It appears that the elite media is figuring out what has been transparently clear to me: After a full year of California’s politicians waging a #WarOnTrump, the White House is now countering with its own policy blasts.

It’s Washington versus California on marijuana, climate change, offshore oil drilling and immigration this week as bubbling disagreements between President Donald Trump’s administration and California all seemed to spill over at once.

The Trump administration picked a notable moment to undo the Obama-era legal guidance that seemed to give states leeway to legalize marijuana: four days after California, the nation’s largest by population and most important state economically, officially legalized marijuana for recreational purposes.


Most probably not. As Trump’s predecessor noted, “Elections have consequences.”

Of all the Obama-era policy reversals that are causing unrest among the state’s politicians, none are as unnerving as those related to immigration.

To some progressive leaders, the most terrifying threat this week came on Tuesday when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) promised to “significantly increase” the number of deportation officers in the state in direct response to California’s new “sanctuary state” law, which is meant to limit local police cooperation with Ice and protect immigrants.

“California better hold on tight,” acting director Thomas Homan told Fox News, later suggesting that sanctuary jurisdictions are breaking federal laws. Some interpreted his comments as an outrageous threat to arrest and prosecute Democratic politicians.

Saira Hussain, an attorney with Asian Americans Advancing Justice, which recently challenged Ice over its ongoing raids against Cambodian Americans in California, said: “It’s really alarming to see such an authoritarian streak coming from this administration.”

Of the potential prosecution of officials, she added, “It’s just such a gross violation of the constitution.”

One could argue that as the nation’s Chief Executive, the President is faithfully executing the laws related to immigration as passed by the US Congress as required per the Take Care Clause. Therefore if Hussain is unhappy with the rules, then she can take her complaints to her congressional representatives.

It appears the political posturing has consequences, too. Despite the many challenges to President Trump from California’s leading Democrats, beginning with an insulting letter smearing President-elect Trump from our state houses, the San Francisco 9th Circuit Court’s constant blocking of Trump’s executive orders, and capped by Governor Jerry Brown signing a quasi-treaty with China on climate change, the administration pretty much ignored the Golden State drama through 2017.

The counter-resistance has now begun, and I sense that Trump’s team has been preparing where and when to strike for quite some time.

Of course, the state’s leading Democrats are undeterred and are continuing their #Resistance. For example, the state senate just introduced legislation to make an end-run around the new limits on state income tax deductions that are poised to hit blue states hard.

The measure, dubbed the Protect California Taxpayers Act, would let California taxpayers make charitable donations to a state government fund — the California Excellence Fund — in exchange for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. The contributions taxpayers make can be deducted on their federal tax returns, bypassing the new limit on state and local income tax deductions and thumbing their noses at Republican-held Washington.

I project that this path will be full of fail. The suggestion that a state government fund could qualify as a charity is hilarious, and I can only assume the IRS officials looking at the claims will begin legal proceedings as soon as they get done laughing hysterically.

However, as many progressives worship at the altar of Big Government, perhaps the state’s arguments could work.

If I could advise the Trump administration in battle strategy, I would suggest:

  •  Investigating the State of Jefferson movement, and see if the Trump team could help it along.
  • Secretly financing a gubernatorial candidate who will actually focus on California issues instead of DC theatrics. Perhaps Kelly Anne Conway can be persuaded to supply some strategy through back channels.
  • Drive our politicians completely insane by doing a multi-stop tour during the height of the upcoming races.
  • Tweet about all the Sacramento sex-scandals.
  • Perhaps tag the most obnoxious generals in the state’s #WarOnTrump with fun, new nicknames.  “Kitty Cat Kevin”.  “Kooky Kamala.” “Nutty Nancy”. The possibilities are endless.

I predict that the real “Fire and Fury” in 2018 will be related to California!


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