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Will Democrats Run an Old Leftist Northeast Ticket in 2020?

Will Democrats Run an Old Leftist Northeast Ticket in 2020?

“progressive populist ticket offering the most bold and sweeping agenda”

The field of Democrats running for president in 2020 is going to be huge.

Now that the Clintons are out of the way, everyone is going to get into the game and there will be plenty of fresh, young faces. Yet they could end up with an older ticket.

Brent Budowsky, who was a vocal supporter of Sanders in 2016 is pushing for a Sanders Warren ticket.

He writes at The Hill:

A Sanders-Warren ticket could win big in 2020

Let’s consider the Democratic options for the presidential ticket in the 2020 elections, with emphasis on the possibility of a Democratic ticket in 2020 of Sanders for president and Warren for vice president…

Democrats are blessed with a large number of excellent potential candidates in 2020 and should consider and confront the mythology spread by Republicans and some insider Democrats that the most progressive Democratic candidates are not the most electable Democratic candidates.

The first model for a Democratic ticket in 2020 would be led by Sanders and Warren. This would be the progressive populist ticket offering the most bold and sweeping agenda…

Whether one supports Sanders or any other potential candidate in 2020, the case is clear that a strong progressive program and message would give Democrats a decided advantage in any campaign against the scandal-ridden and crony-capitalist-dominated presidency of Trump and his GOP allies in Congress.

This could just be wishful thinking on Budowsky’s part. Most progressives seem to believe they’ll win if they fully embrace the furthest left elements of the party. They may be overestimating the appeal of such a platform on the national level.

Sanders is going to be 80 years old and Warren is no spring chicken either. Plus, they’re both from the northeast. Such a ticket might not play as well as Budowsky thinks in other parts of the country.

Additionally, Sanders and Warren might talk about sticking up for the little guy and representing average people, but their rhetoric is wearing a little thin, considering their personal wealth.

Philip Wegmann make the point well at the Washington Examiner:

Three millionaires discuss income inequality: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Michael Moore plan town hall

Sen. Bernie Sanders will host a televised town hall to discuss the issue of rising income inequality. The Vermont progressive will be joined by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. Because, after all, who is more qualified to talk poverty than three millionaire politicos?

“We’re going to talk about extreme poverty in America,” Sanders told HuffPost, who first broke the news. “Then we’re going to be talking about where we go from here. How do we create an economy that works for everybody and not just the 1 percent?”

That question is the sort of political spectacle that draws a crowd because it’s interesting and because it’s especially hypocritical for the senator to ask. Sanders, Moore, and Warren are incredibly wealthy, beneficiaries of the crony capitalist systems they condemn.

Democrats really haven’t learned anything from the 2016 election. To do so would be an admission that they’ve been headed in the wrong direction. They can’t bring themselves to do it.


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It’s Reds all the way down.

Hey, it worked for Duh Donald…

From Mark Twain in ADAMS DIARY

“…principles have no real force except when one is well fed…”

The Dems are starving. They mock themselves. Think about it: This is the best they have to offer for 2020. Their only path to success is a coup of some type and then there is the damn 2nd Amendment which only leaves Mueller, the MSM, et al.

I feel sorry for them…NOT.

Not a chance that the D’rats will go for such a ticket, and if they do, not a chance that it will be elected.

Bernie the Red isn’t even a Democrat. The D’rats value party solidarity and bloc voting above all else. Bernie doesn’t even pretend to be on that team. The Party will sabotage him just as it did in 2016, and for the same reasons.

And just whose votes will Fauxcahontas deliver? Even if she succeeds in sucking up to the faux (albeit official) Indian bloc, the numbers are minuscule. The D’rats are hot to pander to what they claim are “historically disenfranchised” groups—blacks, illegals, minors, women. And I see no way for her to suck in any of these. Possibly women, but in 2020 the mysterious women’s vote will break for Trump just as before, and for the same reasons.

The socialist appeal won’t work if it pays lip service to “extreme poverty”. Our socialist voters are concerned mainly with who’s going to pay off their horrific college loans. Welfare moms, lettuce pickers, and the usual political props are not really of much interest.

And I say “HILLARY 2020 cuz it’s STILL HER TURN!”

Whoever the Democrats nominate, the press will assert that they are ahead in the polls and that Trump is sure to lose until the evening of Nov. 3, 2020.

This would be the progressive populist ticket offering the most bold and sweeping communist agenda…


The Friendly Grizzly | March 10, 2018 at 4:31 pm

The only Democrat young blood with any name recognition are a handful of Kenndys. Even for the Democrats I think the magic is gone.

I don’t underestimate the ability of the American people to be duped. The one thing that I think could help the Democrats is a woman on the ticket, be it for President or Vice President. I’m not 100% sure Hillary is done, at least in her mind. I agree that to me none of the candidates look at that great. The media will be gushing about them, however, and will ramp up (if that is even possible any more) the negative Trump campaign.

The Hill is just too much with their leftist bias. I see any article in the Hill and know it will have cringe worthy aspects to it.

If Trump keeps up with what he has been doing, and given the number of people back to work, the economy picking up fairly quickly, he should be difficult to beat. While we’ve had two incumbents who lost, Carter and HW Bush, Bush mainly lost because of Perot splitting the Republican/Conservative voting. Incumbents get a decent amount of benefit of the doubt from swing voters, and many don’t like change mid-stream so to speak.

There is a big field of Democrats who will likely run. Other than Oprah, they aren’t high on likability. And they don’t speak like the common person. The more the media rants, I personally think, the better. People push back from those telling them how to think and behave. We shall see. Bernie might run again, though I don’t see the ground swell for him now, and this is probably more for a chance to line his pockets again so he can buy another house.