Jacky Rosen hopes to unseat Sen. Dean Heller, the only Republican incumbent in a state failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won. Rosen has a three-point lead over Heller and the DNC has poured a lot of money into her campaign.

Rosen has bragged about building a small business in Nevada. The Reno Gazette Journal and Daily Caller both reviewed public records and found no evidence that Rosen’s software consulting business actually existed.

Rosen has no problem touting her small business on the campaign trail as she tells audiences about her “past experiences as a waitress, computer programmer, mother and family caretaker.” From Reno Gazette Journal:

Interviews with several media outlets show the candidate has also underscored efforts to build a business, often without elaborating on the nature of that work.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal, New York Times, RGJ and Yahoo News have all made brief, undetailed mentions of Rosen’s past career as a consultant. In April 2017, Rosen told C-SPAN she “raised a family, built a business,” and “took care of my parents and in-laws as they aged.” The Nevada Appeal added to that account in August, when the paper reported Rosen had built a business as a software designer.

“Like I said, I’ve raised my family, I built a business – a woman in technology,” she said in a November interview with KRNV, the NBC affiliate in Reno. “Look, you’re having a technology boom up here in Northern Nevada. I think it’s fantastic. I want to promote those STEM opportunities so that we can continue to grow across the state that way.”

However, Reno Gazette Journal found no evidence in its review of public records “that Rosen held a state or local business license for the software consulting shop” she has mentioned in interviews.

Her campaign claims Rosen “ran the unnamed, one-woman operation between 1993-2002” and supposedly had two clients: Southwest Gas, her former employer, and Radiology Specialists, which is a physician group that employed her husband as a partner. Reno Gazette Journal continued:

Southwest Gas confirmed Rosen worked for the company as a programmer from April 1990 to January 1991. A spokeswoman said she could not prove that the first-term congresswoman consulted for Southwest because the company does not keep “non-pipeline” contracts beyond seven years.

Radiology Specialists, Rosen’s other main consulting client, could not be reached.

State officials said that prior to 2003, the former computer programmer would not have been required to seek a state license for her Henderson-based consultancy, provided she didn’t hire any employees.

But officials in Rosen’s adopted home of Henderson said she would’ve needed a local license to operate a for-profit business within city limits. David Cherry, a city spokesman, added that a city policy requires business records to be destroyed one year after a business closes or one year from when a license is not renewed.

The Daily Caller reached out to the Nevada secretary of state in April for public records on Rosen’s business. The publication asked for “a copy of any ‘Sole Proprietor Exemption’ or ‘Sole Proprietor Registration’ under Rosen or her maiden name between 1995 and 2005.”

The publication received an email a week later that said these records do not exist even though business owners must have those registrations in Nevada.

Rosen was caught in another lie last year when she claimed she received a degree in psychology and computer science at the University of Minnesota. Yeah, um, the computer science degree did not exist during her time there and The Atlantic had to update an article to reflect this point.

Heller wasted no time releasing an ad attacking Rosen:


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