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Trump and Republicans need to plow through the noise blizzard

Trump and Republicans need to plow through the noise blizzard

We’re back to the media cycle of a Trump “bombshell” every 2-3 days to create a permanent crisis news effect. But it’s all noise.

The year ended on a high note for Trump and Republicans – the passage and signing of the tax reform bill. As stated in my year-end post, I think that it will have a very positive impact on the economy.

The year is starting, by contrast, with a blizzard of noise.

The Bannon v. Trump feud, fueled by a book of supposed dirt about Trump’s administration in which Bannon dumps on Trump, is a sideshow. Whether Bannon survives at Breitbart is another sideshow, but it’s consuming a lot of media (both conservative and liberal) pixels. Trump, of course, gave the noise energy by having a lawyer send cease and desist letters to Bannon and the book publisher.

At the end, Trump will emerge victorious in the War of the Bannon and will survive the book — if over a year of lunatic accusations by the largest media entities did not bring Trump down, neither will Bannon or some book. If anything, Trump will emerge stronger.

Additionally, the media is back to its noise machine pushing theories that Trump is mentally unfit. The legal quacks are giving oxygen to #TheResistance’s delusion on the 25th Amendment.

The NY Times is back to creating innuendo with yet another breathless bombshell that actually contains close to zero news and in the end comes close to admitting the article and speculation about obstruction based on lawful actions Trump took is nonsense. The article title is quite exciting, Obstruction Inquiry Shows Trump’s Struggle to Keep Grip on Russia Investigation, but the punchline is a dud, for anyone who cares to read deep into the article (which few will do):

But the experts are divided about whether the accumulated evidence is enough for Mr. Mueller to bring an obstruction case. They said it could be difficult to prove that the president, who has broad authority over the executive branch, including the hiring and firing of officials, had corrupt intentions when he took actions like ousting the F.B.I. director. Some experts said the case would be stronger if there was evidence that the president had told witnesses to lie under oath.

We’re back to the media cycle of a Trump “bombshell” every 2-3 days to create a permanent crisis news effect.

Trump needs to just keep plowing through this noise blizzard, and so do Republicans. Undo more of the Obama legacy. Push through more judicial and non-judicial nominees. Peel back more regulations. Keep the economy moving and growing. And reward our international friends.

Of course Trump will fight with and punch back at critics. It’s his nature. But it’s all noise. Someone once said, it’s the economy, stupid. There was truth to that.


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Opening up drilling. Cutting back on the size of “national monuments.” Blasting away ruinous regulations. Tax relief for millions. I feel a little more free every day.
All of this reminds me of the Eagles:
“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key.”

Everything that Trump does only makes him look stronger. This infuriates the anti-Trumpers. It is not how the POTUS is supposed to play the game.

The liberals are used to Republican Presidents who either just sit and take the beating the media gives them or apologizes for their actions, right or wrong. But, Trump refuses to do that. Punch him in the nose and, rather than saying thank you sir may I have another, he punches back. And his critics can’t take it.

They expected to drive him put of office by the end of his first year, or else marginalize him to the point that he was ineffective. This did not happen. He appears stronger than ever and was effective in getting a tax reform package passed, which was actually beneficial to the people who pay taxes. He has increased the economy of the US. stuck his thumb in the eye of the international organizations who pick the pockets of the United States while insulting it to its face and is kicking the butt of the terrorist organization which his predecessor built, ISIS.

Mueller is not going to bring an obstruction case against Trump, ever. Mueller is teetering on the brink of destruction over Uranium One and now his SC investigation.

All that the left has left, is more attempts at character assassination. And, they have shot themselves in the foot with the unsubstantiated misconduct claims after the Roy Moore fiasco. Though it helped defeat Moore, the overuse of that tactic has killed its future effectiveness. Now we are coming up to a watershed for the Dems/Libs/Progs, DACA. The promised deportations begin in March. The only arrow left in the Dems quiver is threatening to shut down the government, if DACA is not legalized. The problem for them is that Trump will blame the shutdown on the Dems and they will not be able to spin it otherwise.

All the GOP has to do, is negotiate from a position of strength. Whether they will do this or attempt to throw Trump under the bus.

    Ragspierre in reply to Mac45. | January 4, 2018 at 10:41 pm

    “Everything that Trump does only makes him look stronger.”

    Puuuuuurrrrr lil’ Donelle T-warmp. Such a pathetic pathological petunia….

    Puuuuuuuuurrr pathetic T-rump sucking lickspittle…

    Ragspierre in reply to Mac45. | January 4, 2018 at 10:51 pm

    BTW, buckwheat, eight hours later, still no response….

    Ragspierre | January 4, 2018 at 1:16 pm

    That’s clearly your bullshit. Cite to a case on point.

    In fact, it IS hard for a public figure to sue for defamation, and rightly so.

    Every news outlet is a nominally “commercial publication”. From what part of your ass did you pull that term?

    What the T-rumpian lawyer’s letter is is a bean-ball, thrown at the heads of all concerned. It’s purpose is to intimidate.

      VaGentleman in reply to Ragspierre. | January 5, 2018 at 10:07 am

      rags rote:
      BTW, buckwheat, eight hours later, still no response….

      Even from you that’s an interesting epithet. Is this a little white supremacist neocon showing?

      While we’re on the subject, if the new standard is calling out anyone who doesn’t answer a question: I asked you a question 2 weeks ago and you haven’t replied to it. It’s over in the Forum section – you know, the Ragspierre channel on LI. All TDS, All the time.

      Sorry that I did not revisit that thread and notice your question. Unfortunately a do have a life, though a small one.

      I’m not going to waste my time coming up with a list of public personalities and celebrities who have successfully sued organs such as the National Enquirer over the years. If you missed all of those cases, I’m sorry.

      You are correct that it is very difficult for a public personage to prevail in a libel suit, unless there is demonstrable malice proven. However, anyone can file a libel lawsuit, no matter who they are.

        Ragspierre in reply to Mac45. | January 5, 2018 at 10:50 pm

        How interesting.

        You’ve flipped your flop here.

        You decreed…in your usual “from Mt. Olympus” style of bullshitting…that books didn’t have the same First Amendment protections as news outlets, because they are “commercial”.

        Which was hilariously bogus, wrong, and of your own delusions.

        You assured readers that “the courts” have so said. I asked you to cite to a case.

        You’re busted.

So now Trump is Forrest Gump. But dumber. LOL

NeverTrumpers hardest hit. They’ve all gone over to the prog side. The mentally deranged all grouped together squealing…

It’s going to be a great year.

I’d say that T-rump cultists are the worst enemy of Der Donald. They lie constantly, supporting his lies. This is REALLY bad for two reasons; it just enables Der Donald in his lying ways, and it destroys whatever creds he has with Americans.

The way to support T-rump is to simply be honest. Tell the truth, and encourage him to do the same.

    The media that cried Wolfe…

    No one of any consquence pays attention to them anymore.

    Obvious they get their crazist just as Sessions is getting off his ass and initiating or allowing TWO DOJ investigations into klinton.

    Trumps recent tweet kicking Session’s ass into doing so was forshadowing, as usual.

    Donald Trump is getting as good at being president as he is in other things. Bye bye, klinton. Comey: you’re next.

    We just might become less corrupt than obama/iran after all.

    Ragspierre in reply to Ragspierre. | January 6, 2018 at 7:11 am

    “Tell the truth, and encourage him to do the same.”

    Take careful note that that simple statement garners so much hate here.

    That is a testament to how far down the commenters here have fallen, and how few of the old ones remain.

    In so many ways, it’s just the SwineReports repeater now.

      VaGentleman in reply to Ragspierre. | January 6, 2018 at 7:43 am

      Tell the truth, rags. Which one was better for conservatives on Nov 8 – Trump or Clinton? That was the choice. It was one or the other. That is the truth. That is #reality. You couldn’t deal with that truth on Nov 8. Can you deal with it now? Who was better?

Trump needs “To plow through the noise blizzard”?
Trump IS the noise blizzard.

Some experts said the case would be stronger if there was evidence that the president had told witnesses to lie under oath.”

Some experts? Only “some” experts? Gosh, I would have thought that ALL experts would agree on this point. And that if such evidence existed, the case would not only be stronger – it would be a near slam-dunk.

Wow, talk about wish-casting by the NYT!

With Trumps great economy the Liberals are worried all the way to the bank

For Christ’s sake, a white truck parked in front of his golf course was a two day breaking news story!

I just heard on NPR talk about how outside of Washington, the Bannon story is a non-story. I think six or nine months ago it might have been but now the people are numb to the 24/7 cycle of Trump bashing. They want stories about the several more Obama edicts that Trump reversed this week. They want stories about manufacturing jobs and housing markets hitting new highs. They want stories about the GDP and stock markets soaring. They want stories about record numbers of people dropping from the welfare roles. They want stories about the extra couple hundred bucks in their paychecks next month. Instead they get stories about cargo vans and how the hand signal for OK is now a Nazi salute.

And you wonder why they nobody pays attention to the latest bombshell report?

Multiple huge stories going on all at once. The Wolff book has prompted a series of corrections by one of the men who would know – Brad Parscale. Follow him on twitter and you get the truth. Second, a judge rules that Fusion GPS’ bank records must be made available to the House. Hopefully that shows us who in the media Fusion is paying among other things. Third, you have the re-opening of the Uranium One and Clinton email cases. Fourth, you have the negotiation behind the impending expiration of DACA next month. Fifth, you have the new rule that associations can provide health insurance. That was placed for 60 day review before it goes into effect. Sixth, you have all those “interim” US attorneys that Jeff Sessions just hired including the man Pres Trump personally interviewed for the Manhattan district. He replaces Preet Bharara.

I can go on and on. This is a busy time in Washington.

White noise with occasional bursts of laughter and sobbing.

Professor, your hero Trump isn’t the job creator he touts himself to be.
Here’s Fox News research on job creation:

Where’s your chest puffing talk now?

The Atlantic Magazine seems to be back on the 25th-Amendment express:

“Is Something Neurologically Wrong With Donald Trump?” by JAMES HAMBLIN

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | January 5, 2018 at 4:13 pm


Fox has never been anything but a CON-servethemselves org……

The Republicans hate Trump’s guts and always have.
They did everything in their power to undermine him.

He won.

Screw them.