The only thing worse than pulling a poorly planned and horribly executed political stunt is doubling down on your failure when everyone knows you’ve failed. Sen. Cory Booker should know.

Thursday, Sen. Booker claimed he was intentionally breaking Senate Committee rules by improperly releasing confidential documents, leading to thorough, justified, and humiliating smackdown by Sen. John Cornyn.

Later, it was revealed the documents Booker released had already been cleared, that Booker knew they’d been cleared but pretended he had gone rogue nonetheless.

Friday, Booker was pressed on the timeline. Rather than earning back a little bit of credibility and owning his folly, Booker continually insisted Sen. Cornyn was mean and that he was, in fact, Spartacus.

Sen. Cornyn is far more charitable than most on this matter:

Because this is as perfect as it gets:

And if you’re going to claim likeness to prominent historical figures, you best be right because Newt Gingrich is on the internet and he will own you:


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