The internet mob attack on Zina Bash was the lowest point in days filled with low points of disruptions and protests against Brett Kavanaugh.

Bash, a former law clerk to Brett Kavanaugh whose husband is a U.S. Attorney appointed by Trump, was singled out because she supposedly flashed a white supremacist hand signal while seated behind Kavanaugh during the hearings. We covered the insanity, Malicious attack on Zina Bash shows how deranged #StopKavanaugh has become

It’s getting hard to describe how insane #TheResistance to Brett Kavanaugh has become.

The first day of hearings, which involved no testimony by Kavanaugh, devolved into a circus.

We’ve already covered today the antics of Democrat Senators trying to abort the hearings by repeatedly interrupting, the disruptions by Linda Sarsour and crew, and the stage and phony claim that Kavanaugh refused to shake the hand of the father of a Parkland school shooting victim.

All those things were stupid political theater….

Bash was sitting behind Kavanaugh as #TheResistance disrupted the hearings. She was in camera view.

Anti-Trump social media users with large followings singled her out for supposedly snide facial expressions and flashing a white power sign.

See her hand resting with her thumb and forefinger together in a manner similar to an “okay” sign? That’s the supposed hand signal.

The whole thing was absurd. The “okay” sign is not a white power signal. Bash has no association with white supremacists. And it was particularly absurd because Bash is Mexican on her mother’s side, and Polish Jewish on her father’s side. Her paternal grandparents were Holocaust survivors.

Yet the accusation streamed through social media. There was a huge backlash against the malicious absurdity, and some of the people who spread the false accusation deleted their tweets.

In an act of defiance to show she was not intimidated, Bash resumed her position in the first row behind Kavanaugh, again visible to the live stream TV cameras.

And then, late last night as Kavanaugh’s testimony was winding down, Bash trolled the haters by flashing that she was okay, with her hand raised.

She has internet fame again, but this time people are loving it.

But don’t think #TheResistance has stopped bringing the crazy.

At the same time Bash was sitting in the Kavanaugh hearings in DC last night, anti-Kavanaugh Twitter users claimed to see her standing behind Trump at his rally in Montana.

But don’t call them crazy!


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