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California Dreaming Week at Legal Insurrection

California Dreaming Week at Legal Insurrection

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It is time for the right to start targeting California for change the way the left has been going after Texas for years.

This man speaks for millions.

This story is already gone.

Laura Ingraham returns this week.

Trump goes forth.

Democrats still have their hands full.

This situation was crazy.

World news.

Branco cartoons!


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Let’s start listing all the things Trump admin can do to isolate and bbn punish Brown/California.
1) Trump should visit California once a month. Meet with officials friendly to federal government, military, and citizens for legal immigration.
2) Look for every way federal government spends/gives money to the state and spend it elsewhere.
3) Trump and DeVos can declare it discriminatory to prohibit federally funded university students from attending functions in other states that disagree with California.
4) Do not assist in enforcement ornprosecution of state offenses. Build a wall between state and federal jurisdictions.
5) Remove access to federal databases for state employees except for necessary law enforcement actions on a need to need basis.
6) Deny funding to every and any infrastructure project possible.