Give the media an obvious political stunt and they’ll run with it like it’s fact, Fred Guttenberg Edition:

Fred Guttenberg lost a child during Nikolas Cruz’s shooting rampage in Parkland, Florida. He was also invited to the hearings as a guest of Sen. Feinstein. Just before the hearings broke for lunch, Guttenberg approached Kavanaugh and attempted to shake his hand. Kavanaugh declined and walked away.

This image of Fred Guttenburg extending a hand was all over the internet, mainly by media who used the image to draw many conclusions about Kavanaugh. The internet responded in-kind, proving hand-shake experts are far more common than you might imagine.

Video of the encounter shows it was seconds-long:

Nevertheless, Kavanaugh was portrayed as cold and heartless.

To the objective onlooker, the situation looks very different. After months of hysteria and an entire morning of intentional disruption (all orchestrated to push lawmakers into prematurely ending hearings), someone approaches Kavanaugh who turns and walks away when security intervenes.

Not to mention the fact that ng>you can actually see the security escort hop up as soon as Guttenberg approaches Kavanaugh.

Security is the reason the White House suggested for the snub heard round the internet:

If his Twitter feed is any indicator, Guttenberg is also a political activist.

Monday, he tweeted:

But you won’t see that tweet mentioned in national media reports lambasting Kavanaugh.

The tweet appearing at the top of his thread, which he’s intentionally pinned to stay in place is as follows:

Of the hearings and encounter, Guttenberg tweeted:

To distinguish himself as an individual unaffiliated with the rest of the obstructionist fray, Guttenberg later tweeted:


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