Since President Trump’s election, the left has morphed into a bizarre mixture of fascist groups “against fascism,” free speech groups that fanatically shut-down speech with which they disagree, and pro-illegal immigrant groups that ignore DACA.  Among all this counterintuitive bluster are the anti-Trump leftists who have taken their Trump Derangement Syndrome to brand-new levels of cringe-worthy derangement.

Remember when model Chrissy Teigen attributed her unhinged mental state to President Trump and demanded he pay for her botox and anxiety meds?

Teigen is not alone in her need for psychological and emotional support for the trauma of the Trump presidency.  Apparently, lefties are not only boozing it up in an effort to numb their pain but are also flocking to “cuddle parties” to “safely” cuddle with complete strangers . . . and to pay $80 for the privilege.

Those who don’t find comfort in the bottle or in the arms of strangers have taken to prepping for the “Trumpocalypse.”

They’re buying more guns and ammo, practicing at firing ranges, learning how to purify water, grow food, and . . . planning how to colonize Mars, debating whether to stock up on recycled toilet paper or to buy Angel Soft from the dreaded Koch brothers, and purchasing “survivalist chic” bug-out kits that include luxury chocolates and expensive face and hair care products (custom monograms available, but these cost extra).

Watch this hilarious Daily Show segment about liberal prepping:

Not every post-2016 traumatized leftie is a “liberal prepper.”  In fact, the executive editor at the New York Times carries an Obama talisman in her purse, presumably to ward off Trump “cooties.”

Writing at the Guardian, Jill Abramson, daydreams about an alternate reality in which a Democrat “blue wave” hits Texas hard.  This was after the Democrat’s abysmal showing in last Tuesday’s Texas primaries.

Abramson wistfully fantasizes:

It’s thrilling to see signs of a Trump rebellion – it could lead to winning control of the House, and maybe the 2020 election.

. . . . Though their optimism may be premature, national Democrats think Ted Cruz can be defeated in November by a well-funded liberal House member from El Paso with the name of Beto O’Rourke, who just won his state’s Democratic Senate nomination.

. . . .  Besides Cruz’s personal unpopularity, there is Trump’s unpopularity affecting the mood in Texas. According to the Washington Post, Gallup’s 2017 year-long average found Trump’s job approval rating at 39% among Texas adults.

Of course, there are months to go until November and Beto has to be considered an underdog. Still, it’s thrilling to see signs of a Trump rebellion building in the Solid South, the Republican base where religion, racism and love of guns have advantaged Republicans since Richard Nixon’s election in 1968.

Trump rebellion? Her “well-funded liberal House member from El Paso with the name of Beto O’Rourke” is a joke, and Texans, while having a healthy sense of humor, are unlikely to vote for a pro-amnesty, anti-Second Amendment, pro-abortion joke over a proven Senator who “gets” Texas . . . and America.

Abramson’s completely off-base assessment ends with the most singularly bizarre admission I’ve ever heard.

It’s easy to look at what’s happening in Washington DC and despair. That’s why I carry a little plastic Obama doll in my purse. I pull him out every now and then to remind myself that the United States had a progressive, African American president until very recently. Some people find this strange, but you have to take comfort where you can find it in Donald Trump’s America.

Who carries a plastic doll talisman of Obama?  Who admits to carrying a plastic doll talisman of Obama?

I have no words.

That’s bizarre, right?  By any normal standard of behavior, carrying a plastic talisman of a former president in your purse is . . . weird.  This is beyond “normal” eccentric behavior and way into deeply weird territory.

With this “I carry a plastic Obama doll wherever I go” stuff, I thought I’d heard it all.

That is until the prof sent me this link about an anti-Trump leftist so traumatized by Trump’s election that he bought a farm in Ohio, shut himself off from all news, and worked on wood projects in complete ignorance of all that is going on in the country.  This 53-year-old, a life-long bachelor (no wonder!), decided that the best approach to the Trump presidency was to disconnect totally from the news in some sort of resistance to (unhealthy denial of?) the Trump presidency.

Well . . .  having shut himself off from all news and current events, he did somehow manage to get the New York Times to go to Ohio (this is no easy feat outside a presidential election year; the NYT is notoriously uninterested in flyover country during “off” years).

This guy sounds like someone peddling a book, hoping his Howard Hughes’ approach to the Trump germ will translate into millions of dollars in book sales.  This seems unlikely.  This piece is so mind-numbingly boring that either the NYT writer is singularly lacking in talent or this guy is boring to the bone (or sounds so nuts that the Times writer didn’t want to take any chances by revealing it).

The left is not dealing well with the Trump presidency.  Indeed, they seem to be reverting to an infantile state during which cuddling, fantasy, doll talismans, and cultural isolation are a win.


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