My home state of California remains the entertainment capital of the nation!

It used to be our movie industry that captured the imagination of our fellow Americans. Now, our politics are what amazes.

This week, a plan to split California into three separate states is now making its way through the proposition process.

A plan to split California into three separate states may be on next year’s ballot.

Official paperwork was filed with the secretary of state’s office last week.

Tech billionaire Tim Draper, who came up with a six-state split in 2014, is behind the three-state plan: Northern California, Southern California” encompasses Fresno and most of Southern California.

The new California will be for part of L.A.county and most of the coastal areas.

Draper says the political and economic diversity of California is too difficult to govern.

I would argue that it is not too difficult to govern; rather, our state is being mismanaged by progressives more interested in engaging in politics at the national level and transforming Sacramento into the West Coast Washington, DC than in focusing on the less than glamorous items that make other states successful…like infrastructure, business development, and public health.

What would these states look like?

The proposed measure goes on to delineate three new states: “Northern California” (consisting essentially of the San Francisco Bay Area counties, those counties extending eastward of Bay Area, and everything north to the Oregon border); “California” (consisting of the coastal counties from Monterey to Los Angeles, inclusive); and “Southern California” (consisting of Orange and San Diego Counties, the Inland Empire, and vast majority of the Central Valley).

Each of these three new states would have more than 10 million people, making each of the three new states still among the ten biggest in the resulting nation of 52 states (a powerful reminder of Mr. Draper’s point about how large California has become.)

Who is Draper? Is he trying to become another business tycoon politician, along the lines of President Donald Trump and Tom Steyer (who funded the “Impeach Trump ad that recently aired).

Draper is a venture capitalist who is noted for his recent foray into Bitcoins. Draper also gounded Draper University of Heroes, an educational program that offers a crash course in entrepreneurship. Trying to get a better sense of Draper’s politics and motivation, I came across “Tim’s Twelve Tech Tweets to Trump“, a portion of which is below:

Reward Brexit, Modi. Cut a great free trade deal with Britain, and one with India. Send a message to the world that if your people are free, and trade fairly, you get great treatment from the USA.

Europe is overregulated and highly bureaucratic and process driven. The costs of their unification and new layers of regulation has led to stagnation. We should honor Brexit and the break from the bureaucratic EU. There are a variety of countries trying to work together to be like the United States, but where the US was built on fundamental freedoms, the EU is built on rules and regulations, which perpetrate corruption and favoritism in dealing with government.

It appears Draper is like many other Californians, who are tired of Sacaramento’s progressive policies. The difference is that Draper has the financial resources to at least offer solutions that make the ballot.

Other Californians must take a different approach. The Citizens for Fair Representation, known locally as the State of Jefferson (a group of several counties in Northern Califonia and Oregon that have petitioned to form a 51st state), has filed a lawsuit against the State of California over what they believe to be lack of representation and dilution of vote.

“Currently, 11 northern rural counties have one senator whose vote is diluted by 15 Senators representing the single County of Los Angeles,” said Citizens for Fair Representation in a press release. The organization represents residents in 21 counties.

“The thing that we really need here is liberty,” Rapoza said. “And I don’t care if you’re left wing or right wing, no one wants to just be part of the chicken.”

Rapoza is confident the group will be successful in gaining better representation as they have the standing once the lawsuit goes to court. The legal remedy, he said, will be splitting the State of California.

“The problem is that California is much too big and diverse to be a complete state.”

Supporters need 586,000 signatures to put Draper’s plan on next year’s ballot. Even if the measure passage, the split must be approved by the US Congress.

The idea of leaving California without #CalExit or moving does to another state does have its appeal, and I wish my fellow Californians much good luck. However, as the national-level Democrats will not want to part with their reliable behemoth and the GOP probably likes the idea of containing progressive insanity to one state, I am doubtful of eventual success.

However, both the proposed measure and the lawsuit are clear signs not all Californians are represented by Sacramento.


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