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Dem Presidential hopefuls are all ‘Democratic Socialists’ now: Elizabeth Warren demands #AbolishICE

Dem Presidential hopefuls are all ‘Democratic Socialists’ now: Elizabeth Warren demands #AbolishICE

Trump: “they’re going to get beaten so badly… I love that issue if they’re going to actually do that”

It’s Official.

The Abolish ICE movement is now a full-blown Democratic Party thing.

We noted in “Abolish ICE” is Democrat for “Open Borders” and Yes, Dems are actually going to run on that, that the movement gained steam after New York Socialist Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put out the call, and it was picked up by presidential hopefuls Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris.

Elizabeth Warren doesn’t want to be left behind in the race to win the support of 2020’s Democratic Socialist base, so Warren jumped on the Abolish Ice bandwagon today.

CNN reports:

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Saturday called for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be replaced with an agency that reflects America’s morality and “that works,” joining the growing chorus of Democrats who have called for the agency to be scrapped.

“The President’s deeply immoral actions have made it obvious — we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom, starting by replacing ICE with something that reflects our morality and that works,” Warren said at an immigration protest against family separations in Boston, Massachusetts, which was among hundreds of marches, protests and rallies taking place across the nation Saturday.

“President Trump seems to think the only way to have immigration rules is rip parents from their families, is to treat rape victims and refugees like terrorists and to put children in cages,” Warren told the large crowd of protesters who gathered outside Boston’s City Hall Plaza.

She added, “This is ugly, this is wrong, and this is not the way to run our country.”

This will play to the base, but is unlikely to play beyond that because everyone understand that when Democratic Socialists say ABOLISH ICE, what they really mean is ABOLISH BORDERS. They certainly don’t mean that they want better border enforcement. Certainly ICE can be improved, but everyone understands that the Abolish ICE movement is about open borders.

Leading Democrats appear to be living in the same type of bubble that led to Trump’s victory. A recent Harvard/Harris poll showed strong support for border security:

Although American voters are sympathetic to immigrant families being separated at the border, they demand stronger border security and immigration enforcement. Voters do not believe that families ought to be separated when they cross illegally (88%), and they support the Trump administration’s late policy reversal, allowing families to stay together (71%), even if it was done unilaterally through an executive order.

A majority of voters want immigration reform (73%) and secure borders (76%). Voters also want stricter enforcement of immigration laws (70%). Voters support prosecuting immigrants who cross the border illegally (53%) and sending these immigrants home (64%). A majority (55%) also stand against so-called “catch and release” policies.

Expect Republicans to jump all over this new Democratic push. And Trump already has, tweeting:

To the great and brave men and women of ICE, do not worry or lose your spirit. You are doing a fantastic job of keeping us safe by eradicating the worst criminal elements. So brave! The radical left Dems want you out. Next it will be all police. Zero chance, It will never happen!

Fox News reports that Trump is practically jumping for joy that abolishing ICE is the movement Democrats are getting behind:

President Trump is predicting that Democrats will be “beaten so badly” if they campaign on the policy of abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) — just as the once-fringe call to scrap the agency is going mainstream among the left.

In an interview to be aired Sunday with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Trump was asked what he thinks about more Democrats lining up to call for the agency’s abolition.

“Well I hope they keep thinking about it. Because they’re going to get beaten so badly,” he said. “You know ICE, these are the guys that go in and take MS-13, and they take them out. Because they’re much tougher than MS-13, like by a factor of 10. And these are the ones – you get rid of ICE you’re going to have a country that you’re going to be afraid to walk out of your house.”

“I love that issue if they’re going to actually do that,” he added.


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rabid wombat | June 30, 2018 at 7:35 pm

Warren should be one of several “spokesmodels” of the party!

And, “how!”

Republican Party: Hey, we’re proud of being called the Stupid Party. Now watch as we oppose all the things Trump is doing that the public loves.

Democrat Party: Here, hold my imported beer.

Wow! A Native American actually hoping the country will be overrun by foreign invaders—-I’ve seen it all. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Dear Democrats, I like what President Trump is doing and will vote for more in 2020, but I don’t want him to be President for life. Please stop making that happen.

DieJustAsHappy | June 30, 2018 at 7:52 pm

Given the climate ’round much of the country, I’d said that now is not a good time to speak of abolishing “ice.”

“…This will play to the base, but is unlikely to play beyond that because everyone understand that when Democratic Socialists say ABOLISH ICE, what they really mean is ABOLISH BORDERS…”

Fetus: Latin for “offspring.” Synonym: Child.

So the party that’s all in for dismembering children in the womb is now openly calling for abolishing America. Because that’s what abolishing our borders actually means. No more America. Of course, Barack Obama already told us that when he said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” America. The very foundation of America was illegitimate. And are calling Americans who actually love their country “Nazis,” “Fascists,” and are openly calling for a campaign of intimidation and if that fails violence against them.

They hate Americans so much that not only do the want to dismember as many as possible in the womb, they are now aligning themselves with illegal aliens, human traffickers (modern day slavers), sex traffickers, and drug smugglers against them.

    Arminius in reply to Arminius. | June 30, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    In case anyone thinks my link between the Democrats love of abortion and their call to abolish our borders is strained:

    “As liberals excoriate Republican Congressman Steve Scalise for speaking to a group with a reported connection to David Duke, former KKK member, I’m reminded today—on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade—of a moment that liberals will never dare acknowledge: a 1926 speech to the KKK by one of their most revered ideological darlings, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.

    Unlike Scalise, Sanger did not unwittingly speak to a group with a link (direct or indirect) to the KKK through a member. No, Margaret knowingly went directly to the Real McCoy—straight to the dragon’s mouth. In May 1926, a hopeful spring day, this progressive icon, this liberal hero, this founding mother of one of liberalism’s most sacred organizations, Planned Parenthood, an organization that liberals demand we fund with tax dollars, went directly to a KKK meeting and spoke at length to the faithful.

    There’s no excuse for not knowing that Sanger did this, other than the routine self-censorship and self-imposed ignorance that liberals excel at imposing on themselves. Sanger openly wrote about in her 1938 autobiography published by W.W. Norton, one of the leading New York publishing houses…”

    Sanger was a devout racial eugenicist. She despised what she called the American “race of degenerates,” or what Hillary Clinton calls the “basket of deplorables.” She didn’t advocate for birth control and abortion out of any interest in “a woman’s right to choose” or “women’s health.” She targeted women who shouldn’t be allowed to breed because for her it was all about “race improvement.” What she originally founded, before it became Planned Parenthood, she called the “American birth control league.” And her organization published a newsletter called the “Birth Control Review.” And on the masthead she printed her organization’s motto. “Birth Control: To Create a Race of Thoroughbreds.”

    She wasn’t shy about expressing any of this because racial eugenics was all the rage among early 20th century progressives. And frankly I believe it still is. I can not believe for an instant that people like current PP president Cecile Richards, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, etc., don’t know this history. Sanger’s papers are archived at Smith College. Anybody can read them. It isn’t that they don’t know this. It’s just that they can’t talk about it.

    “In this Sangerian vision, blacks were singled out.

    Progressives today dare not raise the alarming specter of Sanger’s ‘Negro Project,’ or her correspondence with Dr. Clarence Gamble, one of her Negro Project collaborators. In a remarkable December 10, 1939 letter today held in the Sanger archives at Smith College (I have a photocopy), Sanger urged Gamble: ‘WE DO NOT WANT WORD TO GO OUT THAT WE WANT TO EXTERMINATE THE NEGRO POPULATION.’

    I’ve written about that letter here before. To be fair, Sanger’s exact meaning isn’t entirely clear, but it seemed clear enough for the boys (and gals) in the white hoods. Thus, she had an open-invitation from the KKK. For the guys and gals at the Klan, what wasn’t there to like?”

    So when I see what’s going on, the agenda of the left, I am reminded of Berthold Brecht’s poem “Die Losung,” or in English “The Solution.”

    “After the uprising of the 17th June
    The Secretary of the Writers Union
    Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
    Stating that the people
    Had forfeited the confidence of the government
    And could win it back only
    By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
    In that case for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another? ”

    On the one hand they have adopted abortion as a means of dissolving the American people, and they’re calling for open borders as part of their effort to elect another.

    Arminius in reply to Arminius. | June 30, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    Brecht wrote this poem after the 1953 East German uprising. That was when the East German people “forfeited” the confidence of the communist party. I suggest that we didn’t need to do anything quite so dramatic to forfeit the confidence of our domestic leftists. All it took were a few election cycles where we resoundingly rejected them. Which is why billionaire Dem donor Tom Steyer is advocating nuclear war.

    If millions have to die to advance the leftist agenda, so be it. Of course, he quickly tried to walk this back. I say “tried” because only a vile human being would say that in the first place. Leftists say the vilest things; every once in a while they reveal the truth. Then they have to walk it back because, as Margret Sanger told her “Negro Project” co-conspirator, they can’t reveal their true exterminationist agenda.

Low skill American workers are really going to appreciate this.

    Anonamom in reply to Anchovy. | July 1, 2018 at 10:27 am

    I think that the Democrats are banking on low-skill workers not UNDERSTANDING any of this. The Democrats don’t seem to think much of the people upon whose votes they rely.

well now, that’s interesting.

The big strategic question of late has been, how will the D’rats jump in 2018 and 2020—will they be the party of Socialist/Communist/Progressive Revolutionaries, or will they be the party of foreign invaders/looting barbarians?

It looks like Ocasio-Cortez is showing them the way—they can be both!

This will ensure they get even more of the 2020 presidential votes than Hillary got in California and New York. Maybe they can get 100%!
Shhhhhh! It’s brilliant!

“Abolish ICE? Are they insane?” He asks rhetorically.

SHAMEFUL, Marching to Support Human Traffickers as Separation is to #ProtectTheChildren as done by every law enforcement worldwide

    Observer in reply to mathewsjw. | July 1, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    Yes, I don’t feel “sympathetic to immigrant families being separated at the border.” They’re being separated because of their own actions and choices.

    I do, however, feel sympathy for the kids who are being used as pawns and human shields at the border. I feel disgust for the parents who are deliberately exposing their own children to the danger of rape and kidnapping and death from the border cartels. I feel even more disgust for the parents who are sending their kids across the border alone, or with smugglers or distant family members (like that uncle who dumped the 6-year old alone in the desert last week). People who use and exploit kids like that deserve no sympathy; they deserve scorn and contempt.

DINORightMarie | June 30, 2018 at 8:36 pm

For all the reasons you note, this is pure insanity. To repeat the oft-stated, yet obvious truth: THIS IS WHAT GOT TRUMP ELECTED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

That said, it is not even based on reality. These so-called “atrocities” are known to have been in place under Obama – all the way back to Clinton, actually – and Obama did the exact same thing without this faux outrage, as several 2014 and 2015 photos and a few news articles from that time document.

They really think this is a winning issue – when anyone who lives in reality knows it is all lies?! Really?!?!

Yes. Yes, they do.

“Lessons from Jonestown: The mass suicide of People’s Temple followers 25 years ago teaches psychologists what happens when social psychology is placed in the wrong hands:”

The joy of watching Fauxcahontas and klinton leading the charge off a cliff. All that’s missing is the poison KoolAid.

    “Indeed, Jonestown should serve as a warning to the social psychology community in what can happen when principles of influence are abused by leaders of an organization, Zimbardo says. Jones, who acted as the pastor of the People’s Temple, studied Orwell’s system of mind control described in “1984” and commissioned a song that his followers were required to sing at Jonestown about the advent of the year 1984, Zimbardo has found.

    “Some of the mind control techniques Orwell described in “1984” that parallel methods Jones used include:

    “Big brother is watching you.” Jones used this idea to gain the loyalty of his followers. He required followers to spy on one another and blasted messages from loudspeakers so that his voice was always present while they worked, slept and ate, Zimbardo says. Self-incrimination. Jones instructed followers to give him written statements about their fears and mistakes and then, if they disobeyed him, he used that information to humiliate them or subject them to their worst fears during public meetings. In “1984,” the main character’s resistance is broken when he is subjected to his worst fear of being covered in rats. Suicide drills. Orwell’s main character said that “the proper thing was to kill yourself before they get you” in a threat of war. Jones had his followers do practice suicide drills right up to the actual mass suicide event. Distorting people’s perceptions. Jones blurred the relationship between words and reality, for example, by requiring his followers to give him daily thanks for good food and work–yet the people were starving and working six and a half days a week, Zimbardo says. Similarly, Orwell described such a technique, which he called “newspeak.”
    By mastering such mind control techniques, Jones was able to gain followers’ obedience and loyalty, Zimbardo says. “Jim Jones is probably the most charismatic cult leader in modern times in terms of his personal appeal, oratory, his sexual appeal, his just sheer dynamism and his total participation in the control of every member of his group,” he explains.

    Mindless compliance

    These mind control techniques–coupled with the creation of a new social environment–provided Jones with a powerful influence over his followers, Zimbardo says.

    Quite arguably, Jones, through his natural understanding of social psychology, knew the way to obtain a strong influence over his followers was to move them from their urban American environment to a remote South American jungle, generating uncertainty in their new surroundings, Cialdini says. And when people are uncertain, they look to others for cues on what to do, research has shown. Zimbardo notes that people are particularly vulnerable when they are in new surroundings, feel lonely or disconnected.

    “When you believe ‘It can’t happen to me,’ that’s when con artists or cult agents have you at their mercy because then you’re not as vigilant to the little situational ploys that can get you to step across the line,” Zimbardo explains.

    Social psychology has shown the “power of the crowd” for decades. For example, in the 1960s, psychologists Stanley Milgram, PhD, Leonard Bickman, PhD, and Lawrence Berkowitz, EdD, demonstrated social influence by having a group of people on a busy New York City sidewalk gaze up at nothing in the sky. When one man looked up at nothing, only 4 percent of passersby joined him. When five people stood on the sidewalk looking up at nothing, 18 percent of passersby joined them. And when a group of 15 gazed upward, 40 percent of passersby then joined, nearly stopping traffic in one minute.

    As other cult leaders have done, Jim Jones used this “power of the crowd” influence in controlling others’ behavior, intellect, thoughts and emotions, says Steven Hassan, a licensed mental health counselor with the counseling group Freedom of Mind and a former cult member. This includes instituting rigid rules and regulations, withholding or distorting information, using hypnotic trances, and generating guilt and fear among followers.

G. de La Hoya | June 30, 2018 at 9:13 pm

Elizabeth Warren sure does have her fingers on the country’s pulse of morality 😉
I’m hoping her DNA gets investigated that proves she is a “moral” lying Sacajawea 🙂

This boggles the mind. A recent Harris/Harvard poll showed that 31% favored disbanding ICE while 69% were against it. The Democrats are running on the idea of open borders while 24% support this idea while 74% is against it. In fact, 61% said they thought border security was inadequate and 70% thought that our immigration laws should be more strictly enforced. Even 84% were against the idea of sanctuary cities – another strong Democrat position. Many, many more questions were asked in in every case the policies and ideas being promoted by Trump were strongly endorsed by the majority. ( wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Final_HHP_Jun2018_RegisteredVoters_Topline_Memo.pdf) (Remove the space for the link to work.)
Now I could understand the Democrats creating these positions if the public was somewhat divided on them, but in just about every case the public was against these Democratic proposals by a 2:1 or far greater proportion. This means the public’s position is very strong with little question of what they want. In fact, rarely does one ever see a poll where the results are rendered so starkly in black and white terms and yet the Democrats are taking positions supported by a tiny minority. This is a guaranteed to lose position and still the Democrats are doubling down on them which makes zero sense.

The Dems have nothing left to run on. They can’t run on the economy. Thy can’t run on the fear of nuclear war. They can’t run on global warming. They can’t run on Trump/Russian collusion, anymore. They are politically destitute. Even with the help of the propaganda wing of the DNC, the MSM, they are going down in flames. So, they latch on to a contrived issue based totally upon emotion which is still opposed by the vast majority of voters.

We are far on the other side of the looking glass in politics, at the moment. while there has always been hyperbole, spin, and even occasional falsehoods used to further political agendas in this country, it has gotten to the point that politics is almost entire falsehoods, from the Democrats and other liberal/Progressives, as well as much of the rest of the political spectrum. And, the worst part of all of this is that the media, which has touted itself as the guardian of the American public, is making NO effort to even appear unbiased and objective. It has reached the point where everyone, of even marginal intelligence, in the US is from Missouri. A person has to live by the motto, “Show Me”.

What a super idea.
Soros makes no profit, they make no paycheck.

Isnt anyone else concerned that these Leftist Loons are actually getting more and more votes? That the infiltration of the school system is spitting out people who cannot remember the 100 million murdered by The Left in the 20th century?!

    murkyv in reply to unommin. | July 1, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    Those 100 million died because of Christianity.

    I know this because a liberal athiest told me so.

At this point, id expect the (quite reasonable) tear down and #rebuildFBI from the Right.

Just do what the Democrats do; rebrand.

Naturalization Immigration Customs Enforcement

NICE detains DREAMRs.