Huber gets done, Rice will be indicted & pleading the 5th … until she gives up her boss.

With a dearth of evidence, and a statute of (reasonable, rational) limitations long expired, Democrats jumped the Ass, again. Warlock trials are unconstitutional. The Twilight Amendment will not save them.

Five gets you ten, Rice will gave a great deal of difficulty leaving Obama’s Hareem.

But she’s welcome to leave the seraglio.