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Despite Contradictory Timelines and Info, Cory Booker Really Wants You to Know He’s Spartacus

Despite Contradictory Timelines and Info, Cory Booker Really Wants You to Know He’s Spartacus

Did you know Cory Booker is Spartacus? Because he really wants you to know he’s Spartacus.

The only thing worse than pulling a poorly planned and horribly executed political stunt is doubling down on your failure when everyone knows you’ve failed. Sen. Cory Booker should know.

Thursday, Sen. Booker claimed he was intentionally breaking Senate Committee rules by improperly releasing confidential documents, leading to thorough, justified, and humiliating smackdown by Sen. John Cornyn.

Later, it was revealed the documents Booker released had already been cleared, that Booker knew they’d been cleared but pretended he had gone rogue nonetheless.

Friday, Booker was pressed on the timeline. Rather than earning back a little bit of credibility and owning his folly, Booker continually insisted Sen. Cornyn was mean and that he was, in fact, Spartacus.

Sen. Cornyn is far more charitable than most on this matter:

Because this is as perfect as it gets:

And if you’re going to claim likeness to prominent historical figures, you best be right because Newt Gingrich is on the internet and he will own you:


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Booker can take consolation in the knowledge that T-Bone knows he is Spartacus.

New Jersey must be so proud!

Booker also was improperly dressed for the role as well.

While this is mildly entertaining how about a post on Obama’s sickening speech today.

He actually said this:

“It should not be Democratic or Republican, it should not be a partisan issue to say that we do not pressure the Attorney General or the FBI to use the criminal justice system as a cudgel to punish our political opponents.”

And I haven’t heard one person call him out on it on CNN or even Fox.

Chuckin Houston | September 7, 2018 at 4:13 pm

Spartacus was a Thracian and you Senator are no Thracian. Talk about cultural appropriation.

All he had to do was ask Senators Feinstein and Leahy. They were contemporaries of Spartacus.

From Gingrich – “Booker should study history before he tries to use it. Calling a Senate publicity stunt his “Spartacus” moment was absurd.Spartacus was a gladiator slave who rebelled, lost,was crucified.Booker studied at Stanford, Oxford, Yale Law School. His only risk is being ridiculed.”

Kinda like that new congresswoman who has a economics degree from Boston College

When you’re in your fourth day in the jungle in clothes that smell like shit, in 96% humidity and 105 degree heat, and your nose repels at cordite, blood, and rot, then you can claim hero status. Until then STFU!

What a Bad Ass! B.A. Booker, part of the D-Team.
…and Jersey has the gall to look down there noses at most of the country, Lol ????

But “Sparky” is such a good name for him. I hope it catches on.

ugottabekiddinme | September 7, 2018 at 4:59 pm

“Booker studied at Stanford, Oxford, Yale Law School.”

It must be quite a challenge for someone with such credentials as Booker’s, to achieve demonstrating how incredibly idiotic he is. But -> yes, yes he can!

He’s probably more like Crassus who’s tastes includes both snails and oysters.

What do you mean? Spartacus was a slave. Therefore he was black. … wasn’t he?


Booker did not have to be correct. Why? Because he expects the liberal Democrats, to whom he was playing, to be stupid. whether they are or not is immaterial to him. Warren gets caught falsely claiming to be a Native American. Her supporters do not care. Biden gets caught claiming that he eats at a restaurant, which closed its doors a decade previously, every morning and that he regularly shops in Home Depot, where none of the staff remember ever seeing him in the store. And, no one cares. Barack Obama makes the claim, on several occasions, that he was born in Kenya. And no one cares. And, the list just goes on and on. This leads politicians, particularly liberal politicians, to believe that the liberal citizenry is S-T-U-P-I-D. Maybe they are right? Booker will suffer NO humiliation from this. Neither he nor the friendly media care that his behavior was all an act.

More like Spitwadicus.

Corey Booker in over-sized gladiator skivvies: who else could stomach that image but Barry Odumbo?

If he wants to be Spartacus, I hope he knows history. I wouldn’t mind too much seeing his rotting corpse hang from a cross alongside some Interstate.


The best part was the Bush Library staff expressing confusion at all the drama, saying they had specifically briefed Booker and his staff that night before that the docs had been declassified.

Cultural appropriation? Who does Corey Booker think he is taking from the Thracian Gladiator culture. Shame on you Mr. Booker.

It’s too bad Cory Booker’s constituents are historically illiterate. Maybe he should’ve said he was Julius Caesar or Cleopatra.

Shartacus fits him better.

Actually the reporting on this matter is a useless hashup. All reporters and commenters seem to be treating “classified”, “confidential”, and “committee sensitive” as if they’re synonymous. Committee sensitive material can be cleared for general release only by the chairman and vice chairman of the relevant committee. Personnel at the Bush Library have as much to say about that as anybody else . . . and that is, not a whole hell of a lot. Violation of the procedures as specified in the Senate Rules of Procedure are grounds for referral to the Select Committee on Ethics, where, I imagine, nothing will happen. But it won’t happen in the proper manner, which seems important to the Senate . . . or did at one time.

Cory Booker believes he has a moral obligation to make a publicity stunt, in his quest to run for president in 2020.

Ya’ll will love this:

Don’t they give these morons a class in Constitution 101 when they get into office?

I’m calling out Booker for culture appropriation.

I wonder when Yale Professor Bandy Lee will give us her “professional” diagnosis on the state of Booker’s mind (flashback: )

So I guess that Booker filled the void when Keegan-Michael Key left comedy for serious acting.

Char Char Binks | September 8, 2018 at 1:21 pm